Best Electric Pressure Washer


Best Electric Pressure Washer

The best electric pressure washer is a device that converts the water into a pressurized, powerful stream which is focusing on one single location and getting all the dirt that has piled up properly cleaned. It is a perfect solution for most of the residential cleaning needs as it is capable of producing just about enough water pressure. These units are perfectly fit for cleaning your car, ATV, RV, barbeque, windows, outdoor furniture, driveways, lawnmowers, and whatnot.

However, in order to make it through the abundance of different products out on the market, we have compiled a list of the best electric pressure washer reviews that are specifically designated to make you more familiar with those devices. The hope is that once you have gone through this article, you would be able to make an informed decision regarding the pressure washer.

Top 6 Electric Pressure Washers Review

AR Blue Clean AR383

ar-blue-clean-ar383There are a lot of things that you should take into consideration in order to determine what is the best electric pressure washer. With this being said, this is one of the devices that we personally consider to be of exceptional quality. The unit is capable of delivering up to 1,900 PSI of working pressure which would allow you to use it for all of the light to medium duty cleaning jobs such as cleaning your car, outside furniture, barbeque, windows, and whatnot. At the same time, the unit is rather water saving because it provides a water flow rate of about 1.5 gallons per minute.

The unit includes a Total Stop System which would enable you to control the power to the washer throughout the trigger gun. This is especially convenient because you would be able to fully control the clearing process. The hose reel has a hand crank that will keep the hose out of your way. It comes with a 20-foot hose and a 30-foot power cord which would also give you the freedom of exceptional wide reach.

The AR Blue Clean AR 383 pressure washer is also about 80% more water-efficient in comparison with standard garden hoses. The unit comes in a convenient 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches size and with the relatively light weight of about 27 pounds, it is extremely easy to carry around. On top of that, you will get it with an installed wheel-kit for further portability.


Sun Joe SPX3000

sun-joe-spx3000Being considered as one of the top electric pressure washers, this Sun Joe unit in particular surely brings a lot of advantages to the table. The unit is able to provide a maximum working pressure of 2030 PSI which is absolutely enough to satisfy all kinds of residential necessities. With this being said, you can easily use the device to clean your driveway, outside lamps, windows, furniture, and many more to enlist. It has a detergent selectional dial that would allow you to load it with different solutions and choose which on to utilize.

The unit is capable of keeping the high pressure hose well organized and it comes with an extremely powerful 14.5 Amp, 1800 Watt Motor which is more than capable of delivering enough power. The device also features a trigger gun as well as a spray wand holder. The female coupler garden hose adaptor is also included.

The device is delivering the water at a rate of about 1.76 gallons per minute which is more than enough to satisfy the need of the electric pump. This suggests that you would be able to enjoy working with it for a long time to come without worrying about using too much water in excess. The unit comes in a 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 size and it weighs around 31 pounds. Regardless of the seemingly light weight, the unit comes with a wheel-kit to carry it around easier.


Sun  Joe SPX1000

Sun  Joe SPX1000There are a lot of reasons for which this is amongst the top rated electric pressure washers. Right of the bat, the unit is a perfect residential solution with its capacity of bringing up to 1450 PSI of working pressure. At the same time, you will enjoy a low water flow rate of about 1.45 gallons per minute which is surely going to influence your water bill positively. The unit is perfectly suitable for completing light to medium duty cleaning jobs which include the clearing of a vehicle, windows, and literally everything that would not require a lot more pressure.

The unit comes with an adjustable spray wand with a twist nozzle for your further convenience. It would also allow you to easily control the water pressure. This unit is impressive with its insignificant 11.7 pounds of weight and size of 12 x 9.8 x 19 inches. This makes it extremely portable and easy to carry from one location to another.

The device would also present you with the opportunity to extend your cleaning reach with the 33 inch wand. It also features an adjustable spray nozzle which is going to allow you to easily change the water pressure.


AR Blue Clean AR390SS

ar-blue-clean-ar390ssThis AR Bleu Clean AR390SS pressure washer is without a doubt the best value electric pressure washer on the market recently. It comes with a functioning reel hose which is going to allow you to use as much hose as you need. You are also presented with enough onboard storage space to keep all of the accessories so you don’t lose or misplace them. The machine is also quite efficient as it saves 80% more water than standard garden hoses. The Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association certified the product which really speaks about the quality.

The upgraded professional style gun, hose as well as lance provide you with convenient cleaning opportunities for even the most neatly stacked up dirt places. The machine is capable of delivering up to 2000 PSI of working pressure which makes it perfect for almost all of the light to medium duty cleaning jobs. This is the perfect residential solution.

You can easily clean up your car, RV, ATV, barbeque, windows, outdoor furniture, and whatever you can think of. It comes in a convenient 16.4 x 37.8 x 15.2 inches size and has a weight of about 33.6 pounds. With the built-in wheel-kit, the unit is extremely portable and you can move it around from one location to another with little to no effort at all.


CleanForce 1800 psi

clean-force-1800-psiThis particular machine is truly one of the best quality electric pressure washers on the market. It is capable of delivering a water pressure of 1800 PSI which makes it a perfect solution for your medium and light duty cleaning undertakings. The machine operates at a water flow rate of about 1.6 gallons per minute with a 2600 PSI initial power burst which means that you can clean up almost everything. If you are looking for a residential pressure washer, look no more.

The total stop system prolongs the life of the motor because it shuts it off when the trigger is released. It comes with a unique foot operated on and off switch for further convenience. The brush motor is equipped with a thermal sensor that is specifically designated to protect it from overheating so you don’t have to worry about overusing the machine. It has a well-organized onboard storage space which makes the whole package compact and highly portable.

