Top 5 Best Shower Panels Reviews


Top 5 Best Shower Panels Reviews

Wow… this is it! The cutting edge, the top of the line and best in the world. The shower panel is here!

Bring your shower into the 21st century with a great looking, modern style. A shower panel is a centerpiece to any great bathroom. With stunning design and effortless style, a shower panel will make your shower the envy of everyone.

Though the shower panel is not just a pretty face. The multi-functionality of this shower innovation will blow you away as well. Shower panels can offer rain showers, hand held, waterfall and even horizontal massage!

What is a shower panel?

A shower panel is an all-in-one showering system. The panel combines the shower head, taps, hand held, waterfall and horizontal sprayers. The result is a stunning piece of design giving you everything you could desire in a shower.

Shower panels come in many makes and designs, being made of stainless steel, tempered glass and aluminum alloys. The shower panel is strong and stylish.

As a shower panels come in many great looking designs and because they are so versatile, they are becoming very popular in elite bathroom designs. Many of the best (and sexiest) upmarket 5-star hotels are installing shower panels for the comfort and convenience of their guests.

Advantages of a shower panel

  • Style & luxury! Shower panels have got the looks. New and modern, they just look epic in your bathroom. Something to really boast about for your new bathroom or renovation.

  • Modern. Get the on the cutting edge of shower technology and design.

  • They’re big! And bigger is better! A great shower panel is very impressive. Get a stunning centrepiece for your shower and bathroom. Make your bathroom stand out with a ‘wow factor’ that really pops.

  • Every shower option. The panel combines every available shower spray option. Monday, rainfall. Tuesday, waterfall. Wednesday, hand-held, Thursday, massage. Friday, horizontal spray. Saturday & Sunday, combine all five! Please everyone in the family whatever their mood.

How do I find the best shower panel for me?

  • Size. Measure your shower wall dimensions against the product description dimensions to give yourself a feel for how the shower panel will fit and feel. You don’t want either too small or too big.

  • Functions. Does the shower panel have all the functions you desire? Review the product description to ensure the panel you’re shopping for has all the bells and whistles you need. Also check how many of the functions can be used at any one time. Some products will only support limited functions at the same time due to water pressure constraints.

  • Design & finish. Does the shower panel suit and enhance your existing bathroom. Or if you’re remodelling, does the rest of the bathroom suit the shower panel as a centerpiece? Should the shower panel be a silver steel finish, glass or colored glass?

  • Budget and quality. Read the product reviews to find a quality shower panel that will last and fit within your budget. A cheaper model might not give that ‘wow factor’ or last as long, so buy wisely.

Reviews of the Top 5 Shower Panels

Decor Star 004-SS Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel

decor-star-004-ss-stainless-steel-rainfall-shower-panelWhen I think of what a shower panel should look like, the Decor Star is very close to the what I’d imagined. A nice big, beautiful piece of brushed stainless steel that bends into a shower head, and features an assortment of shiny knobs on the front to control everything and horizontal sprayers to ensure total shower immersion – plus a hand shower on the side as well.

It has a single knob for setting the water temperature for the unit, and then individual flow rates controls to turn on/off each of the water outlets. That way, you’re always getting the perfect water temperature from all of the sprayers.

Blue Ocean 52″ Stainless Steel Shower Panel

blue-ocean-52″-stainless-steel-shower-panelWith almost fifty 5 star reviews for this shower panel on Amazon, it seems like there are a lot of happy people who are enjoying having this unit in their bathrooms. That’s probably because the guys at Blue Ocean have thought of absolutely everything you could require from a shower panel and made sure that this unit includes the lot.

It’s got a digital temperature gauge to show the water temperature, standard overhead shower plus handheld shower, 8 adjustable water jets and a tub faucet at the bottom if your bathroom has a shower over bath configuration.

AKDY Tempered Glass Rain Style Shower Panel

akdy-tempered-glass-rain-style-shower-panelIf you’re not a fan of the blue tempered glass on the Blue Ocean unit above, then AKDY’s version of the same shower panel with a black tempered glass front panel might be better suited to your bathroom remodelling project.

There’s not much more to say about this unit that I didn’t say about the Blue Ocean one – it’s well built, affordable and has many happy customers who have left positive reviews for it on Amazon.

Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Thermostatic Shower Panel

blue-ocean-stainless-steel-thermostatic-shower-panelLike the last two shower panels, this one also has every feature you could ever want in a shower. There’s an LED panel that displays the current water temperature, 8 adjustable nozzles for a whole body water massage, a rainfall shower head, handheld shower and even a tub faucet at the bottom, if you’ve got a shower-over-bath configuration or would like to warm up the water before switching to shower mode.

There are fewer reviews for this model on Amazon at the time of writing, but they are all very positive about the unit, so it sounds like it would be a good investment for your bathroom upgrade.

AKDY Stainless Steel Shower Panel

akdy-stainless-steel-shower-panelThis great looking shower panel from AKDY is sure to look the place in your bathroom renovation. It is constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel and has stunning zinc alloy knobs.

It features an integrated rainfall shower head at the top of the unit, two sections of massage jets on the front face that sit above & below the main controls and a handheld shower head that mounts independently on your shower wall. It’s a rather new product, so there aren’t many reviews on Amazon yet – but the ones that have been left are all positive so far.

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