Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair Review

Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair with Car Seat

Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair Review

Graco is known for the invention for wind-up infant swings and they are being a pioneer in many baby products like travel cot, playards and playpen. It started European operation in 1997 in full swing. Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Pushchair is all in one twin pushchair that carries both your newborn and toddler. An interesting thing about this pushchair is when you place your babies in two buggies both your newborn and toddler can see out.

Unlike Phil & Teds twin pushchair this Graco twin pushchair has the back seat placed in little higher than the front seat that offers many advantage in handling your babies. The back seat is fully equipped with all the necessary safety features that comfortably handles your newborn safely. You can keep your active toddler above 6 months old in the front seat along with large supportive bar made up of quality plastic material.

Well Built Buggies:

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem PushchairThis Stadium Duo tandem Double pushchair has complete compatibility with Graco Car seat and has the ability to be used as a travel system during your travel. It can be also used as a single-seater pushchair and there is enough space between front and rear seat to settle down your babies. They got easy leg room with broad seating position that enables you child to adjust the posture.

The two buggies nicely finished with twin colour that has eye catching beauty. It provides perfect seating position with chair like look with square padding structure, which provides broad space and maximum comfy for the baby. The rear buggy has side protection handle for newborn and equipped with five point harness with padded shoulder belt. This shoulder belt can be adjusted based on the requirement of the baby and when she grows the shoulder belt would safely holds the baby around the shoulder to give maximum safety.

Comparison between Rear and Front Buggies:

The soft foam padded belt would not create any uncomfortable situation for newborn and it can be worn for longer time. Graco has taken additional care in designing the rear seat for newborn and it has the capability of lying full flat. You can use the Velcro mechanism at the bottom of the rear seat to make it in to little pram and here you go for a complete pram position for newborn to sleep. When compared to rear seat, the front seat in Graco Stadium Duo Buggy Pushchair does not lay flat and the fabric seems to be a little expensive but it is worth.

There is an adjustable footrest in the middle for the rear seat with wide space. This buggy twin pushchair has a large shopping basket under the seat and has enough room to place more items. Unlike the rear seat the front seat does not have side handle may be it is compromised for front handle for support offered for the toddler. The two buggies are well made to withstand the weight up to 15 kg and if you happen to use more weight then the chassis is not in the position to support.

Heavy Pushchair:

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Baby Travel System is quite heavy dual pushchair and the frame structure is thin in size and it is very particular about the weight. For such a heavy pushchair the frame should be strong but you cannot expect much stability when you happen to use maximum weight. If you are looking for light weight twin pushchair with easy transportation then try Phil & Teds Double Kit Black-Charcoal Pushchair, which has larger diameter wheel base and give greater stability for babies up to 5 years. It does not have much chassis design, so you no need to worry about the weight as well as strength of the pushchair.

Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair with Car Seat


Graco Stadium Duo Twin Pushchair is less expensive then Phil & Teds and has beautiful buggy with combination colour and it allows the newborn in the rear seat to see the out, which is missing in Phil & Teds. A highlighting feature with this pushchair is the front twin wheels have independent coil spring that provides smoother riding for front baby as well as newborn. The two buggies has large sun canopy hood at the top and the rear seat hood has small window. The push bar has adjustable feature and made with padded material.

Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Graco
Model Name Stadium Duo Tandem Pushchair
Product Code 6L95
Avaialble colour codes Autumns, Midnight
Age Range From birth up to 15 kg
Loading Capacity 15 kg
Style of pushchair Two-in-one pram twin pushchair
Number of wheels 4
Pneumatic wheels Yes
Swivel Wheels Yes
Foot activated braking system Yes
Opened dimensions (cm) 113 L x 60 W x 100 H
Adjustable Handles Yes
Adjustable Seats Yes
Number of back rest positions Multiple
Number of leg rest positions Multiple
Folding Method Scissor
Self-catching clip Yes
Material of Chassis Steel
Basket Yes
Back Support (If Baby under 6 months) Yes
Side protection Yes
5-point safety harness Yes
Other accessories Foot-muff and luggage bag
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