Dr. Dabber Stella Wax Pen Review


Dr. Dabber Stella Wax Pen Review

This is my favorite pen for wax. A lot of the other ones don’t feel like you’re actually taking a dab…This one does a much better job at recreating that feeling. Even for someone who is not a big wax person, you will still enjoy this pen. I am not big on taking dabs, but I really enjoy this pen because you can take it out and never really worry about repacking it. It has a big oven


  • Vapor Quality: 9
  • Vapor Density: 8
  • Efficiency: 9
  • Taste: 9
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Durability/Quality: 9.5
  • Maintenance: 9.5
  • Price: 9
  • Heat Up Time: 10
  • Fun: 9


When I Use Dr. Dabber

I use this vape everywhere. At home, at work, and on the go (my favorite). On the go, I will either bring Dr. Dabber or the Pax, depending upon what I’m doing. If I’m doing some golfing with friends it’s the Dr. Dabber. We have found this is the best way to get out there, swing the clubs around, and get a good high going. Everything else is too messy from the constant repacking.

If I’m going solo, I will either bring this or the Pax. I like them both pretty equally.

Another reason I like it is because of the resin that is able to build up. You could smoke this thing for another whole day with the res build up if you run out of wax..which is sweet.

How it Works

It’s a wax pen only. You cannot use dry herbs or liquid with this vape….so you need some wax. You unscrew the middle of the pen and there will be a little oven for the wax. Place your wax in the oven..Screw it back up…Press the button…Inhale….

Battery Life

Battery is awesome it lasts quite a while because it turns off the battery when you aren’t using it. You’ll get around 150-350 draws depending upon how big your draws are.

It takes about 2 hours to recharge it up. It comes with a USB charger so you can even plug straight into your computer which is nice.


Heat Settings

There is only one heat setting.

How Fast to heat up?

The heat up time is immediate. You hold down the button and you can start inhaling immediately.

Discreetness and Smell

It’s super discreet and has barely any smell. If you don’t know the wax smells a little different than normal bud. However, it is still a very faint smell and is quick to go. I’ve smoked this out on the street and people assume it’s an e-cig.

How Close is it to Taking a Real Dab?

It’s pretty close. In my opinion, it’s the closest you’ll come with a pen as for now. Taking a dab from a piece is a lot more effective in terms of the high. But still, a couple rips from Dr. Dabber and you’ll almost be at the same level.

Additional Attachments

There are quite a few additional attachments you can get to further your experience.

Glass Globe Attachment, Percolator Attachment, and Recycler Pendant


The Atomizers

The Dr. Dabber Ghost comes with two atomizers, which is pretty rad. You can replace it whenever you see fit. Typically 1-3 months of decent usage is when you should replace it unless you never use it. Just use your judgement.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase the pen on Dr. Dabber’s Official website.

User Reviews

“Dr dabber Aurora

While it worked for 4-5 weeks it was great. But be aware the no quibble 1 year battery warranty is useless as the battery unit needs to be posted to Las Vegas for exchange, but batteries are banned from international posting by the Royal mail. So my unit is now rendered useless and Im not going to waste more money on a replacement battery which might fail again after a few weeks”
“Piece of garbage
This is a cheap asian piece of junk that the seller does not support or actually waranty. Waste of money. Buy some other rebranded asian battery powered vape if you want junk.”
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