Best Meat Slicer – Reviews and Buyers Guide


Best Meat Slicer – Reviews and Buyers Guide

It’s true that cooking is a form of art but some tasks are best done by machines. Well, although machines might not cook the best food as a human being can, when it comes to other tasks such as meat slicing, a machine can do it perfectly.

No food is as delicious as one that is cooked with sliced meat. Having the best meat slicer at home you can slice your own meat, especially when having a party with your friends. Meat slicers are important tools for people with large families or people who value time. This is because a meat slicer can slice vegetables, cheeses, meat, and other foods within the shortest time possible.

However, while meat slicers are very helpful tools to have in your kitchen, you need to be knowledgeable enough to pick the best.

So, in this article, we have reviewed the 5 best meat slicers of 2023. We have also included a buyer’s guide and the pros and cons of each meat slicer.

Let’s get started.

What is a Meat Slicer?

A meat slicer, also known as a food slicer or a slicing machine is a kitchen machine which is used to cut meat, vegetables, cheeses, and other food materials into thin slices. In the past, slicers were only used for commercial purposes or in butcher shops but they are currently used in homes.

5 Best Meat Slicer Reviews

BESWOOD250 Premium – Best Commercial Meat Slicer On The Market


Call it the meat slicing beast but BESWOOD250 is the best meat slicer you can buy. The unit comes with a 10-inch premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade that enables it to slice large pieces of meat fast and efficiently.

The best thing about this machine is that the premium plated carbon steel material used to make it is durable and being an electric slicer, you will not require much effort to cut large pieces of meat, pounds of vegetables and other food items.

Also, the blade can stay sharp even when used repeatedly for a long period of time and the fact that it can withstand corrosion and rust means that you have a slicing partner for several years to come. Although this is a commercial meat slicer, meaning it is suitable for use by professionals at restaurants, you can still use it at home without a problem.

It comes with a powerful and high-speed motor of 240W that will get the job done within the shortest time possible. It’s easy to use it as you just need to push the power button and the machine will start to slice chunks of meat into thin slices.

When it comes to noise level, this is the quietest meat slicer to use in your kitchen as the motor is tucked in the body.

Overall, this is the best meat slicer out there. It’s easy to use and clean and the powerful and high speed motor will make the unit complete the job at hand fast and effectively. It’s also a budget-friendly unit to buy and if you are really looking for a durable meat slicer, then this unit would be the best option for you.


  • It features a powerful and high-speed motor of 240W
  • It’s silent during operation since the motor is tucked inside an aluminum body
  • It’s easy to use the unit
  • It comes with a sharp blade capable of slicing super thin slices of meat.
  • The blade can also maintain sharpness even when used repeatedly
  • It is great for commercial and home use


  • It is slightly heavy
  • Its price is relatively higher

Chef’s Choice 615 – Best Meat Slicer for Home Use


The Chef’s Choice 615 is the best meat slicer for home use. Well, if you are looking for the prettiest meat slicers, this model is not for you. In fact, from the front, it resembles an old radio. But do you need a unit that’s good looking and ineffective? Of course, the most important thing about a meat slicer is the ability to cut thin slices of meat so you can enjoy a meal with slices that are easy to chew.

This machine does exactly that. It is constructed with cast aluminum and stainless steel. This means that it does not corrode or rust easily and can last longer. The best thing about this meat slicer is that the food pusher is made of metal unlike some units out there which have a plastic food pusher.

However, this meat slicer does not feature a powerful motor; it is powered by a 120W motor and the blade is also smaller, so it’s best for people who cut meat only occasionally and it cannot cut large pieces of meat at once.

When it comes to safety, the Chef’s choice meat slicer comes with a special lock feature that keeps the sliced meat intact in the carriage when not slicing so your fingers will not come into contact with the blade. This makes it the ideal slicer for home use, especially if you have kids at home.

Cleaning the unit is easy as it is easy to disassemble. It is also not as heavy as other models in this article. But if you want a high-speed model, then check our next slicer.


  • It features a metal food pusher instead of a plastic one
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to disassemble
  • It features innovative safety and storage features
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with an on/off button to increase the safety during operations


  • Features a slow motor
  • It comes with a serrated blade instead of non-serrated ones – Non-serrated are the best
  • Only best for occasional meat slicing
  • Not as durable as other models in this article

KWS Premium Commercial (with Non-sticky Teflon Blade)


If you are looking for a cheaper meat slicer then this model is not for you. But, wait; can you sacrifice quality, performance, and efficiency for the price? Of course, you should not. This meat slicer is costly but for a reason. It the best electric meat slicer of 2020 and comes with a premium commercial 320-watt motor. Its blade is also great and can maintain sharpness even when used repeatedly, plus it can handle a lot of cutting from meat, cheeses, bread, vegetables, and more.

