Class of the Living Dead codes (Update)


Class of the Living Dead codes (Update)

Have you had a chance to grab the latest edition of the Class of the Living Dead game? If not, now’s the perfect time to secure your codes and dive into the immersive world of Class of the Living Dead. But here’s the catch – the supply of gift codes for Class of the Living Dead is quite limited. So, don’t wait too long to claim your spot in this thrilling adventure! Start playing Class of the Living Dead today and experience the excitement for yourself.

Summary of codes games Class of the Living Dead

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  • e5e871c31
  • 241a46b6b0
  • 1f14493fb6
  • 29c7fe58ba
  • 15719990c2
  • 16fdc51c25

Event codes Class of the Living Dead

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  • 9e811d331
  • 18eb645db7
  • 26d8fa031e
  • 9265a1db3
  • 2499f3ae96

A limited number of Class of the Living Dead codes

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  • 1e86502050
  • d226f0725
  • 310bd7a26a
  • 214a0db849
  • 118201fd61
  • 1145b93f00

How to get new Class of the Living Dead game codes

Embarking on a thrilling journey within the world of Class of the Living Dead is now within your grasp, and we’re here to guide you on how to obtain those coveted game codes for an enhanced gaming experience. Dive into this narrative-driven visual novel by Genius Studio Japan, where love takes center stage, but in an entirely unique and captivating backdrop. Don’t miss the chance to download this extraordinary game today and immerse yourself in the heartwarming love stories it has to offer.

Step 1: Navigate to the Official Class of the Living Dead Website
Begin your quest by visiting the official Class of the Living Dead website. This is your portal to a world filled with intriguing characters, riveting storylines, and exciting opportunities. Make sure you’re ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure.

Step 2: Access the Exclusive Code Input Section
Once you’ve arrived at the website, seek out the special section dedicated to entering game codes. This is where you’ll unlock the secrets and treasures that Class of the Living Dead has in store for you. Prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Step 3: Enter Your Code and Dive into the Adventure
With your code in hand, it’s time to unlock the doors to Class of the Living Dead. Enter the code provided, and brace yourself for a world of romance, drama, and unforgettable moments. The game is now at your fingertips, and you’re ready to explore the captivating stories and captivating 2D characters that await.

Class of the Living Dead MOD APK (Premium Choices, No Ruby Consumption) introduces an innovative twist to the traditional love story genre. It offers you the chance to become a part of enchanting romantic narratives and win the hearts of charming 2D girls. Don’t wait any longer – download the game now and experience a journey like no other.

About Class of the Living Dead

Class of the Living Dead is the latest addition to Genius Studio Japan’s collection of romance novels. In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, we often forget one of the things that truly bring us joy – dating.

Building a meaningful relationship and sharing daily experiences with a special someone can transform our lives and make them far from mundane. This is the central theme behind the games developed by Genius Studio Japan. However, in today’s game, I’m excited to introduce you to a love story set in a completely unique backdrop, where the boundary between life and death becomes blurred for the characters.


The love we experience during our school years is often considered the most beautiful and memorable. However, in a conventional setting, it may not stand out enough to capture the attention of players. Class of the Living Dead takes this classic theme and adds a twist by placing it in a world plunged into chaos due to a virus that transforms people into zombies.

If you’ve ever watched manga or anime series like High School Of The Dead, this plot might ring a bell. The story is gripping, with intricate details, and it will force you to make some of the toughest decisions.

Life was peaceful during the best years of your school life, but suddenly, a pandemic strikes, plunging the world into chaos. You, along with other students, manage to find a safe haven. Amidst the chaos, you cross paths with the incredibly beautiful student council president, a childhood friend, and a solitary classmate. Together, the four of you must navigate through hordes of the undead in an attempt to escape the school.

All three girls who are with you have harbored feelings for you for some time. If you had to choose just one of them to confess your feelings to, who would it be? What if you decided to confess during the apocalypse? Can you survive the horrors of the school and make it to safety, or will you meet your end in a place overrun by zombies? The answers to these questions await you in this game.

Apart from Class of the Living Dead, Genius Studio Japan has also brought us other captivating visual novel titles like Death School and My Nurse Girlfriend that you shouldn’t miss.


In terms of gameplay, there’s no significant departure from the previous games. You’ll interact with the girls and make decisions by selecting options provided by the system. Each of your choices and actions can steer the story towards different endings, offering a completely unique narrative experience.

But don’t stress too much about the game; if your choices lead to an outcome you’re not satisfied with, you can replay the game and enjoy the story taking a different path. Think of it as immersing yourself in a captivating novel.

Meet the Three Beautiful Girls

  1. Yua: Always cheerful and the center of attention, Yua is your childhood friend and an orphan. In the past, she faced a lot of teasing and bullying, and you were there to protect her. Now, can you shield her from the zombie apocalypse?
  2. Ranko: The cold, no-nonsense student council president who appears to have it all together. However, in the midst of the world’s turmoil, you discover a side of her that no one expected.
  3. Mel: A girl who’s always been isolated in class, but she’s far from helpless. She’s a strong, energetic individual with a compelling personal reason to fight for survival.

What Are Premium Choices?

Premium Choices are options that go beyond those provided by the system. These choices are bold and can impact the situation for better or worse. They may also lead to alternative endings or unexpected story developments. Often, you’ll need to spend diamonds to access these choices instead of relying on the free options provided by the system.

2D Graphics

Class of the Living Dead boasts stunning 2D graphics featuring beautifully designed characters, both boys and girls. Even the zombies are given a unique and appealing appearance, without being overly terrifying. Additionally, the voice acting by Japanese seiyuu adds a layer of depth and emotion to the characters that will surely captivate you.

Class of the Living Dead MOD APK Version MOD Features

Free Premium Option: With the MOD version, the Premium Option is unlocked, and you won’t need to spend any diamonds to use it. This means you can freely choose these premium answers to shape the story as you desire.

Download Class of the Living Dead MOD APK for Android

Class of the Living Dead is undeniably an enthralling game that places a romantic love story within the chaotic backdrop of an apocalypse. When the world crumbles and lives are at stake, people’s true nature comes to light. Be cautious when dealing with others, and don’t easily trust what they say. Waste no time and download the game to embark on this captivating storyline that will keep you glued to your phone

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