Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade Reviews


Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade Reviews

The makers of the home gym equipment Bowflex hit the market from as early as 1986 branching from the parent company Nautilus Inc.

Bowflex is the superior brand when it comes to fitness equipment. Bowflex equipment proves to be the major selection made by customers for the past two decades due to their excellent product line.

Substantial weight resistance varying from 5 up to 50 pounds are provided by these power rods and on aggregate, sums up to 210 pounds.

Workout sessions can be even more rigorous and stimulating by upgrading to 310 pounds once 210 pounds is of no difficulty with the discrete Bowflex 310-Pound Rod Upgrade.

Once 210 pounds is of no discomfort in your workout sessions, there is no need to purchase the latest apparatus as it can be upgraded to 310lbs and 410 lbs by obtaining the power rod singly which is simple to install.

For added resistance, power rods, a new design of their at-home workout equipment is used rather than free weights. It is proven to be even safer for users from inertia and joint irritation by the use of power rods instead of free weights.

It uses Power rod technology


Power rod technology is a major innovation which is incorporated in Bowflex gym equipment. The mechanism is that it utilizes your own weight as a pulley rather than utilizing free weights.

With a loading of 100 pounds you essentially lift a decreased weight but proceeding to the maximum available height, much pressure and resistance is experienced. Increased strength and muscle targeting is suitable from this improved arrangement with the intent of maximizing toning.

Why you should upgrade to 310 lbs from 210 lbs Pound rod?

  • To achieve higher resistance, weights are separated into pairs of 50 pounds.
  • Along with the benefit of easy installation it also includes an unlimited
  • Strong resistance power rods increase strength and toning
  • The upgrade supports numerous types of Bowflex product line.
  • Impairments usually resulting from free weights may entirely be prevented.
  • Fixed components eliminates the movement of free weights during workouts
  • Suitable for beginners looking for that physical challenge
  • Targets and isolates distinct muscles.
  • From the enhancement of the equipment, various exercise techniques can be permitted.


What to be aware of when upgrading to 310 lbs pound rod?

  • For users with the desire to increase muscle mass this upgrade is not recommended, as free weights might prove more feasible.
  • Not applicable for specific Bowflex product models, especially the earlier builds.
  • A minority of users complain that these rods deform easily and that there is a reduced degree of resistance when compared to native rods.
  • Resistance is permitted along cables which enables a limited margin of motion and provides stimulation to only a certain group of muscles.



Bowflex home gym improved from 310lbs from 210lbs, is essentially for persons who are health conscious, who desires to lose that extra weight and those that fancy a toned body. For those muscle fanatics it is recommended to utilize free weights instead, as it is not effective to upgrade the rods to fulfil your objectives.

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