CDA CVC5 Semi-Automatic Coffee Maker Review


CDA CVC5 Semi-Automatic Coffee Maker Review

CDA being industry leaders have expert personnel who made it possible to achieve the highest first time fix rate and also making sure that the products are best and competitive. With the keen eye for improvement and development they stand as the proud owner of many consumer products. CDA Built-In CVC5 Semi-Automatic Coffee Maker is one among the successful models and a look further can be obtained in the following review.

Type and Design:

cda-cvc5-semi-automatic-coffee-makerCDA CVC5 1100 Watts Coffee Maker is a semi-automatic coffee maker which is suitable for the domestic use. It comes with the stainless steel finish and in the integrated style. It neatly blends among the kitchen cabinets giving a neat appearance. It is an impressive model in terms of design and functionality.

Control System:

The control of this model is electronic which has few soft touch buttons. It also comes with the display screen which is a LCD type. Based on the settings the display screen reads out and it also gives the follow up of the chosen programme. This not only contemporary but also makes it simple to use with the straight forward operations.


The water tank and the coffee container are integrated in this model. The capacity of the water tank is 2.5 litres and the coffee container capacity is 350 grams. This gives the making of coffee for about one or two cups. This capacity is sufficient and can go uninterrupted when used for the domestic purpose.

Indicator lights:

The control panel consists of red LED lighting which illuminated when it is on the functioning mode. It also brightens up the space to the extend of handling the operation and hence irrespective of the environment lighting the device can be used. The available indicators are for the low coffee in the container and the low water level in the tank. Based on the intimation it can be reloaded and hence it avoids the malfunctioning of the appliance.

Other product features:

  • Steam nozzle is present in this model which produces the steam in the cup of coffee giving a feel of nature and freshness with its aromatic coffee.
  • Removable drip tray which is present in the front bottom panel allows the user to easily empty the spills if any and it is also washable.
  • Adjustable grind setting gives the option to choose among the various adjusting levels of the grinding of the coffee pods.
  • Quick heat setting gives an instant hot water and it can be used for different purpose with its instant heating option.


The 3 coffee settings that are available are long, normal and short. CDA CVC5 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker also gives the pump pressure of 15 bar which is a normal number among the models of this type. The energy consumption is 1100 watts and it works with the power supply of 13 amps. This model can also be put to function in the energy saving mode.


Like most other models of this brand this product comes with the 5 years guarantee for the parts and 2 years for the labour.

CDA CVC5 Built-in Coffee Maker – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer CDA
Model Name Built-In CVC5 Semi-Automatic Coffee Maker
Finish Stainless steel
Type Integrated
Pump pressure 15 bar
Controls Electronic with LCD display
Coffee settings 3 – long, normal, short
Capacity One or two cups
Water tank capacity 2.5 litres
Coffee container capacity 350 grams
Indicators Low coffee warning
Low water warning
Adjustable steam emission Yes
Features Steam nozzle
Removable drip tray
Adjustable grind setting
Quick heat setting
Ready to connect to main water supply
Power 1100 watts
Energy saving mode Yes
Power supply 13 amps
Application Domestic use
Guarantee 5 years for parts and 2 years for labour


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