Best Propane Grill


Best Propane Grill

When it comes to hosting the perfect outdoor barbecue, one essential tool that can make all the difference is a propane grill. These versatile cooking companions have earned their reputation for quick ignition and precise heat control, making them a top choice for both novice and experienced grillmasters alike. In a world where the options seem endless, it’s important to find the perfect propane grill that suits your needs.

Today, we’re here to guide you through the process of choosing the best propane grill for your outdoor culinary adventures. After carefully assessing 22 contenders, we’ve handpicked the top 5 propane grills that stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re grilling up a storm for a backyard family gathering or hosting a summertime soirée with friends, these grills are sure to elevate your cooking game to new heights.

Join us as we explore the key features, performance, and advantages of these exceptional propane grills, helping you make an informed decision that will leave your taste buds tingling and your guests impressed. It’s time to take your outdoor cooking to the next level with the best propane grills on the market.

Propane Gas Grill Comparison Table

Burners 4 1 3 2 4
Electronic Ignition Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cooking Area (Sq.inch) 720 189 424 325 686
Warming Area (Sq.inch) None None 105 120 198
BTU/hr 60,000 8,500 32,000 18,000 48,000
Prep work space Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wheels Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Lid No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fuel Gauge No No Yes No Yes
*Warranty 1 year 5 years 5 years 10 years 10 years

*the warranties for different parts are different. The number given here is the highest warranty period available.

Detailed Review Of Our Top Propane Grills

1. Blackstone 36 Inch Grill Station

blackstone-36-inch-grill-station (2)This propane grill by Blackstone actually doesn’t have a grill but instead it has a griddle. (For newbies; a grill has ridges while a griddle is flat and smooth.) But you can buy a grill separately like an accessory (from here). As far as I know this is the only –ve thing about this product, now let’s go to the positives.

The Blackstone propane grill has an expansive surface which is perfect for cooking steak, bacons, eggs, grilled cheese and many more such items. It is equipped with 4 burners which can be independently controlled to create different heat zones. Each burner produces upto 15000 BTU which makes cooking faster. It also has a side adjustment where you can fit a standard sized propane tank.

In terms of build quality its frames are powder coated, burners are stainless steel and the flat top is thick cold rolled steel. This product comes with excellent reviews in different marketplaces so it is difficult for me to believe that it has only one year warranty!

This same product is available in different versions like Deluxe bundle, Pro bundle etc which basically comes with a set of different accessories. I am sure this is a perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking outdoors.

2. Weber Q1200 Portable Grill

weber-q1200-portable-grillWeber is a renowned name among cooking enthusiasts. Weber Q1200 is a small, portable propane gas grill that is not only excellent to use but is also much cheaper and easily manageable than other propane grills I review. Though it has only 1 burner which produces upto 8500 BTU it is ample to heat its cooking area of 189 square inches.

It has an electronic ignition which is a standard among all the propane grills reviewed here. It also has a strong body and a lid made of cast Aluminum, and the cooking grates are made of Porcelain-enameled cast-iron. The shape of the cooking box allows easy, even distribution of heat and the built-in thermometer on its lid shows the exact temperature inside. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

One notable advantage of Weber Q1200 is that it comes assembled while other bigger grills need to be assembled after receipt. It is also light weight owing to its Aluminum body and so it is easily portable.

The Weber Q1200 is a perfect portable for a small company.

3. Weber Spirit E-Series Propane Gas Grill

weber-spirit-e-series-propane-gas-grillThis propane gas grill has 3 burners which gives a combined output of 32000 BTU per hour. It is much bigger than the Q1200 model reviewed above. It has a cooking area of 424 square inches, and also has a warming area of 105sq.inches. Note that the other two products reviewed above do not have a warming setup.

This E-series grill has an enclosed stand which hides the propane cylinder from plain view. Another notable feature of this Weber product is ‘Flavorizer bars’. These are specially constructed removable angled channels that catch drippings and vaporize them to add flavor to your food. These are kept just below the grill and setup so that the drippings don’t fall on any of the burners.

It also has a fuel gauge, and a built in thermometer on its lid.

In terms of build quality the cookbox and body is made of light weight but durable aluminum. The grill is porcelain enameled caste-iron which is durable and easy to clean, and the burners are made of stainless steel. This product comes with a warranty of 5 years.

4. Char-Broil Signature Propane Gas Grill

char-broil-signature-propane-gas-grillThis is a 2-burner propane gas grill which is capable of outputting 18000 BTUS per hour of heat. The primary cooking area is of 325sq.inches and it also sports a 120 square inch tuck away warming rack.

One major difference of this product from the others is; it uses TRU infrared technology. This technology evenly distributes heat over the cooking area and it offers much better heat control. It also has folding side tables which make it easy to pack and ship.

This Char-Broil Signature gas grill is dual fuel compatible ie, using a conversion kit this can run on both LPG and natural gas.

Its storage cabinet has ample space to keep a propane cylinder and additional items.  It also has a stainless steel lid which comes with a built-in thermometer.

The body, door and control panel are made of durable and long lasting stainless steel. It comes with a 10 year warranty that speaks highly of its build quality.