The unit is intended to be a low profile and compact device and with its 16 x 10 x 10 inches size and 17 pounds weight it surely is. It is highly portable thanks to the insignificant weight and special design as well as to the wheel-kit. It also comes with an adjustable nozzle which is able to change the stream shape form in a lot of different manners for your further convenience.


AR Blue Clean AR118

ar-blue-clean-ar118This is a particularly special power washer because it is intended to be used as a hand carried electric pressure washer. This makes the unit especially useful in tackling most of the domestic tasks. It is capable of delivering around 150 PSI of water pressure and operates at 1.5 gallons per minute water flow rate which makes it an efficient solution that does not sacrifice performance. It comes with an automatic safety valve with pressure shut-off at the pump head which is installed for safety reasons.

The three axial-piston wobble-plate pump along with the tempered stainless still plungers adds to the relatively sturdy construction and makes the unit quite durable. It has a 30-foot power cord and a 20-foot hose which will give you enough maneuvering space. It features a gun wand assembly with a fully adjustable spray head as well as a detergent tank, injector, and water filler that are capable of satisfying all kinds of domestic needs.

The AR Blue Clean AR118 is impressive with its compact dimensions. The 9 x 14.5 x 10 inches size combined with the insignificant weight of about 11.7 pounds makes it indeed easy to carry around with almost no effort. However, despite the small size, the unit is perfectly suitable for tackling your daily cleaning needs.


Best Electric Pressure Washers Comparison Table

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 1.76 20-foot/35-foot 1800-Watt/14.5-amp 33.9 x 15.6 x 13.5
Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 1.45 21-foot/35-foot 1400 watts, 11.5 Amps 12 x 19 x 9.8
AR Blue Clean AR383 1900 1.5 20-foot/30-foot 120 Volts, 60 HZ, 11 Amps 28.5 x 11.25 x 12.25
AR Blue Clean AR390SS 2000 1.4 30-foot/35-foot 20V/60Hr 14Amps 16.4 x 15.2 x 37.8
THE FORCE 1800 1800 1.6 20 foot hose 120 Volts, 60 HZ, 11 Amps 10 x 16 x 10
AR Blue Clean AR118 1500 1.5 20-foot/30-foot 120 Volts, 60 HZ, 11 Amps 10 x 9 x 14.5

Benefits of Electric Pressure Washers

There are a lot of things that might make you go electric in terms of your pressure washer. In spite of the fact that gas pressure washer also has significant advantages and they are capable of delivering a lot more working water pressure, they are not as convenient to use for residential purposes. Nevertheless, let’s skip right ahead and take a look at some of the major advantages of electric pressure washers.

  • Their size. The size makes them the perfect domestic solution. Gas powered pressure washers are generally bigger and this makes them less portable. For the flexible domestic environment, you are going to want a solution that is capable of adapting and accommodating different needs on a daily basis. Most of the electric pressure washers are rather small in size and really lightweight which makes them perfect for the job.
  • Electric pressure washers do not produce such a loud noise. Of course, this comes from the fact that they use a motor instead of an engine and as a result, the noise levels are significantly lower.
  • You can use it indoors or in places where ventilation is a problem because they will not exude any kinds of toxic gas fumes.
  • You can also easily store it inside your home in the closet, for instance as it requires no more space than your vacuum cleaner for instance. You won’t have to worry about oil spillage as there is none.
  • Despite their insignificant size, some electrical models are capable of delivering an excellent amount of working water pressure which allows them to tackle almost all residential needs.

As you can see there is a significant amount of major advantages of electric pressure washers that really make them a worthy purchase. They are incredibly convenient and easy to use cleaning solutions which would allow you to handle dirty cleaning jobs faster and more effectively.

Features to Look for in the Best Electric Pressure Washer

When it comes to choosing the ultimate electric pressure washer for your home or commercial application you are certainly going to want to look out for a lot of different features that are going to make the device a lot more flexible and usable. Of course, in order to decide what features you should be looking out for, you would first have to identify the particular needs that you have. However, there are certain things that you want to be included, despite the usage that you have designated for the machine.

  • A Total Stop System. This is a feature that would enable the pressure washer to shut its self off every time you let go of the trigger. This makes the unit incredibly efficient and it would also prolong its life quite a lot.
  • Longer hose. Now, this may seem rather obvious, but the longer the hose is the more space you have to maneuver. The thing is that with electric pressure washers you are limited to the length of the hose so if you want to be able to reach further locations you would want to get a longer hose.
  • Adjustable spray head. Even though almost all devices include this feature you definitely want to look out for it. It would allow you to conveniently switch through the different settings of operating the water stream. This means that you will able to perfectly accommodate the stream for every particular cleaning job that you have at hand.
  • Installed wheel-kit. This is a set of two wheels that would allow you to move around with the unit pretty conveniently.
  • Gun-wand. The most common assembly for the pressure washer is the gun wand. It allows you to easily blast the water using both of your hands for stability and focus. This translates to proper cleaning.
  • Onboard storage space will allow you to store all of the accessories on the pressure washer which means you don’t have to worry about losing them.

In any case, most of the features are almost always going to be included in the unit you are buying. However, this means that if some of them are missing then the product is probably not of the necessary quality. Most of the manufacturers have realized the importance of those features and this is why they do not offer the product without them.


As you may have found out yourself, the best electric pressure washer is something that is certainly going to bring a lot of benefits to your home. It is a nice cleaning solution for almost all of the domestic undertakings and it would allow you to handle them rapidly and more effectively. They are something that would strongly benefit every householder. These electric pressure washer reviews are specifically designated to help you out in the hard choice of getting the exact unit that is going to perfectly accommodate your cleaning needs. The main hope for this article is to properly introduce you to these devices and make you familiar with their advantages and common features in order to prepare you for when the time to purchase one comes.

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