InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer Review


InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer Review

The sharp looking InStep Rocket Bike Trailer is affordable and converts into a stroller easily with no special tools required. The lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame has outrigger wheel guards for a very sporty look. The shock-absorbing 20-inch wheels provide a comfortable, smooth ride for up to two children.

InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer Product Overview

The InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer (Double Bike Trailer) is functional and affordable. It converts easily into a jogging stroller. The trailer is equipped with two five-point harnesses and a rear storage area for towels, snacks, juice boxes or anything else the kids many need for the ride. The zip-up canopy protects the children from inclement weather while still allowing adequate air flow through the trailer. The trailer only weight 29 pounds which means it is easy to carry and convert to the stroller.


InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer Features and Benefits

The InStep Company has a reputation for manufacturing high quality products at an affordable price. The bicycle trailers, joggers, and fixed and swivel wheel strollers are all designed with safety features that ensure the children riding in them are comfortable and secure. The products come in colors that are fun and fashionable, and their customer service is prompt and efficient and always on the customer’s side.


Important features of the Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer include:

  • Universal coupler hitch that is easy to attach and works on most standard bicycles.
  • The coupler hitch allows the trailer to remain upright even if the bicycle falls over, which is a great safety feature for the children.
  • 20-inch alloy wheels are rustproof and provide a comfortable ride for the children
  • Weather shield protects children from rain and bad weather
  • Two five-point harnesses to safely secure children riding in the trailer
  • Can carry up to 100 pounds comfortably
  • The aluminum frame and outrigger design presents a sport look for the trailer

This is a very highly rated bicycle trailer, with most customers giving it four and five stars. The trailer is not hard to pull and the hitch actually fits around the bicycle instead of only tightening on a bar. This provides security that it will not come off during the ride. The closings on the trailer use snaps and Velcro for easy opening and closing.

The trailer seats two children comfortably in a sling-like seat with a five-point harness to keep the children from sliding around. There are drink and snack holders for two, which makes the ride pleasant with kids. The storage space allows for trips to the grocery store is possible while on outings.

The trailer is easy to assemble out of the box and folds up easily for storage. There are trailers that are far more expensive, but many customers feel that the Rocket Bike Trailer more than compares relative to roominess and seat design. The frame is very sturdy and should provide years of fun with the children. Two 30-pound children fit comfortably. It also serves as a way to carry one child and lots of groceries or library books. Customers use the trailer for all types of towing needs.


Pros of the Trailer

  • Easy to assemble and attach to a bicycle, as well as to fold down for storage
  • Sturdy design for a comfortable, smooth, dependable ride
  • Roomy enough for two children in a trailer that protects from bad weather while allowing air to flow through
  • Very contemporary, sporty look
  • Good storage area, and each child has own cup holder

Cons of the Trailer

  • Seat design is not comfortable as two children will tend to slide towards the middle
  • Straps are not padded for comfort and can chafe the child
  • Does not stand up to hard use


Who Should Buy the InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer?

Considering that the children will outgrow any bicycle trailer in only a few years, the Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer is an excellent buy. For parents that love to bicycle or jog outdoors and can’t always leave the children, or just want to take the children along for a family outing, this trailer will more that fit the needs and the budget. It is as durable and safe as the more expensive models, and provides the same type of seating for children in the trailer. Most customers purchase a bicycle trailer for trips around the neighborhood or to the park, and this trailer definitely fit the bill.



The InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer is a versatile trailer/stroller that is sturdy and dependable, backed by a company that excels in providing quality customer service. The price for the trailer is economical, but the trailer is not flimsy or shoddily produced. Most customers’ state they would buy the InStep Rocket Aluminum Bike Trailer again and felt they received a great value for the price.

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