5. Weber Genesis II E-410

weber-genesis-ii-e-410Weber Genesis is a high end series of propane gas grills. It is costly but comes with many features other grills do not have. It has four specially designed tapered burners which produce upto which produce upto 48000 BTU/hour. When compared with the Blackstone grill reviewed above this figure may look small but since this propane grill comes with a lid its heat is ample to grill your favorite foods. It has a primary cooking area of 646square inches and has a 198sq.inch foldable warming rack.

The genesis series products boast of GS4 ignition system which basically consists of Infinity ignition, high performance burners, Flavorizer bars and grease management system. Though the last two are present in the ‘Spirit’ series as well these here are better. The infinity ignition guarantees ignition every time and the high performance burners guarantee better heat management. These may not be important for everyone (like me) but for the perfect cook these are turn-ons.

The Weber genesis grill follows an open cart design which makes it more visually appealing than any other grills. On the right hand side there is a shield to keep the propane tank out of view. Inside this propane storage area there is a fuel gauge to easily monitor the level of propane in the tank.

The special edition grills are made of Stainless steel as opposed to the porcelain-enameled ones in other series. Also the Flavorizer bars have notches in them which allow you to see if the burners below them are lit.

The lid on the grill is double walled for insulation; this keeps the temperature inside it stable. The thermometer on it helps to monitor the temperature. In addition, it has a digital Bluetooth thermometer called the ‘iGrill3’ that can be connected to your phone to monitor real time temperature. It comes with a warranty of 10 years.

Weber Genesis II is the best propane gas grill in this review. It is costly but it is loaded with lots of features to make cooking on it a remarkable experience.

Why Propane Grills?

There are different types of grills including natural gas, charcoal and propane grills. But using propane grills have some benefits over the others. They are;

1. Quick and clean

Grilling on a propane grill is far easier than using a charcoal grill.

2. Easy to clean

When compared with charcoal grills the propane grill is easy to clean as it burns clean making no residues at all.

3. More energy content

When compared to natural gas propane has more energy content, in fact, more than double.

4. Easy availability

Propane gas tanks are easily available in supermarkets and they are easier to transport. This makes it more convenient to use a propane gas grill.

5. Better control

Being quick to burn it is easy to vary cooking temperatures using control valves. This is especially suited for versatile cooking.

Propane Grill Accessories

Given below are the necessary accessories you should have;

1. Cooking tool set:

This includes a set of spatula, tongs, glove, grilling baskets and such. (check this)

2. Cleaning accessories

Cleaning after is an important for the longevity of your grill. Cleaning accessories like brushes, scrapers and cleaning agents are a must if you buy a propane grill.

3. Thermometer

Digital thermometers with probes are used to check if the meat is cooked properly. This is not a must have but recommended for beginners.

4. Grill cover

Grill covers are useful to keep the grill covered after use.

5. Drip pans

Drip pans are a must to keep your grilling tidy. They are used to collect grease that flow from your food as a result of grilling. Most grills have good grease management system but sadly drip pans don’t come with them.

6. Grill carts

Grill carts are useful if you are using small propane grills like Weber Q1200. These carts provide additional height so it is easy to cook and they also provide easy mobility.

7. Lighting

It is easy to forget lighting accessories until you need them. Imagine what happens if you forget them for an evening BBQ on beach side.


What To Look For When Buying A Propane Gas Grill?

1. Number Of Burners & Heat Output

1 BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. This unit is used to measure the heat output of a grill. A single burner can produce upto 18000 BTU/hr. The more the number of such burners the more will be the heat output. But high BTU necessarily not means that cooking will be any faster as it also depends on the efficiency of the grill and how insulated it is from the surroundings. So when looking for the right propane grill make sure you are not fooled by the BTU rating.

2. Cooking Area

How much do you cook? A normal outdoor propane grill can accommodate upto twenty eight 4-inch size burgers while a portable one like Weber Q1200 can do just 6. But remember that size is not all, I know a person who cooked for 20 people on a Q1200, smaller grills are easier to heat and the temperature stays the same for long so it is easier and faster to cook. For a small family a portable grill is ample.

3. Grease Management

Grease is gross! A good grease management system is necessary for a clean and tidy cooking. It is also important in increasing the life of the grill. Propane grills by Weber uses an excellent grease management system. While buying propane grills look for those with such systems.

4. Accessories

Buying a grill is not enough; you need to have the proper accessories to cook a good dinner. The common accessories are already mentioned above so I see no point in repeating them again.

5. Features

Though grills are all basically the same they all come with different features depending on the manufacturer. Look for a propane grill that has only the necessary features, too many features will cost you more money on purchase and maintenance. As I see electric ignition is a much needed feature but Bluetooth connectivity is not. Choose wisely.

6. Lid

Not all grills come with lids but lids are recommended. Lids keep the temperature static thus saving on fuel. Make sure that the lid your grill has is insulated so it minimizes heat loss.

7. Warranty

Warranty is an important indicator of a quality of a grill. But keep in mind that the warranty period of different components of the same grill may be different so make sure you read the warranty paper before deciding on a purchase. Mostly look for the warranty of the burners, if they are long like 5-10 years the entire thing ought to be good.

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