Carl Lewis EMR17 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review


Carl Lewis EMR17 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

Exercise equipment market has seen a positive growth over the past decade. With an increase in the awareness of health and healthy habits the need for such equipments have increased manifold. With the back support and recumbent style, it is off little surprise the need for exercise equipments have grown manifold.

Earlier, one needed to depend on the neighbourhood gyms for such amenities but with the introduction of varied exercise equipments it has become increasingly easy to enjoy these facilities in the comfort of one’s home. Carl Lewis in this model has given the advantage of recumbent style which definitely has an edge over the upright models. The review of Carl Lewis EMR17 Fitness Bike is as follows for the better know-how of the product.

carl-lewis-emr17-magnetic-recumbent-bike-reviewPhysical Characteristics:

Pleasant is the colour with the combination of grey and silver makes a professional appearance at the first hand. Designed in the recumbent style it proves to be more comfortable with the back rest saddle and the relaxed position. Such models are larger in size and Carl Lewis EMR17 In-door Exercise Bike takes the dimension of 1520mm, 660mm and 960 mm which corresponds to the length, width and height of the equipment. Sturdy in make and robust in structure it can withstand the user weight of maximum 150 kgs. With the comfort of adjustments it stands to suit perfect for the individual of any physic. It functions with the magnetic resistance that is quieter and smoother for operation.

Console and Programmes:

Although small in size the console of this model is neatly defined with the required features and it gives the feedback just in a glance. It allows the user to follow the workout status abased on the distance, speed, time, pulse rate and calories. Just in a glance it keeps you informed about the status of the workout. The magnetic resistance offers an 8 level workout be it the down hill or the up hill drive it makes a serious go as wished. The programmes can be selected based on the user preference with the required intensity. It also allows changing or altering the programme as desired.


  • Comfort with the back support makes this model suitable for more strenuous workout. It is great for long hours and suitable for the indoor and domestic use.
  • Hand pulse sensor is a convenient and instant access to read the heart rate. It makes the user determine the cardio workout in a motivational manner by the constant reference of the HR in the monitor.
  • Quiet and smooth action is possible because of the magnetic resistance and having it in midst of the many people keeps the environment friendly with its low noise emission or rather the quietest of its kind.
  • Adjustable saddle makes it possible for the user of any height to stay comfortable all through the workout process. Without the need of any extra tool this can be adjusted.
  • Foot pedal with grip gives a perfect grip for the user and there is no possibility of slipping off the pedal.
  • Wide foamed saddle for the over weight and heavy body structure to also carryout the training with a comfortable seat that has a back rest.

Carl Lewis EMR17 Magnetic Recumbent Bike adds functionality with the design making it a perfect go for the domestic and indoor users. In its state of art technology and the high performance fly wheel with the rigid structure adds value to the product and it fun to be with it for longer hours than the ordinary one that are available in the market

Carl Lewis EMR17 Exercise Bike – Technical specification Table

Manufacturer Carl Lewis
Model Name EMR17 Magnetic Recumbent Bike
Type Recumbent
Colour code Silver with grey
Dimensions (l x w x h ) mm 1520 x 660 x 960 mm
Maximum user weight 150 kg
Console Feedback of time, distance, pulse, calories
Hand pulse sensor
Resistance Magnetic resistance with 8 levels
Ergonomic features Comfort with the back support
Hand pulse sensor
Quiet and smooth action
Adjustable saddle
Foot pedal with grip
Wide foamed saddle
Display unit LCD Screen with backlit
Flywheel weight 7 kg
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