Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single) Review


Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single) Review

Dumbbells play a vital role in the reinforcement and control of the fitness workout procedure. Given that you’re an expert in bodybuilding, you should already be aware of this.

Details regarding the adjustable dumbbell can be found below but however; the unavailability of this essential piece of fitness equipment makes it virtually unfeasible to perform arm muscles, abdominal and spinal stimulations.

Adjustable Features


The longevity provided by the adjustable dumbbell comes about due to the ability of the system to be modified. Thereon, making load modifications to the adjustable dumbbell is a vital attribute.

Having the potential of carrying minimum of ten pounds, the load on the dumbbell can easily be adjusted up to ninety pounds. In addition, the dumbbell can become partially or completely unusable if there’s a failure in the system.

Locking Mechanism

An upper-level locking mechanism has been developed by Bowflex due to the countless number of casualties associated with faulty fitness exercise tools. The configuration of this mechanism allows for the tightening of the plates to prevent them from slacking up during operation. Therefore, while using the dumbbell, you can be assured that you won’t get injured when lifting it overhead.


Functional & Reliable

Whether engaging in gym or at-home exercises, the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell stands firm and will never disappoint. If you opt to do at-home workout, this model is the best way to go. Also built for the convenience of exercise instructors and bodybuilder, the dependability and effectiveness of this fitness equipment cannot go unnoticed.

Proper Stature and Experience

If you’re an expert sportsperson or someone who want to improve your robustness, this adjustable dumbbell set was made specifically for you. Nonetheless, for individuals who lack proficiency in thrusting and fitness workout, it is suggested that they look to dumbbells of varying characteristics.

Large-sized dumbbell sets can at times pose an issue during elevation and regulation. As a result, an apprentice should consider using a more compact assembly at first.


In obtaining the Bowflex 1090, you won’t ever have to break to regulate the weights. In other words, wasting precious workout time by having to stop to fine-tune common dumbbells is no more. In fact, the adjustments can be made with much convenience. Additionally, with the Bowflex, the precision in manipulating with weights becomes a very easy task.


Ergonomic Handle

Time and again, many sportspersons protest about alternative brands causing problems when using the dumbbell. However, due to the SelectTech 1090’s comfortable design, there’s no need to be worried about facing this problem. In fact, it will fit your hands perfectly. There is much mechanical forethought done by Bowflex in designing this dumbbell handle for great comfort.


The entire dumbbell system can be destroyed. In order to avoid this, there are additional safety measures that must be observed to avoid the equipment from falling. However, being the owner for almost a year, it has never fell short of my expectations.

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