Maxi Cosi Tobi Baby Car seat Reviews


Maxi Cosi Tobi Baby Car seat Reviews

Maxi Cosi is the most famous and trusted brand of baby car seats owned by Dorel industries Inc. They own several renowned brands that include the most famous Mongoose mountain bike and Quinny pushchair. Maxi Cosi is a well known brand name and considered to be a principal player in safety baby car seat market. Maxi Cosi Tobi is specially made for parents who wants to carry their baby in a car seat that has built in safety standards. This car seat is well designed with perfect mix of easy installation methods and absolute child safety.

This baby car seat does not come with any isofix system and Maxi Cosi has proved that it is not necessary by designing this car seat with reliable seat shell and colour coded marks for easy to understand belt routing. Maxi Cosi has made this Tobi baby car seat exactly for busy parents who do not want to spend much time during installation.

With convenience of usage and mobility, this Maxi Cosi car seat has been launched with hopes and expectations to full fill the need for child safety. Maxi Cosi Tobi is a classified as a Group 1 car seat and suitable for children from 9-18 kg of weight, which is around from 9 months to exactly 3.5 years old children.


maxi-cosi-tobi-baby-car-seatWhenever you take your baby for a long travel it is important to be precise with the reliability and safety of a car seat. Especially when you carry your infant it is very crucial in choosing the right car seat that matches you vehicle seat as well as the weight of the baby. Maxi Cosi Tobi Baby Car seat is well designed with strong shell base that act as the isofix system for the car seat.

It is made up of durable plastic material and greatly supports the seat for different position adjustment and it firmly holds the baby car seat in car using easy belt installation. The seating area of the car seat is made with ample space and feature 290 mm of internal seat width and 310 mm of internal seat depth to accommodate a child with up to 18 kg of weight.

This maxi cosi baby car seat has tall back support with maximum height of 590 mm along with the headrest in upper position. It has wide cushioned side protection and built in such a way that you can adjust the head rest precisely to match growing children from 9 months to 3.5 years. With wide head support and nicely raised arm rest position, children can comfortably sit for longer time.

The highlight of this baby car seat is its harness belt that is built with spring system and easily gives way for placing the child in and out. The shell base is made with standard height, which boosts the car seat with maximum height and enables the children to see outside. This car seat has colour coded marks at the back of the seat and in front of the seat shell, which acts as a reference guides the parents during installation.


Child Safety features

Maxi Cosi Tobi Baby Car seat is a forward facing car seat and made universally for children weighing from 9-18 kilograms. It provides maximum protection to the child with three most important safety features in the seating position such as 5 point harness seat belt, head hugger and side impact protection.

Five point harness seat is specially designed with spring system. As soon as you click open the harness belt by pressing the red colour push button on the buckle, the harness belt would quickly pops out from the buckle and give way for placing your child easily in the car seat.  This innovative easy to use belt harness system is made with thick shoulder pads that exactly sit on your child shoulder.

This maxi cosi car seat has soft cushioned wide headrest that gives extra protection to the head. The headrest can be adjusted to the required height for the children along with the harness belt using 7 different positions. This 5 point harness baby car seat provides an option to easily pull the harness belt out for adjustment with one hand and no need to press any push buttons.

This height adjustment of the headrest can be made with one hand by just pulling the head rest along with the harness belt at the front of the seat even with the child in seat. When two shoulder belt buckles inserted into the crotch strap buckle you can hear a clear audible ‘click’ sound, which confirms that you have properly inserted the harness belt into the buckle.

After fixing the harness belt with the child in the car seat you can tighten the harness system by pulling the crotch strap. Belt buckle in the crotch strap would indicate green colour when you pull the crotch strap to the desired length, which confirms that you have perfectly tightened the harness system. Depending upon the model the indicator become red or silver. This is just an installation aid that helps you to safely harness the child in the baby car seat and protects her from crash. Additionally with the help of side protection system, child would get optimal protection from side impact.

Ease of installation

Maxi Cosi Tobi Baby Car seat is the best alternative instead of buying a separate isofix system and using it along with the car seat for quick installation. The installation method, which is followed by this baby car seat is equally good with one click installation found in Graco Logico S HP Baby Car Seat that uses separate base. The car seat shell has push button belt tensioners that firmly holds and tightens the vehicle hip belt.

The shell has red colour belt marks for installation reference that aids for proper hip belt installation methods. The hip belt passes under the shell over the red colour belt marks and inserted into vehicle seat buckle. Similarly for proper vehicle shoulder belt installation around the car seat is guided by the red colour coded belt slot found at the back of the car seat.

When you routed the belt in the red colour belt slot then you can close the belt clamps for further safety. This colour coded instruction would help you for quick and easy car seat installation with easy to understand belt routing without spending much time on it.



Maximum comfort level has been maintained through out the Maxi Cosi baby car seat design. It has five position reclining system that can be easily handled using spring operated handle provided under the front end of the car seat. There is an extra opening on the baby car seat that helps you to easily remove the cover without opening the harness belt and the seat cover is easily removed and washed. This Maxi cosi car seat weighs just 8.9 kg and you can easily shift between cars.

It is worth paying £180 for such well designed seating position, which comfortably handles child up to 18 kg of weight. This 5 point reclining car seat comes with the colour combination of lily pink, black reflection, formula black, roasted brown, mystic brown, tango red and midnight blue. The accessories include summer cover with three different colours, universal cup holder and play-tray with additional charge.

Our analysis

Maxi Cosi Tobi Baby Car seat is on the large side and may not fit into a small car, since the external height of the seat is 740 mm. The seat belt found in the small car would not be long enough to fasten the car seat. In this price range this car seat is best buy and offers all comfort and safety for your child. You cannot place your child on the car seat for longer time, it is just a safety device used for the benefit of children while driving.

Always place this car seat in the rear vehicle seat that does not have airbag. If you are more specific on blue or pink colour options and mystic brown the price would stay around £180. You get cheaper with other colour combination and ultimately you can save from £6 to £30. Though this car seat looks bulky it is safer for your chid with maximum seating area.

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