Best Medium Duty Pressure Washer


Best Medium Duty Pressure Washer

Medium duty pressure washers exert pressures of between 2000 PSI and 3000 PSI. They are also some of the most popular machines amongst professionals, mainly because they can handle light duty jobs with ease as well as effectively clean the sidewalks, garages or stairs. However, the many machines on sale out there do offer different services, which is why you should be keen to select only the best medium duty pressure washer that can effectively offer you the services you need.

Some of the factors you should be keen to check in the following reviews include sources of power, convenience, and ease of using the machine. Note, however, that each machine will tend to have some benefits over the other, but the reviews below will help you understand the capabilities each pressure washer has, and probably enable you to make a better decision when buying a pressure washer for your home. We shall also guide you on how to select a great pressure washer, especially if you are after the medium duty machines.

Top 6 Medium Duty Pressure Washers

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

ivation-electric-pressure-washerThe Ivation pressure washer is one machine you would love to see clean your boat, decks, driveway, patio or even the garage. It features one of the most efficient technologies in the world of pressure washing, which makes it work faster and more effectively than most other machines. It also looks good in design, but as you will see below, the Ivation model is more about performance.

  • Water Conserving Technology – The pressure washer features a Total Stop System, which helps you conserve on water usage in the most effective manner. With the technology also, the washer only runs when the trigger is pulled and stops immediately once you release it.
  • Powerful 2200 PSI – The electric pressure washer has the ability to effectively pump water from a still source such as a well, tank or basin. This helps you to conserve tap water when you are cleaning outdoor areas such as the sidewalk. The pressure washer is, however, more powerful when the water source has high volumes of water, probably a water level of above 40 inches.
  • Versatile Machine – The washer comes with five interchangeable nozzles, all of which have different sizes to support the type of work you are dealing with. The pressure washer also features a foam nozzle as well, to ensure that you can eliminate even the most stubborn grime and grout on your sidewalk in one wash. Changing the nozzles is also a fast task, and you could switch from one nozzle type to the other in less than one minute.
  • Effective at cleaning hard to reach areas – Since it comes with a gun handle, a spray wand, and a turbo wand, you can clean narrow areas, corners, and other surfaces where normal pressure washers are unable to handle. The machine has a 1600 watt motor after all, and it could deliver water at a rate of 1.8 Gall. Per minute.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Medium Duty Pressure Washer

sun-joe-spx3001-medium-duty-pressure-washerSun Joe is a name you may have already heard, especially if you have been in the pressure washer world for some time. They are popular because of their great electric pressure washers such as the SPX3001 which came as an improvement of the SPX3000. The new make now has a bigger power cord, however, a better motor and some convenience features that go a long way in improving the convenience of cleaning your garage and patio with the machine. See below for its main features.

  • Full Power 1800 watt Motor – The machines come with a powerful 1800 watt motor that is capable of generating up to 2030PSI for the most effective cleaning for medium duty jobs. And with the high pressures, the top rated machine delivers water at 1.76 Gall. Per minute, thus making it able to eliminate stubborn grime and grout on whichever surfaces you wish to clean.
  • Features Total Stop System technology – The TSS technology is one of the most efficient systems at conserving water, as it triggers the pressure washer to immediately deliver water once you disengage the trigger.
  • Convenient Spray – The pressure washer in many ways aims to clean multiple surfaces at your home or work place. It features a pro-style spray gun to offer this convenience and a relatively large 40.6 Oz. detergent tank for extra support. Its spray wand also comes with a very comfortable grip, and you could hold and operate the machine for long before you feel fatigued.
  • Versatile Nature – With five different nozzle types, a 20 ft. long hose, a 35-foot power cord and a built-in store, you could clean any type of surface around your home, change the nozzles to add efficiency to your cleaning and reach corners and edges without struggling at all. It also features two wheels for easy maneuverability after all.

AR Blue Clean AR383SS Medium Duty Pressure Washer

ar-blue-clean-ar383ss-medium-duty-pressure-washerThe AR383SS is an improved version of AR Blue’s previous pressure washer made AR Blue 383. This new version best medium duty pressure washer comes with a few extra convenience features, a more powerful motor, and the ability to handle grime and grout in a faster and more efficient way. The machine’s overall design has also improved, as the AR383SS now comes with a new on/off switch and a larger handle. Read below to see why the improved look is probably what kind of pressure washer you are after.

