Haden 10120 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker Review


Haden 10120 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker Review

Slow cookers are the perfect ones to cook large meals without spending much time in the kitchen. They are the healthy means of cooking where in, it retains the maximum nutrients present in the food that is been cooked. Understanding this many companies are offering variety of models to suit the need of each individual. This 10120 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker from an established manufacturer ‘Haden’ comes as a boon for the user to relish the home cooked food even with the pressure of time.

Model: Haden 10120 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

It makes an interesting companion for the households as by just adding the ingredients in this round shaped slow cooker and  by setting the temperature based on the available time, it starts functioning till the food is been cooked. This small appliance is a value addition to any type of kitchen as it takes care to tender any foods like the veggies, grains, meat and so on.

Haden 10120 Electric Slow Cooker

Design and Parts:

This appliance has a round structure with the removable glass lid. The body colour and finish is stainless steel with the black colour rim, handles, knob and the base.

  • Handles – Available in Haden 10120 3-litre Capacity Slow Cooker are the cool touch handles embedded on both sides that ensures easy carrying even as the programme ends.
  • Lid – The lid of this Slow Cooker is been made of toughened glass with a small round vent to allow the extra steam to escape. The lid is been made fully transparent enabling the user to see through the cooking process. It also comes with the cool touch knob that makes easy to open the lid even during the functioning of the appliance in case of the requirement of adding ingredients.


With the 3-litre capacity, that makes it suitable for large size cooking. It allows cooking for the whole family in a single go. At most, times it is been found that this model can handle the cooking for the parties and get together. Interesting to note that this round slow cooker also gives more cooking space when small quantities is been cooked and hence the required tenderness can be obtained much quicker than other small models.

Heat settings:

There are 3 heat settings available and it includes the keep warm mode. The user is at the preference to choose either the high or the low temperature and when the programme comes to an end, it automatically switches over to the keep warm mode. The keep warm mode helps to keep the food fresh up to 1 hour or till the food is been removed which ever is earlier.

Control panel:

Present in Haden 10120 2000 Watts Slow Cooker is the power on indicator light that denotes the functioning of the appliance. The control panel is so sleek and present in the front bottom of the appliance. It has a rotary control knob for setting of the required temperature and the control is been operated manually.


The crock-pot is been made of ceramic and allows to be removed from the appliance. Such an attractive one can even be used for serving. Added to these is that the cleaning of the crock-pot is easy since it is removable.


The total power of this appliance is 2000 Watts and it forms group with the higher energy utilization of small appliance.

Haden 10120 Round Shaped Slow cooker – Technical Specification Details

Brand Haden
Model Name 10120 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker
Colours/Finish Available Stainless steel
Shape Round
Capacity 3 litres
Number of Heat Settings Low / High / keep warm
Controls Manual Rotary Type
Product Features 3 different heat settings
Cool touch handles
Toughened glass lid
Removable ceramic bowl
Even cooking
Keep warm
Manual controls
Power 2000 Watts
Power indicator light Yes
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