The reason we are recommending the KWS Premium Commercial is that it is great for professional chefs and homeowners who are still new to slicing. Also, the non-sticky Teflon blade means you will not need to wipe the leftover food every now and then.

It is highly durable and can slice chunks of frozen meat smoothly and with great precision. The slicer is rust and corrosion resistant and highly safe to use at home. Ease of cleaning is one of the factors to consider when choosing a meat slicer and this unit comes with a removable tray which makes cleaning simple and easy.

The slicer is made with an alloy of aluminum and the powerful motor is constructed with durable stainless steel. The blade is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel and is coated with Teflon material. You do not need to sharpen the blade every now and then because the unit comes with a whetstone sharpener fitted close to the motor which keeps on sharpening the blade while it continues to run the unit.

Overall, this 320W motor powered unit is an ideal choice for you. It is easy to use and provide fast slicing. It is easy to clean and is perfect for commercial and home use.


  • Easy to clean as it comes with a removable trash tray
  • It is designed with on/off buttons to prevent accidents
  • It features a powerful motor which makes the machine suitable for heavy-duty slicing
  • It is ideal for commercial and home use
  • Stainless steel construction is rust/corrosion resistant
  • It is a durable meat slicer


  • The sharp blade needs careful attention when disassembling as it could result in cuts
  • It quite expensive

Chef’s Choice 609 – Best Premium Electric Meat Slicer


Another meat slicer by Chef’s Choice is the 609 meat slicer. This electric meat slicer works like a beast when you are running short of time and have more slicing work to be done. It is a top-performing meat slicer with a powerful and silent motor which does not overheat even when used for a long period of time since it features a fuse at the base.

The unit guarantees safety during the slicing as it comes with a locking mechanism that prevents the blade from cutting your fingers as you work with it.

The best thing about this meat slicer is that it features die-cast and stainless steel materials in all of its parts such as the food pusher, food carriage, and food deflector which are usually made with plastic material in other slicer models.

Also, the blade of this slicer is 7 inches and the machine weighs less than 10 pounds, so you can lift it easily. All the parts of this slicer are easy to disassemble and clean. You do not need to remove the blade after use. The on/off safety buttons helps to prevent accidents.

Overall, cleanliness and safety is a priority to you then this meat slicer would make the best option for you. It comes with removable parts which include the food carriage, food pusher, and deflector which are also made with durable materials and are easy to clean.

Taking the unit apart is also easy and the reassembling process is also safe which makes the unit ideal for homemakers and restaurant owners as well.


  • It is rust resistant and can withstand corrosion due to the high-quality construction materials used to make it
  • It is a safe unit to use in homes
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It features a fuse at its base that prevents the unit from overheating
  • It is lightweight


  • Might not be ideal for slicing large pieces of meat and other food material
  • The serrated blade is not always great for smooth slicing

KWS Commercial (Teflon Blade-Back)


KWS commercial 320 electric meat slicer is the best and durable slicing partner for home and outdoor use. The unit features an aluminum allow base which makes it less bulky and also long-lasting.

On the face of it, the meat slicer looks elegant and can match with any kitchen décor. The machine allows you to adjust the thickness so you can set it according to your needs from o inches to o.4 inches. This ensures you get thin slices with precision.

KWS Commercial comes with high speed and powerful motor which makes it ideal for use in restaurant and home as well, particularly when you have more slicing work to be done. It is also the best meat slicer for raw meat. It will also slice cheese, vegetable, fruits, and semi-frozen meat as well.

This meat slicer resembles the 420W only that its weight is not as heavy as the 420W meat slicer. It has a smaller food tray so cleaning it is easy. This unit would make the best option for people who love slicing pork. However, its price is relatively higher but the features it packs are enough for your every day’s food slicing.

Overall, we recommend this meat slicer due to the fact that it packs a high speed and powerful motor; it does not overheat even when used continuously for an hour. It’s easy to clean and use.


