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Starshaper KC143 Exercise Bike Review

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Various types of fitness equipments found are now in the market. Personal health studios have mushroomed in great numbers due to the availability of these exercise machines. There is no need to visit the neighbouring gym as one can enjoy all these facilities in the comfort of one’s home. Starshaper has been in this industry long enough to be able to recognise the needs and requirements of the customers. Their in-depth knowledge has helped them to introduce products that are most suitable in today’s world. Starshaper KC143 Domestic Exercise Bike is a perfect equipment to start getting into shape. It is both affordable on the pocket and appealing to the eye. A closer look into the cycle will demonstrate its finer features.

starshaper-kc143-exercise-bike-reviewThe Basics:

Sharing a dimension of 110 centimetres in height, 82 in length and 51 in width, this cycle is sleek and occupies very little space. Starshaper KC143Upright Exercise Bike is very apt for people who are looking for something that is mobile and yet serves the purpose. It is light weight too as it weighs about 14 kilograms only. This makes it portable and easy to handle. Yet, for its buoyancy this fitness equipment can handle a user weight of 100 kilograms effortlessly. Smart in appearance, the bike comes in a striking combination of silver and black. This extends the look of the machine for many years to come.

The Design:

Tubular and round in shape the frames show a picture of sturdiness and strength. The seat is triangular in shape making it a snug fit for all. The saddle can be adjusted for best seating comfort. This flexibility helps the machine to be used by people irrespective of their age and size. The handles are contoured and ergonomically designed for best user comfort. The front frame is fixed and helps to maintain the gravity during a workout.

The Console and Programmes:

Nicely positioned between the two handles the console is visible and illuminative. The console monitors the progress of each exercise regime. The time taken, the distance covered and the speed at which it is done are effectively represented in the console. The calories burnt are pointed out to further enable the user to know the intensity of the workout and make changes if needed. The console is powered by batteries which come along with the contents in the box.

The bike offers resistance at various levels. These adjustable resistance levels enable the user to get the maximum benefit out of the exercise. These levels improve the intensity of the programmes and make it effective in burning the calories so that the user can reach his health goal faster.

The Ergonomic Features:

  • The foot pedals come with a strap to hold the feet securely while exercising. This ensures that the user need not worry about accidentally slipping.
  • The stability caps in the base frame helps to keep the exercise bike firm and steady on the ground.
  • The contoured handles provide maximum benefit of comfort and ease
  • The triangularly designed seat can be adjusted. This enables stress-free positioning and prevention of aches and pains.

Starshaper KC143 In-door Exercise Bike is the best fitness equipment for cardiovascular training. And the model in picture is a perfect one for use by a beginner. It is light weight and portable yet effective in the general working. The machine is a simple and Spartan one and easy on installation. The resistance levels are basic and the machine is affordable for someone on the lookout for a straightforward and simple bike.

Starshaper KC143 Exercise Bike – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Starshaper
Model Name KC143 Exercise Bike
Colour Silver and black
Weight 14 kilograms
Dimension (h x l x w) 110 x 82 x 51 centimetres
Console specifics Displays speed, time in minutes and seconds
distance in miles and calories
Product specifics Adjustable resistance levels
Computer monitor
Ergonomic features Stability caps
Contoured handle bars
Pedal straps
Height adjustable saddle
Triangular saddle

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