Speakman S-2005-H Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head Review


Speakman S-2005-H Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head Review

Do you hate the idea of having to clean your showerhead on a regular basis? Are you looking for an option for your shower that will help you to conserve water, yet still give you the feeling of a high pressure shower? The Speakman name has long been associated with delivering a quality shower for a fair price and that’s what you’ll get with this Speakman Hotel Anystream high pressure adjustable showerhead. Priced right around $30 on sites like Amazon, it’s a small investment that will reap long-term rewards!

The Features of the Speakman High Pressure Showerhead

The primary feature that stood out with this showerhead was the fact that it is a self-cleaning fixture. You don’t have to worry about squeezing little nipples or disassembling the showerhead to clean out the scale or mineral buildup you might experience with hard water. It really does help to create a mostly maintenance free bathroom!


There are also these features to consider:

  • five sprays help you to cover your entire body with shower spray, even though the showerhead itself is fairly compact;
  • it swivels to accommodate virtually anyone in the shower without difficulty whatsoever; and
  • the durability of this showerhead, especially in its price range, is almost better than outstanding!

The Advantages of the Speakman High Pressure Showerhead

The primary advantage that we saw in using this Speakman showerhead, outside of the durability of it anyway, is the Anystream 360 technology that it utilizes. Unlike other showerheads that let you adjust the shower stream to say, a massage or a gentle mist setting, the Speakman utilizes a lever that you simply adjust. With over 40 unique sprays, you’ll find the perfect setting each and every time!

You may also find these advantages to be of benefit:

  • installation is a snap because you just take off the old showerhead and put this one on – you don’t even need tools in some cases;
  • Speakman has great customer service that will help you in case there’s an issue with the showerhead for some reason; and
  • it feels like you get more shower than the 2.5 GPM actually provide.

The primary downside of this showerhead is simply the fact that it is made from lightweight plastic. Compared to the metal Speakman showerheads, it isn’t going to last as long. When compared to similar products in this price range, however, the durability that Speakman provides is almost second to none. A little lubricant on the ball joint about once a month will help to resolve the flexibility issues that some have encountered with this unit as well.

To be frank, it’s hard to find good showerheads that will last consistently and over a period of years at this price range. Many are designed to be used for a year and then replaced, but not this self-cleaning Speakman model. If you need a good showerhead and you’re on a budget, this is probably the one you should get

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