  • The blade of this meat slicer is made with high-quality stainless steel plus it is coated with Teflon which makes it last longer and easy to clean as well
  • It is not bulky and occupies a small space on a counter
  • You can adjust the thickness from 0 inches to 0.4 inches
  • It is an ideal option for commercial and home use


  • You will need to put on no-cut gloves when cleaning the meat slicer.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Meat Slicer – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

With a good and sharp knife, you can cut meat and other food items into smaller and chewable sizes, but having the best meat slicer will make the slicing process pretty simple. You can use a slicer to cut cheeses, bread, meat, vegetables and other food material for large families. In addition, a slicer can slice jerky and sandwiches.

But the challenge comes when you want to choose yours. With tons of meat slicing machines out there, you may wonder which one to pick.

What’s the best meat slicer to buy? This is a question that both the experienced cook and newbies will ask when choosing their meat slicing machine.

Well, there are a few things that make up a good meat slicer. Remember, a good meat slicer will be your lifelong investment. So read our guide to know the factors to consider when choosing a meat slicer.

  •  The Type of Meat Slicer

There are two main types of meat slicers out there depending on your individual cooking needs and experience level, the cutting mechanism, and power source.


Manual Slicers

As the name suggests, a manual slicer does not have the motor to spin the blade at high speed. In this case, you will use more force to get thin slices but they will not get close to the slices you can get with an electric slicing machine. The best thing about manual slicers is that you get full control over your slicing than but electric slicers don’t. Also, they are affordable. This makes them suitable for people with limited budgets.

Electric Slicers

These are the best, powerful and popular types of slicers on the market today. They make the best choice for restaurant owners and for home cooks as well. The best thing about electric slicers is that they are powered by an electric motor so you do not need to use any force to slice food, although you will need electricity to run the machine. They are also fast and can cut large pieces of meat within the shortest time possible. These slicers are also efficient, powerful and safe.

  • Durability

Buying a meat slicer is an investment. So you may want to consider one that will last longer. Some meat slicing machines will require you to buy new parts to enable them last longer. But this will increase the overall price. That’s why it’s important to opt for a high-end model or one that is built with metal parts instead of plastic parts.

Well, of course not all expensive meat slicers are going to last longer. You must find out the materials the slicer is made from and customer reviews as well. Most meat slicer manufacturers use stainless steel material for constructing the machine. This material can withstand corrosion and rust as well.

  • Power

It is best to buy a meat slicer with higher wattage motor because such meat slicers are fast and more effective, especially if you happen to cook large pieces of meat on a daily basis. There are other meat slicers which will overheat when used continuously so you will need a break to cool it down before you can embark on slicing. These types of slicers are not suitable if you have to slice a lot of meat at one time.

  • Ease of Use

The reason why people opt for a meat slicer instead of using a knife is that it makes slicing easier. Well, some meat slicers are not easy to use while some are. If you happen to have a lot of meat slicing, then you will want to consider higher powered models.

  • Ease of Cleaning

A meat slicer is a machine that you will use to cut foods that you eat and so it’s imperative to keep it clean always. Some are easy to clean while others may require some effort and time to clean. Some slicers will require you to disassemble when cleaning them, so you want to find out how easy to disassemble and assemble the machine when it comes to cleaning it.

Some slicer models have removable parts which are dishwasher safe so you just need to disassemble it and throw them in the dishwasher for cleaning. This makes cleaning less hassle.

  • Safety

A meat slicer uses sharp blades to slice food items. This means you will be exposed to dangers when using it to slice meat or cut vegetables. For this reason, you need to check whether the machine is designed with built-in safety features to safeguard you against cuts. The unit should be built in a way that your fingers do not come close to the blade. It should also feature rubberized feet for it to sit on the table or the counter.

  • Noise Levels

The noise level of the slicer should be such that you cannot inconvenience the person next to your room or kitchen. You should be able to hear what the next person is saying while slicing meat. The best meat slicer for home use should have noise levels ranging from 60 to 70dbs. And of course, the price should be reasonable.

Final Verdict

Picking the best meat slicer out of the plethora of competitive products out there can be overwhelming and challenging. But with the right information, the process can be simple and easy.

Well, you will come across many brands and models of meat slicers but we have pulled out the best and reviewed them on this article.

While we may not decide which one is best for you since you are the person who knows what you need, we would honestly recommend the BESWOOD250 as the best of all the slicers we have reviewed above. The slicer comes with a high speed, powerful and cool motor which makes it generate less noise during slicing. It is also best for commercial and home use.

We hope equipped with the information we have shared here, you can pick the best meat slicer for yourself.

Let us know which meat slicer is the best for you from the list above.

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