Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box Review


Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box Review

The Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box is recommended for people who are fond of hosting large barbeque parties. This charcoal grill is also used by many professional BBQ’ers because of its versatility. The Smokin’ Pro has many convenient features which can make any classic Texas-style barbeque party a hit. It can be ordered online but shipping is only available for the 48 contiguous states. There is also an additional fee for the shipping.

Product Features

  • char-griller-1224-smokin-pro-830-square-inch-charcoal-grill-with-side-fire-boxThe Smokin’ Pro uses a traditional barrel design but it comes with a side firebox for smoking different kinds of foods. The side firebox is made of high quality steel with powder-coat finish. This ensures that it can withstand high temperatures and long term use. Many people love smoking even if it takes a little bit longer as compared to grilling because the meat is juicier and tastier when smoked. The side firebox of the Smokin’ pro ensures that you can smoke to your heart’s content with minimum effort. You can easily adjust the temperature of the charcoal grill by adding more charcoal or adjusting the vent.
  • The cast-iron cooking grates are non sticky which resists deformation. The grate height is also adjustable which makes it very convenient when cooking or grilling different kinds of dishes. The nonstick grate also ensures that the heat and he flavor are distributed evenly as the food is being cooked or grilled. In addition, it also makes it very easy to clean the grates since they are non-sticky.
  • The charcoal drawers also make grilling and cleaning very easy. The charcoal drawers can be removed. Hence, it is very easy to add charcoals when grilling and cooking. Moreover, it is also easy to remove the slide-out drawers to dump the ashes. Another plus of this product is that the drawers have a double bottom which makes it very durable for a long time.
  • Other features of this charcoal grill include a storage rack, a temperature gauge and 2 wheels. The storage rack is very helpful because it adds more space for grill supplies such as spices and other barbecue accessories. This makes cooking much easier because you can place everything you need on the rack. The temperature gauge which is placed on the hood obviously helps in monitoring the heat. This is a very helpful feature since the temperature or heat of the grill will definitely affect the taste of the food. A dish cooked in the right temperature means perfection. The two wheels mean easier transportation of the grill. In addition, the wheels also provide more support. These additional features are not attached to the grill upon delivery. They need to be assembled and attached. The good thing is it is not that difficult to assemble them and attach them to the grill.


The Smokin’ Pro is 62 by 29 by 50 inches and it weighs 146 pounds. This charcoal grill can provide 580 square inches of cooking space. When the charcoal side firebox is added, it offers more cooking space. The side firebox is 250 square inches which means that you now have 830 square inches for cooking, grilling or roasting.

Because of its big cooking space, the Smokin’ Pro is great for big barbeque parties. You can also cook different kinds of dishes at the same time because of the larger space. For instance you can grill the meat on the main grill while cooking vegetables on the side firebox at the same time.



The Smokin’ Pro retails at $279.90 only excluding the shipping fees. Compared to other charcoal grills, this is actually cheap considering its size and features. Those who enjoy big backyard parties should consider buying this charcoal grill. It is not very expensive but it functions just as well as the expensive ones. In addition, it is also very sturdy and durable so you can have as many barbeque parties as you want. The cheapest we have seen it is on Amazon who consistently sell this grill for under $230 with free shipping. You can check out the price of this grill through this link here.



As mentioned above, cleaning the Smokin’ Pro is not a problem. The cooking grills can be cleaned using a wire brush and this can be done within a minuet. Removing the coals and ashes is not a problem also because of the removable charcoal drawer. Although you need to remove the four main cooking grills to clean the main charcoal grate, this is not a very difficult task to do.

In conclusion, the Smokin’ Pro is a very good buy when it comes to charcoal grills. Dishes cooked in charcoal grills are tastier and juicier as compared to those grilled in gas grills. This is the reason why many people prefer charcoal grills. The Smokin’ Pro can provide that perfect grill for you and your family. Its great features also ensure that you can cook as many dishes as you want for a long time.

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