Graco Nautilus Baby Car Seat Review


Graco Nautilus Baby Car Seat Review

It is highly delightful to see Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 baby car seat featuring all the benefits of forward facing car seat, booster seat and booster cushion in one car seat. It is basically a group 1 car seat designed to provide additional feature of belt booster and backless booster for grown up kid. It is the most pleasing factor which impresses the parent who decide to move there child from rear facing to forward facing car seat.

Getting booster seat and booster cushion in one car seat is an added advantage that saves your money from spending additionally for group 2 and 3 booster seat. One might think that being a 3 in 1 car seat, there involves lot of complex fittings with straps and belt guides but Graco very carefully designed this Nautilus car seat without compromising on safety features and comfort. It is the most flexible design which is easy to assemble and adjust to child’s size without complex fittings. This baby car seat is designed in such a way that it easily adapts to the child’s age group from 15 months to 12 years and able to withstand the weight between 9 kg to 36 kg.

Adaptable Design

graco-nautilus-baby-car-seatThe whole design is well adapted to grow with the child and this child car seat is more economical and user friendly. The built quality is reassuringly sturdy and quiet large in its overall measurement when compared to conventional group 1 forward facing car seat. So, if you have small car then you must check whether the car seat fits in the back seat.

This Graco car seat can be changed to different positions to fit different age group children. It comes assembled with group 1 position with built-in harness for babies weighing 9 – 15 kg which is what one year old baby can use. You can remove the built-in harness and make it group 2 booster seat for babies weighing 15 – 36 kg where in 4 year old baby can use. Finally, you can remove the whole back support to make them only a booster cushion for grown up children to use the vehicle seat belt comfortably.

In less then a minute you can switch through all three positions and clickable loud sound will reassure you the correct fit. If you are a mother of more than one child with different age group you can use this versatile baby car seat day to day use but it is little difficult to constantly adapt it from one position to other to accommodate more than a child though you switch back the positions in less than a minute. It is a best multiuse car seat to cover all the options from baby right through to teen.

Though having lot of versatility and comfort, a car seat without proper safety is dangerous to use. Safety equipment is first priority when looking for such kind of car seat especially Graco Nautilus because it is used for long time till the baby reaches 12 years.

Safety Features

In Graco Nautilus baby car seat, unlike other conventional group 1 car seat, the baby can be harnessed as long as possible. Five point harness belt does its job well by giving good restraint for baby and it comes with three height adjustable settings. The bottom harness buckle also comes with two adjustable settings so you can adjust it to fit pretty much any child size.

This adaptable child car seat has wide and tested side impact protection and fully padded body support with lock-off mechanism, this support well adapts to growing child. The head support protects and support your baby head while sleeping. The head support along with reclining system allows your baby to have relaxed position and have uninterrupted sleep. Both the features are one handed adjustment and much suitable for parents who are busy while driving. The harness belt is intelligently designed as it does not allow you baby to unbuckle herself while playing.


Great Comfort

It is well padded 3 in 1 Graco car seat with more space in seating area for little ones. Additionally it features storage compartments in the arms and integrated cup holder which allows your child to keep her toys and engage her all time. The biggest mom-friendly feature is removable and machine washable seat cover.

Some kids feel travel sickness and may spoil the seat cover and that time parents would really appreciate to have easily maintained and machine washable seat cover. This group 1 car seat has lot of adjustments and the strap fittings which ensure every fitting is safe and right. All the adjustments come handy and adjustable head rest would quickly transform this car seat from harness booster seat to belt booster.

Quick Installation

The installation of group 1 position with built in harness position is very simple using lap and shoulder vehicle belt. There is a belt slot opening on the base of the seat and the shoulder belt passes through shoulder belt guide before passing through the belt slot. The shoulder belt guide has lock-off mechanism that safely fit the seat belt in position without twisting. The installation of group 2 and 3 booster seat position without built in harness is also usually done and very simple using lap and shoulder vehicle belt.

The shoulder vehicle belt passes through the shoulder belt guide for secure fit. If the belt lays across the child face, head or neck adjust the head support to properly position the shoulder belt. The child is restrained with built-in harness when she weighs between 9 – 15 kg or without built-in harness when she weighs between 15 – 36 kg or without booster back when she weighs 22 – 36 kg. Read the owners manual for complete requirements for different position installation.


Our Analysis

The main advantage with this baby car seat is with the help of simple and quick installation methods you can quickly transfer the car seat from one car to another. It is robust and extremely strong but light weight.


Graco Nautilus Child Car Seat – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Graco
Brand name: Nautilus
Group 1 2 3 car seat
Forward facing car seat
Suitable for baby weighing 9 – 36 kg or from 15 months to 12 years
Machine Washable cover seat
Storage compartment
Cup holder


Side impact protection
5 point harness belt
Crush tested head support


Group 1 car seat installation
Group 2 3 car seat installation
Shoulder Belt guides and belt slots for secure fit
Predictable belt routing
Lock-off mechanism in shoulder belt guide


Easy access Reclining handle
Fully padded back support
5 point harness belt
3 position setting height adjustable harness
2 position setting bottom buckle
Height adjustable car seat


Car seat undermat
Back seat organiser
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