Elgento E20005 2-Slice Toaster Review


Elgento E20005 2-Slice Toaster Review

It is quite obvious for Elgento to innovate products that improves the lifestyle with the thoughtful designing and high functional features. They promise to adhere to the strict quality control standards have been certified with the safety regulations approval. This toaster is in simplicity with the design and it has more features that is been detailed in the review that goes below.

An Overview:

Elgento E20005 2 Slice White Colour Toaster is a compact one which has white housing and it is made of high grade plastic material. This model is a nice to use device which is greater value for the design and structure. The control is also simple to use and it adds to the convenience of the user. The overall dimension is 19.1 x 19.1 x 27.4 cm which relates to the height, width and length and it weighs mere 1.2 kg. The interior elements are made of steel which is high in heat resistant.

Control System and Capacity:

The rotary knob present lets you set the browning levels. The control of the level which lets the bread lower into the toaster and brings it up on the completion of the programme is present in the side. It has 3 indicators light which illuminates during the operation of the programme. It is possible to toast a couple of bread sizes in a single go as it comes with the 2 slots operation. To be noted is that both these slots function together and independent functioning is absent.

Browning Levels:

Present in Elgento E20005 Auto Pop-up Toaster are variable browning level which goes from 1 to 6 levels. The lighter side to the darkest side it goes ascending. The variations are simple and it works to satisfy each one’s desire. Making it more interesting is the setting of the browning levels which is simple with a rotary knob.


The prime toasting function makes it all the working of this toaster and the supported aspects of the controls are the following.

  • It allows defrosting the frozen bread before it could go for the toasting operation and it is done with the help of the button.
  • Cancelling the toasting function any time in between the programme is possible and it also allows re-programming instantly. This helps the user to decide whether to proceed or not any time even after putting it to function.
  • Reheating is also possible which refreshes the already toasted bread to make it as fresh as the recently toasted one.


  • Cool touch body is a must have feature when it comes to such appliance. This model which has the concealed heating system has a body designed with the detached housing. This makes it have a cool touch one.
  • Non slip feet are a perfect one that holds on to the base without trembling it down accidentally.
  • Removable crumb tray is another important factor which allows you to clean the crumbs collected inside the toaster after every toast. This is generally advised to carry out as there are chances of it catching fire.
  • Auto pop up feature easily pops up the bread slice after toasting in a way to remove it easily out of the toaster. This helps you to remove it without burning the fingers.

On the whole, Elgento E20005 Compact Toaster gives you a perfect toast along with many features however the features like bun warmer, digital control and bagel settings are absent.

Elgento E20005 Toaster – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Elgento
Model Name E20005 2 Slice White Toaster
Model Number E20005
Colour White
Capacity 2 slices
Dimension (h x w x l) cm 19.1 x 19.1 x 27.4 cm
Weight 1.2 kg
Browning levels 6 Variable browning controls
Settings Defrosting, cancelling and reheating
Auto pop–up Yes
Cancel option Yes
Bun Warmer No
Bagel settings No
User friendly features Cool touch
Non slip feet
Removable crumb tray
Auto pop up
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