  • Relatively High Power – The new AR Blue version is here to satisfy even the pickiest of customers, with its ability to reach 1900PSI for optimum efficiency, but not so much power as to damage your surfaces. But if you think the 1900PSI is not enough for your needs, it does come with the option of attaching a Turbo nozzle.
  • Easy to use – With its hose reel, where you can just store the hose, wrap the power cord and hold other accessories or remove them, cleaning your garage and sidewalk becomes very easy. You only need to remove the hose and power cord, fix them accordingly and off you could start working on the cleaning job in mind. Starting the AR Blue model with its new on/off switch is also fast. Furthermore, you almost don’t get involved a lot in this cleaning process, unless when changing the nozzle type or pulling the trigger.
  • Onboard Detergent tank – You don’t have to worry about your floor and garage not getting clean after one round of washing. You can just adjust the nozzle type to fit the detergent nozzle, add your ideal cleaning solutions, and off you could begin eliminating hard stuck grease and grime on your surfaces.
  • Solid Quiet Design – The machine has really appealing design, and you could enjoy the fact that it produces very minimal noise levels as it runs.

GreenWorks GPW1501 Pressure Washer

greenworks-gpw1501-pressure-washerThe Greenworks pressure washer is very efficient with light and medium duty jobs at home. It is a great deal when it comes to price too, as it costs a bit fair compared to most other medium duty machines. However, the 1500PSI it achieves and its water delivery rate of 1.1 Gall per minute is certainly enough to help you clean all the grime and grout you need to eliminate from your home. It is also versatile as you can see in the details below.

  • Great Design – The Greenwork takes an attractive, compact design that lets you clean multiple surfaces in the most effective way. It is also light, weighing 17.5 pounds, while it measures 11.4*17.1*9.4 inches for optimum convenience. Again, you could place this machine facing either vertically or horizontally, to make it more stable.
  • Efficient – The Greenworks model exerts about 1500PSI, which in turn helps cleaning light duty and simple medium duty tasks such as cleaning trucks seem easy. And even for high traffic sidewalks, the machine can do a great cleaning job especially if you apply soap or an ideal cleaning solution.
  • Versatile – Being versatile should be a key element of any top rated pressure washer, as you probably clean different surfaces on a day to day basis. Fortunately, this Greenworks model features two different nozzle types, to help widen the range of cleaning jobs you can handle. It also features several other accessories that aim to make the machine’s performance remain satisfactory all the time.
  • Easy to use – The Greenworks doesn’t come with many parts or attachments. In fact, you only have the power cord to connect and a trigger to pull as you move about cleaning the different areas of your home that require pressure washer cleaning.

Powerstroke PS80519B

pressure-washerThis Powerstroke model is one of the best gas powered machines for someone on a slightly tight budget. It is also one of the lightest gas powered machines at 55lbs. When it comes to portability, the Powerstroke maneuvers seamlessly thanks to its pair of never flat wheels and smaller front wheels. Read below, however, to view the machine’s full performance details and why it is better suited for some jobs and not others.

  • Featuring a 2 Gall per minute motor, and the ability to exert 2200PSI, this is a pressure washer capable of doing almost every medium duty jobs you have at your home. Note however that the machine does produce potentially dangerous fumes, which is why it is only a great washer for outdoor activities.
  • Convenient – The lack of a power cord with the gas Powerstroke model means you could clean bigger surfaces without worrying about a power source. In addition, the presence of different nozzle types helps you clean different surfaces effectively without having to add cleaning detergents. The 25 degrees nozzle type can for instance clean concrete, brick, and masonry, while the 40 degree white nozzle could be effective at cleaning sidings, gutter, patio or lawn equipment.
  • Chemical Free – The gas machine provides all the benefits that come with cleaning surfaces and garments naturally. To start with, you don’t have to worry about what chemicals go along with the surfaces you clean, and you don’t also have to worry about the extra costs. At times, however, you may add some cleaning solutions to specific surfaces to eliminate grease or grout completely well.
  • Secure hose in place – The machine also features a hook-and-loop strap that keeps the hose in check when you are not using it. In addition, it also features an onboard storage unit for the nozzles, the trigger handle and the spray wand.

