Top 3 Manual Pole Saw


Top 3 Manual Pole Saw

Manual pole saws are tools that are typically used to reach great heights where it would be virtually impossible to do pruning or trimming without getting on a ladder.

It is much safer to use manual pole saws than it is to try to prune or trim several feet off the ground without one. As a result, there are many popular saws of this type. Typically, they consist of a long handle with a curved blade that is attached to it at one end. Many of them have additional features that are attached to them which makes it easier to do the necessary type of landscaping or gardening that must be done.

Why Do People Prefer Manual Saws over the other Types?

People prefer pole saws because they make a lot of lawn and garden work that has to be done much easier and faster than traditional tools. Most standard tools do not have the reach needed to get to the top branches. This is why you need to get one of the best tools for pruning branches, and get a top notch manual pole saw.

They are often used for landscaping as well as forestry work and they are very popular for trimming and pruning trees. It is also safer because you are able to keep both feet on the ground while reaching high to cut down the parts of the tree that you’re targeting. Therefore, many people that do a lot of lawn and garden work that requires pruning trees and bringing down loose branches prefer to use these tools over anything else.

Below is a list of three of the most popular manual pole saws that are currently available.

Gilmour 20-18 16- Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw

Gilmour Curved Blade Pole Saw

This particular pole saw has a fiberglass handle and a saw head that is made from cast aluminum. In addition, it features a curved saw blade that is approximately 16 inches long. It is a solid piece of equipment that is well made and it also has several features which make it one of the most popular manual pole saws on the market.

For example, it has three separate 6 feet by 1 1/4 inch diameter poles that can be used to make lawn and garden work much easier. It also includes things such as a paint brush holder and a hook that is designed specifically to bring down loose branches even while standing on the ground.

Corona Dual Compound Action Tree Pruner with Saw

Corona Dual Compound Pole Saw

This is one of the premier manual pole saws available. There are many things about it that make it superior to much of its competition. This pruner has a heavy duty chain used as a pulley system in order to get almost triple the sawing power of a normal pole saw.

One of the biggest benefits that this saw has is how sharp the blade is. Most customers not that the blade is extremely sharp, making limb cutting faster than ever before.

The Corona Dual Compound tree branch trimmer also features a blade that is made out of steel that has been coated with Teflon. The length of the blade is 13 inches. This particular configuration makes it very effective when it comes to trimming and pruning, even under circumstances that are not ideal or when branches are larger than what most manual pole saws would be able to handle. Furthermore, it is lightweight, making it easy for almost anyone to use it effectively even when working over their head for extended periods of time.

Fiskars 9301 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner

Fiskars Power Lever Tree Pruner

This particular model reaches 14 feet into the air. It also features a 15 inch saw blade that is made from hardened steel. This is different from any of the manual pole saws that are available on the market, as most of them use aluminum. It has a lightweight fiberglass pole that helps when cutting down multiple limbs.

The major difference about the Fiskars 9301 Tree Pruner, however, is the power lever that is used to make cutting and pruning easier. This allows it to cut better and more efficiently and it also allows it to cut branches that some other manual pole saws may not be able to cut effectively. If features a fiberglass pole with a quick release lock that allows the user to lock it into place and then release it just as quickly. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Which Manual Pole Saw do you Recommend Buying?

When choosing the best manual pole saw out of these three, the Fiskars 14 foot 9301 Power Lever Pole Saw is definitely the best choice. There are many reasons that it is superior. One of the major reasons is that the blade is made with high quality hardened steel. This makes it more durable then the other two manual options.

In addition to being crafted well, it is very efficient in cutting and pruning. This is due to the strength and configuration of the blade, as well as the power lever technology. The power-lever allows you to get more leverage when sawing, making for a quicker cut. This along with the other aspects make the Fiskars Tree Pruner the best manual pole saw available for sale.

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