Marcy CL503 Magnetic Exercise Cycle Review


Marcy CL503 Magnetic Exercise Cycle Review

Whether it is for a beginner or someone already serious about fitness or for a complete personal fitness studio, Marcy’s is the right stop for shop. They have a comprehensive collection of fitness equipments that is ideal for domestic purposes. From the Escalade family of brands, Marcy’s fitness equipments find market all over Europe and the Middle East. They are well supported by good customer care service along with quality products that are both stylish and affordable. Marcy CL503 Magnetic Exercise Cycle is yet another great way to lose weight, tone up muscles and in general improve one’s physical fitness. With a large LCD screen to illustrate the workout details and eight levels of resistance to choose from, this exercise bike is most comfortable.

marcy-cl503-magnetic-exercise-cycleThe basics:

With checked combination of black and steel, it is very arresting and professional in appearance. This colour code makes it easier on the maintenance of the cycle. It has been designed to look compact and slim and is ideal for people who have limited available space. With a width of 50 centimetres, length of 85 and height of 120, the equipment appears to be neat and trim. Marcy’s CL503 is a magnetic cycle that guarantees ultra-smooth performance. It has a five kilogram aluminium flywheel.

This flywheel creates the impression of outdoor cycling for the user by giving it added resistance and feel. The equipment is pretty sturdy on the ground as it weighs about 20.5 kilograms. It can hold a maximum user capacity of 100 kilograms. It has about eight levels of magnetic resistance that can be manually adjusted according to the user’s preference. This resistance enables the user to improve on the quality of workout.

The display:

Marcy CL503 Magnetic Bike though basic in its approach has a work of art console. It has a large LCD screen. With the help of this monitor, the user gets information regarding the workout details. It is auto powered and switches on by itself when the exercise bike is at work. The monitor automatically shuts off when there is no operation for more than five minutes.

The functions of the console:

  • Scans automatically through each and every function in its sequence enabling the user to see the programme in action without using the mode button each time for information.
  • Time accumulated during the workout is illustrated.
  • Speed of the current workout is displayed.
  • Distance that is accrued over the present workout is exhibited.
  • Calories that have been burnt out during the workout period are presented.
  • Pulse is automatically displayed in the console that helps one find out the heart rate during the course of the exercise. Though this cannot be taken for medical reference, it is useful to know how effective the workout has been. The pulse sensors are found in the hand grips of the bike.

Ergonomic Features:

Marcy CL503 Upright Magnetic Cycle is not only designed compactly but comes with some very effective ergonomic features that make this exercise bike all the more easier to choose from the rest in the market. The seat can be adjusted according to individual users making it more comfortable by the quick release knob found in the bike. The height of the handle bar too can be moved up and down according to one’s comfort and ease.

The pedals are self-levelling that facilitate smooth biking action. They have pedal straps that aid in avoiding the slippage of the feet while exercising making it all the more safe and sound. With the help of transportation wheels, it becomes easier to move the bike around when needed. These features add to the appeal of the bike. Moreover, a guarantee of 12 months on the parts one is assured.

Marcy CL503 Magnetic Cycle – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Marcy
Model Name CL503 Magnetic Cycle
Weight 20.5 kilograms
User weight 100 kilograms
Console specifics Large LCD display,
Displays speed, time, distance, calories, Heart rate, Scan
Product specifics Ideal for limited space<
8 levels of manually adjustable magnetic resistance
Hand grip pulse sensors
5 kilograms flywheel
LCD monitor
Ergonomic features Adjustable seat and handle bars
Self-levelling pedals and pedal straps
Transportation wheels
Power 2 size AAA batteries of 1.5 volts
Floor space (L x W) 85 x 50 centimetres
Warranty for domestic use 12 months
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