Grizzly H6250 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Review


Grizzly H6250 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Review

Meat grinding is often needed in preparing for your favorite food, and having a meat grinder in your kitchen is to your advantage. A meat grinder, manual or automatic can help you prepare you favorite sausages and the likes with ease and comfort.

Product Description

Grizzly H6250 meat grinder grinds 1.65 pounds of meat per minute and capable of grinding 10 lbs of meat in a single operation. Weighing approximately 9 lbs., this manual meat grinder clamps to tables and countertops edge up to 1 1/2-inch thick. It features stainless steel build for rugged use, easy cleanup, and efficient maintenance. Grizzly is one of the reputable machinery companies in the United States assuring that the Grizzly H6250 is backed with the company’s technology.

This manual grinder is ideal for people who don’t grind often, and for those who want to save money on grinders. This machine is extremely affordable, and reduces the risks of electric grinders.



  • Security – Grizzly H6250 meat grinder clamps to table and countertop edge up to 1 1/2-inch thick.
  • Portable – This machine can be brought anywhere. It weights 10 lbs, which is actually light and can be used without electricity. This machine is perfect for vacation trips where you still need to prepare your own food.
  • Built  Since Grizzly H6250 meat grinder is made with stainless steel body, you can ensure that it’s durable and can last for decades.
  • Cleanup and Maintenance – Most parts of this stand alone meat grinder are dishwasher safe. Excess meat chunks and food debris easily wash off.
  • Attachment Capable – Can be used with meat compatible meat grinder attachments to expand its functionality
  • Blades and Plates – The stainless steel blade and plates allow you to grind up to 1.65 lbs of meat in few minutes.



  • Screws/Clamps: Manual meat grinders should clamp to table or countertop edges in order for them to use. The best manually operated meat grinder must be capable of clamping up to 1-2 inches thick table edges. As for the screws, without it, the meat can get clogged inside the grinder. It pushes down the meat down the feed to be grounded or minced.
  • Blades: The blade of meat grinder is cross-like shaped and made with metal, often stainless steel. Its sharp edges mince the meat that comes out of the holes of the plate. Choose a blade that is corrosion free or rust free to ensure that it maintains it sharpness for a long period of time.
  • Plates: The plate is the flat, round shape metal located on the back of the blade. The plate has small holes cut into it. The smaller the holes on the plate, the finer the minced meat is.
  • Sausage Stuffers: Grizzly H6250 meat grinder includes sausage stuffers. It’s a funnel that guides the ground up meat into casing, and simplifies the sausage making process.
  • Reverse Operation: Manually operated meat grinders naturally have reverse position. When the grinder is jammed with meal debris, just turn the crank into the opposite direction.
  • Size: Grizzly H6250 meat grinder is compact. It can be stored in your kitchen cabinet when not used or can be transported along with the whole family for a vacation.
  • Crank Handles: As with manually operated grinders, choose the machine with ergonomic handles. Ergonomics is highly important, especially if there’s lots of meat grinding to be done.
  • Output: The output of manually operated meth grinders is not sufficient. In case you need a finer output, you can purchase attachments specifically designed for Grizzly H6250.
  • Flexibility – Grizzly H6250 functionality can be enhanced by attachments. Through these attachments you can grate even the hardest cheese or the toughest meat. You don’t even need o worry about grinding raw or cooked meat as the grinder can provide you the output that you desire.


The blade is not made from pure stainless steel, that’s why you need to keep it dry when not in use to prevent rust formation. Although the blade is not made from all stainless steel metal, the extremely sharp edges mince meat in seconds.

The Verdict

With Grizzly H6250 meat grinder, grinding both cooked and fresh at home takes few minutes only. The built, design, and features of this meat grinder ensure that you can use this for many years to come. Almost all parts are dishwasher safe, so you will not have a hard time cleaning as well as maintaining it.

When buying meat grinders, it is highly important that you read reviews online. Reading online reviews will enable you to find a comparison chart that allows you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of meat grinders. There are plenty of reviews online on different kind of grinders and they will serve as your guide in choosing the best grinder that suits your needs.

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