Bremshey Cardio Explorer E Exercise Bike Review


Bremshey Cardio Explorer E Exercise Bike Review

Bremshey is an international brand known for quality fitness equipment. The latest technology is applied to create the right kind of equipments that is devised for workouts along with the ease of use, makes this company a world leader in this arena. Bremshey sports are a part of big family which carries the tradition of quality products with first class service. Products of Bremshey are available only through their own specialist.

Exercise bikes are one of the equipments in the fitness arena. Bremshey Cardio Explorer E Exercise bike is for the advance users who are in the lookout for the most intensive work outs. It is very comfortable to use and is guaranteed to give full utility value. Being the top of the range model it comes with the best functional features such as advanced braking systems, effective programmes and ergonomically designed. Now let us get into the finer details of this exercise bike.

 bremshey-cardio-explorer-e-exercise-bikeThe basics:

This equipment is ideal for domestic use. The bike has a matte silver finish to it and looks very sleek and stylish too. It is about 99 cms in length and 55 cms in width. It stands tall in a height of 134 cms and weighs about 38 kgs. It has a maximum user load capacity of 135 kgs. Being sturdy in design it is able to carry out its functions effectively. The power supply is received from the mains and has the power output of 350 watts. With a rotating mass of 14 kgs and transmission ratio of 1:9, it enables the equipment to function very smoothly. The brakes are electromagnetic in nature. This enables the exercise to be maintenance free. There is no need for re calibration and is very quiet in operation. It has a back up from an 18 V transformer.

About the display:

The display console is a colour LCD unit with the provision of back light too. This well illuminated display unit helps to show the speed at which the bike is functioning along with the distance cycled and the time taken for it. It also features the heart rate and the calories burnt along with the training power. The recovery heart rate is displayed in the screen. The uniqueness of this monitor is that it can record information per user.

So one can actually see the progress made over the days on the exercise bike. It is equipped to illustrate the BMI [body mass index] along with the fat percentage measurement. The RPM [revolutions per minute] can be seen on the screen too. This is the uniqueness of the monitor. With the availability of so many details, it helps to provide individual attention and care and is ideally suitable for multi users.

About the programmes:

Being the top of the range model in exercise bikes there is a total of 22 programmes a user can choose from. About 12 programmes are pre set and they vary with the degree of intensity. The user can set about 4 programmes manually according to their requirements. Amongst the programmes there is a quick start one too. The constant HRC and constant watt are available in the training mode.

There is a constant HRC programme which enables the user to set the heart rate and the equipment will adjust itself to maintain the speed to match the target that is set. This very helpful for users looking for very intensive exercise programmes. Another distinctive characteristic about these programmes in the Bremshey Cardio Explorer E Upright Exercise bike is the adjustments that can be made in the programmes.

About the ergonomic features:

  • Designed with a low frame and soft seat the bike ensures maximum seating comfort.
  • Both the handle bars and the height of the seat are adjustable to suit individual requirements.
  • The bike provides contact heart rate which can is displayed in the monitor with the help of the handle bars.
  • As an optional accessory heart rate chest belt is provided that is wireless and displayed by the LCD monitor. T
  • The bike is maneuverable with the help of two front wheels that it comes along with.

Cardio Explorer E LCD Console Exercise bike with its numerous features makes the equipment a definite value for money and reinstates their motto of “fit for fitness”

Bremshey Cardio Explorer E Cycle – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Bremshey
Model Name Cardio Explorer E exercise bike
Dimensions (L x W x D) 99 x 134 x 55 cms
Weight User weight (Maximum): 135 kg
Product weight: 38 kg
Technical Details Brakes – electromagnetic
Power supply – mains
Power output – 350 watts
Transformer – 18 V
Transmission ratio – 1:9
Rotating mass – 14 kgs
Programmes 22
Preset programmes 12
Training modes Preset programmes/ user programmes/ manual/
quick start/ HR max limit/ constant watt/  constant HR
HRC programme Constant HRC
Programme adjustable Scalable
Display unit Colour  LCD Screen with backlit
Transport wheels Yes
On display Time/ distance/ speed/ RPM/ calories burnt/training power /
heart rate/ programme in use/ quick keys for speed
and elevation/ recovery HR/ body fat/ user register
Heart rate Contact/ chest belt
Ergonomic features Low frame
Soft seat
Adjustable handle bars and seat height
EN 957 Class HB
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