Breville VTP072 Slow Cooker Review

Breville VTP072 Slow Cooker

Breville VTP072 Slow Cooker Review

Breville is the name for small appliance segment that cuts across the competition with its high quality and great products. It was during 1980’s the whole revolution of the brand by innovating many products for the comfort to handle the kitchen tasks. Soon they come into partnership with the celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson which became a new hit to the company. Breville VTP072 Cream 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker comes into the success line of the brand and the following is the review of the same.

Design Overview:

Neat by looks and robust appearance makes it all to impress in the first look. It has cream housing with the grey colour rim and control panel. The smooth finish and the perfect round in shape bring out the professional innovation. As usual it has a transparent lid and handles to support the user. It is operated with the electric power and is of course cord tidy as no need for the lengthy cords to spread across the work place.

Breville VTP072 Slow Cooker


Breville VTP072 Round Slow Cooker designed with the capacity of 3.5 litres makes it suitable for small families or single person use. It is a must have appliance as it tenders the food with the aroma, flavour and nutrient lock system. Cooking small pieces of veggies and making of stuffs like desserts, curries, soups, stews are possible in an interesting manner.

Heat settings and control panel:

The control panel is present in the front center of the appliance with a traditional rotary control. It allows the user to select the heat settings and does come an indicator to intimate the functioning of the appliance. This is one of the durable type of control system that is been traditionally followed. This Slow Cooker allows 3 types of settings that include the low, high and auto settings.

  • Low heat – In the case of soft foods or tender foods this option can be chosen or when required a lengthy programme to suit the serving time this seems to be a best option.
  • High heat – During those busy times which demand quicker cooking process or when the food stuffs are bulkier and harder high temperature heat can be chosen.
  • Auto – This function works automatically understanding the demand of the food that is required to be cooked. The heat selections go automatically and it functions till the required tenderness is been obtained. It also stops automatically on the programme completion.

The lid, pot and handles:

Designed with the glass lid that fits perfectly to the base also has a center knob to easily handle. This allows a clear see through and you could easily follow the cooking process without the need of opening the lid. Available in Breville VTP072 Ceramic Pot Slow Cooker is the ceramic pot that can be used for serving purpose. The handles on both sides are both attractive and belongs to the cool touch make.


Quite attractive in appearance and with the robust structure is a worthy thought to own this appliance. Its performance is noteworthy for slow and even cooking.

Breville VTP072 3.5 L Cream Colour Slow Cooker – Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Breville
Model Name VTP072 Cream 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker
Model number VTP072
Bowl type Ceramic removable
Colours/Finish Cream
Shape Round
Capacity 3.5 litres
Heat settings Low, high and auto setting
Delay start No
Controls Rotary control with indicator
Product Features Tempered Close fitting glass lid
Cool touch handles
Temperature control dial
Removable ceramic pot for serving
Power on indicator
Lid type Transparent glass with center handle
Suitable for Slow and even cooking
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