Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking Review


Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking Review

Convection cooking has become popular because it makes cooking easier and faster. In addition, dishes are cooked evenly because of the airflow. Gone are the days of worrying about burning the food in the bottom or top racks while the food in the middle rack should be cooked longer. The convection style of cooking can also be applied when grilling. With the help of high quality grills such as theĀ Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill.

Product Features

  • big-steel-keg-05503-charcoal-grill-for-convection-style-cooking-reviewThe Big Steel Keg measures 27 by 44 by 46 inches. This means that you have at least 450 square inches for cooking. The large cooking space allows you to cook more dishes at the same time. So, you do not have to worry even if you have to feed a lot of people because this wonderful charcoal grill can grill all kinds of dishes for you quickly and efficiently.
  • The Big Steel Keg is barrel-shaped which makes it very ideal for outdoor grills. The shape makes it very easy to cook convection style and it also takes less space as compared to other kinds of charcoal grills. Because of the shape of the Big Steel Keg, you have more space to cook more dishes.
  • A built-in thermometer is placed on the lid of the grill. This allows you to set the proper temperature needed for your dish. In addition, it also helps you monitor the progress of whatever dish you are grilling. Obviously, the thermometer is also good for safety purposes. It can warn you if the grill is dangerously hot. Accidents can be prevented with the help of the thermometer.
  • The top and bottom dampers which are numbered will help in controlling the airflow. This allows you to control the time and speed of cooking to your preference. This is definitely a big plus because it opens many options when it comes to cooking or grilling all kinds of food. It also enables you to shut off the air if you want to do so.
  • Natural lump charcoals are the recommended coals for the Big Steel Keg. Natural lump charcoals are available in many stores so buying them is not a difficulty and they are also quite cheap. In addition, the lump charcoals generate a small amount of ash because they burn almost completely. Charcoals are definitely much better than gas because they add more flavor and taste to the grilled dishes. In addition, they do not have that irritating smell that propane or gas has.big-steel-keg-05503-charcoal-grill-for-convection-style-cooking-2
  • The Big Steel Keg is built with a double-walled cast iron body. The inside has a smooth, baked-on enamel finish. These features have many benefits. For instance, lighting and heating the grill becomes faster. In addition, the internal temperature remains consistent regardless of the weather while the outside remains cool. The grill can cook between 200 to 800oF.
  • Two removable side trays are also included when you purchase the Big Steel Keg. The two side trays give you more cooking space. You can place all the materials and ingredients you need for cooking. In addition, the side trays have easy-to-grip handles and they are always cool so there is no danger of you getting burned.
  • The grill grates are made of cast iron and they are adjustable and removable. The adjustable grill grates gives you more options when cooking. This means that you can cook foods of different sizes and shapes.
  • The stand of the Big Steel Keg is made of sturdy steel which makes the grill very stable and durable. You do not to worry about overloading the grill or knocking it over. Even if the grill is exposed to different elements, it will not break down easily. Unlike ceramic grills, the Bog Steel Keg is not prone to cracking. The Big Steel Keg also has two wheels which makes it very portable. The wheels give an added support to the grill also.


  • The Big Steel Keg costs around $1,000.00 online excluding the shipping fees. This product can be shipped to all the states except for Hawaii and Alaska. Although it is a little bit expensive, it is worth the money. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty. In addition, it is still cheaper as compared to other charcoal grills with the same features. It is also very durable so you do not have to worry about buying a new charcoal grill for convection style cooking anytime soon.

If you want more information on this charcoal grill, you should check out the reviews of it on Amazon here.



The Big Steel Keg Charcoal Grill has many benefits. Many customer reviews reveal that most people are satisfied with the product. Aside from grilling, you can also use it for roasting, baking and smoking all kinds of foods. Unlike other products, the price includes all the features. Some products might look cheaper at first but they actually do not include all the features so you have to buy them separately. Since it is made of steel instead of ceramics, the Big Steel Keg can last longer.

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