AR Blue Clean AR383 Power Washer Review


AR Blue Clean AR383 Power Washer Review

Often times we fail to research about the home equipment we buy. Whether it is because we get carried away by advertisements or it is because of their outward design, it is easy to buy a product without evaluating it. The result is usually a series of regrets, frustrations, and disappointments. Soon after we realize that it is not worth it to buy a cheap device and we get back into the market again. If you are looking for a pressure washer today read the following AR Blue AR383 review and learn about the unit before you go ahead to pay for it.

The AR Blue AR383 comes from the manufacturer, Annovi Reverberi, a well-respected manufacturer of high pressure pumps and washers with over 50 years of experience in the business. With that in mind, here is an in-depth look at the AR Blue AR383 machine.

AR Blue AR383 Main Features

ar-blue-clean-ar383-power-washerCleaning Power

When it comes to a washer’s performance, it is all about its PSI output. The Blue air model delivers an overwhelming 1900 PSI of dirt and grit removing power. The 1900 PSI is certainly a high amount of power, as there are few electric pressure washers with that capability.  With that power, the pressure washer can remove all kinds of dirt and grime with utmost efficiency. On the other hand, the washer achieves a water delivery rate of 1.5 Gallons per minute, which reinforces the high PSI for an efficient performance.


The machine’s power is strong in quality. It is made by the AR Company itself, and meets high standards in both performance and durability. Besides that, AR has been making pumps for many other companies, including renowned brands like Dewalt. This is reassuring, especially to people who have a low opinion about products made from China.

Ease of Use

The AR Blue AR383 is a pressure washer easy and comfortable to work with. It is easy to set up, control and maneuver around your floors. This, in turn, makes your experience working with the machine absolutely great. With its smooth rolling wheels, an easy to push handle and lightweight body, you can spend hours cleaning your floors without feeling overwhelmed or underpowered by this machine. However, many AR Blue AR383 reviews note that you should handle is plastic handle with care as it can easily coil back and frustrate you as you work.

Noise Production

As far as noise production is concerned, this is one of the most silent operators you can get. It works with an 11 Amp motor that delivers an incredible performance without producing a lot of noise. And as some people note, the machine’s noise production level is such low that you can easily clean your house at night without waking anyone up.


There are few electric pressure washers that can handle the type of work the AR Blue AR383 can. With its 1900 PSI power capability and 1.5 GPM water flow rate, you could clean your siding, your walls, boats or hard floors with a lot of efficiency. Technically, this pressure washer can handle a lot of the light duty and medium duty many gas powered machines are built to handle. Note, however, that the AR Blue’s hose length can be a bit limiting. It is a bit short if you have high fences, but then again the pressure achieved can help you overcome the hose length issue.

Construction and Durability

Besides performance, one of the reasons why the AR383 beats other electric washers is its construction. Every aspect of this machine is designed with durability in mind. From the hard plastic body to its strong wheel kit, the pressure washer will maneuver around and survive harsh weather. The inner parts of the pressure washer are also designed to last, especially the motor and pump made by AR experts. Overall, you can expect your AR Blue AR383 unit to survive up to five years with good maintenance.

Customer Support

A simple visit to any AR Blue AR383 review and you can find testimonials about the manufacturer’s high quality customer support. The AR Company has customer call centers all around the world. They answer queries promptly and are ever willing to fix any broken issues with their units.


Additional Features

The AR Blue AR383 features the water saving technology, Total stop system, which helps you conserve water when you are not cleaning. To be specific, the machine is designed to help you use 80% less water but at the same time achieve 40% more power than typical electrical pressure washers. In addition, the unit comes with several attachments like a pressure washer gun, 2 different wands, and a detergent bottle to make your cleaning experience better.


AR Blue AR383 Pros and Cons


  • High performance – The AR Blue AR383 performs quite efficiently for an electric pressure washer. It delivers a lot of pressure, and an impressive water flow rate to help clean grime and grit with efficiency.
  • Lightweight and portable – The unit weighs slightly over 26 pounds, which is conveniently light even without putting into consideration its wheel kit. When it comes to maneuvering around your compound, you will love how smooth its wheels roll.
  • Quiet operator – You can always work at any time of the day without disturbing anyone, thanks to the unit’s silent nature.
  • Customer support – The manufacturer’s reputation in having a great customer support team should be of convenience, knowing that you can always rely on them for support.
  • It has a long hose and power cord.


  • The hose takes time to unwind. It is also stiff and can be frustrating to work with.


While the AR Blue AR383 is not the most powerful pressure washer in the market, it is one of the most ideal machines to buy as a home owner. It is light, cheap and works efficiently. It is also reliable and comes from a manufacturer with a great reputation. In addition, the AR Blue AR383 is designed to handle a wide variety of jobs, most of which have to do with home maintenance. Finally, the unit has great ratings in AR Blue AR383 reviews, which is just reassuring of its capability.

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