Russell Hobbs 14356 Black Colour Toaster Review


Russell Hobbs 14356 Black Colour Toaster Review

Russell Hobbs today stands to be an innovative brand for over half a century period. Russell Hobbs 14356 Black Glass 2 Slice Toaster is one of the designer products which groups with the matching kettle and coffee maker that bring a great deed of attraction in the homes. The review that follows gives you more on it for better understanding.

Design Overview:

Featuring in this stylish and modish finish with the black glass along with the stainless steel accent is one that is new and trendy. The sleek design that makes it stands on the table top with less foot space. The controls are neat at the front bottom stretch. This model comes with the LED indicator lights and makes it look more professional.


Russell Hobbs 14356 Black Glass with Stainless Steel Toaster operates with the capacity of 2 slots which works with the same control. The 2 slot operation works well for both the small and large requirements. The slots of this model are long which has centering guides. It can accommodate the bread of different sizes. This makes it a great option for the user to choose it from the many available ones.

Crumb Tray:

The crumb tray is one essential feature that is available in this model which is present at the bottom of the appliance. It can be removed for easy cleaning. This crumb tray collects all the crumbs which drop during the operation and it is required to be cleaned after every operation in order to avoid burning of it.


The control panel is one that is present in the front bottom stretch which consists of the buttons for each operation and the LED indicator lights. The functions like operating for the frozen bread are with the separate button. The browning level buttons is present on the either side of the indicator lights which allows you to increase and decrease the browning level. There is another separate button which allows you to eject in between the programmed.


  • This model gives the privilege of high lift which is been controlled with the bread carriage handle. When the handle is pressed the bread is been lifted high which makes it easy for the user to remove without hurting and without the need of extracting deep from the toaster. This gives the convenience when small items like the bagels and the crumpets are been used.
  • The eject button can be used even before the completion of the toast. Once the eject button is been pressed the light goes out and the toast pops up while the heating element automatically turns off.
  • The frozen bread option is available which eliminates the guess work made during the toasting process. On selection of the browning level the toaster automatically alters the programme time till the desired results are been obtained.

Other Product Details:

Russell Hobbs 14356 2-slot Toaster comes with the soft touch level that gives a neat operation and just slides down easily. The rubber feet and the cord storage are few other features which make handling of this appliance convenient. The LED indicators are another interesting aspect which not only intimates the functioning of the toaster but also the selection of the seven options in the browning levels.


The guarantee for this product is given for 1 year which implies for the labour and parts.

Russell Hobbs 14356 Toaster – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Russell Hobbs
Model Name 14356 Black Glass 2 Slice Toaster
Material Black glass with Stainless Steel accent
Capacity 2 slices
Indicator light LED
Browning type Variable and electronic setting
Number of browning levels Seven
Extra lift feature Yes
Crumb tray Removable
Bun Warmer No
Cancel Yes
Frozen bread Yes
Reheat Yes
Bagel Yes
Pause No
Countdown timer No
Special functionality Long slots with cantering guides
Top heat Very hot
Maintenance Easy
Rubber feet / Cord storage Yes
Guarantee One year
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