Karcher K2 Plus Pressure Washer

karcher-k2-plus-pressure-washerAt the heart of the Karcher K2 Plus is a powerful universal motor that helps pump pressurized water at a fair rate of 1.25 Gal per minute. The power provided, in turn, helps clean patios, decking, sidewalks, and cars with more efficiency than a normal hose would. On the other hand, this high rated machine is also small and light, probably what you would wish to have at home. Read below to see its main performance details.

  • High Power – At 1600 PSI, this is still one of the most ideal pressure washers for light duty and medium duty cleaning needs. Besides, the machine does come with multiple attachments that make cleaning different surfaces effective.
  • Versatile – With its two different nozzle types, the K2 Plus can handle both the hard concrete surfaces and effectively deal with cleaning your car or lawn equipment. The dirt blaster is an especially effective nozzle type and could boost your cleaning efficacy by up to 80%.
  • Easy to Control – It is light and compact, thus giving you the ease of control you would love from a pressure washer. In addition, it comes with a single handle that enables you to roll or maneuver it through rough surfaces without feeling much fatigue.
  • Siphons water – One of the special advantages of this machine is that it can siphon water from a still source, which implies you could use water directly from your borehole and clean the patio. You could also save money by using swimming pool water to clean the area around the pool, instead of relying on tap water all the time.
  • Convenience – The K2 covers a wide area thanks to its 35 foot power cord and 20 foot high pressure hose. Again, the machine also features 6.3 inches rear wheels that help with easy maneuverability. Still, it has a great handle to help you lift or push it around.

Medium Duty Pressure Washers Comparison Table

Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 1.76 GPM 14.5-amp/1,800-Watt 5 (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap) 16.5 x 14.4 x 33.5
AR Blue Clean AR383SS 1900 1.4 GPM 1.5 HP 13 amp 4 14.2 x 34.3 x 15.4
Ivation IVA-9175L 2200 1.8 GPM 14.5-amp, 1,800-watt 5 (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap) 12 x 12.5 x 32
GreenWorks GPW1501 1500 1.2 GPM 13 amp universal 2 (25° and 40°) 9.45 x 17.13 x 11.42
Powerstroke PS80519B 2200 2 GPM 140cc 3 (2 high pressure 25 and 40 degree, 1 low pressure soap nozzle) 19.2 x 17.2 x 34.8
Karcher K2 Plus 1600 1.25 GPM universal 2 11 x 9 x 30.8

What to Look for in the Best Medium Duty Pressure Washer

Rarely do you find two medium pressures with similar features. At some point, one machine will emerge better for certain jobs, while the other will have its own advantages. With this in mind, buying a great medium pressure requires a lot of thoughts into it. You may also need to deeply assess the following factors, which often mark the difference between the pressure washer you deserve and what you will probably buy at the end of it all.

  • Gas VS Electric

    Most pressure washers fall into either gas powered or electric powered. The gas powered pressure washers are often the best choices for outdoor cleaning, as they provide more power and more convenience with their lack of a power cord. On the other hand, electric powered machines are often less expensive, produce low noise, and are equally effective at the light and medium duty jobs. It is no wonder these machines are quite popular with homeowners who don’t really need much power but want efficient pressure washers for common home jobs all the same.

  • Compact and Light

    If you need a pressure washer for personal use, then you need to look for a compact and light machine. After all, you will need to lift and carry the machine from place to place around your house, and you definitely don’t want a cumbersome load. For easy movements also, make sure you settle for a machine with never flat wheels, unless it is very light and you can easily lift it around.

  • High PSI

    PSI is the language used when it comes to measuring pressures washers that can do the job right. On average, medium duty pressure washers have PSIs of between 1500 and 3000PSI, with the higher numbers representing more powerful machines. Note however that along with the high PSI, you will need a convenient machine. By this, settle for a powerful pressure washer that also features several nozzle types, to ensure that you can handle the different surfaces at your compound with ease. Also, a high pressure machine must go along with a great motor type, and the ability to deliver water at a rate that will enhance your cleaning.

Finally, make sure to evaluate your needs properly before you can settle on any single pressure washer. Sometimes you may overlook some tiny details, such as the need to buy a machine that can siphon water from your borehole, and end up buying a machine that will not be cost saving at the end of it all.


While the above reviewed pressure washers may not be similar at all angles, they are some of the best medium duty pressure washers you can get in the market today. Most of them also offer better convenience and ease of control, and should you get the best medium duty machine for your needs among them, you will forever be grateful for your decision.

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