Lakeland 12921 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker Review

Lakeland 3.5 Litre Electric Slow Cooker

Lakeland 12921 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker Review

Lakeland 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker is been designed with much effort to offer the best possible purpose along with the desired convenience. It enters the market with competitive features along with the healthy cooking note. This model is a domestic model serving the requirement of a family cooking. It can tender foodstuffs of meat, beans, and vegetables and can boil rice too. This is an impressive model to serve those who return home after a busy day but can still handle cooking for the whole family. True to its words cooking with the slow cooker helps, retain the nutrients making it a healthy option to cook with.

Lakeland 3.5 Litre Electric Slow Cooker

Physical Characteristics:

Lakeland 200 Watts Slow Cooker is been designed in oval shape with the combination of black and chrome body.

  • Shape – The oval shape has an advantage over the round shape as any size of meat can be accommodated without any trouble and even with the vegetables, the whole potatoes can be cooked with more space for cooking.
  • Heating element – It consists of the heating element that encircles the crock and this produces even cooking, hence the problem of finding hot and cold spots are been eliminated.
  • Handles – Embedded are cool touch handles on both sides that makes it easy to carry of shift place.
  • Lid – This Slow Cooker comes with the well fitting glass lid that is been centered with a knob. This glass lid allows a complete see through and hence the whole process of cooking can be viewed without the necessity of opening. The steam is been retained and a well-cooked food can be obtained quickly.
  • Housing – Designed with the chrome finish housing that is also a cool touch the fear of getting accidental burns are been eliminated and the food can be accessed immediately after the completion of the programme without the need of any weight time.
  • Dimension and weight – The product dimension is compact with 350 x 240 x 170 mm and it weighs just 4kg.
  • Pot – The pot is been made of ceramic which is the only part of the appliance that is dishwasher safe. This pot adds the comfort of using it for the serving purpose.
  • Electric cord – Made available is an electric cord of length 104 cm that can be extended to the ends of the counter top as desired.

Capacity and controls:

Belongs to the medium sized appliance with the capacity of 3.5 litres. This is capable of handing the cooking for the whole family and even small get-together. The controls of this Slow Cooker are mechanical that can be set with the twist of the knob. It does come with the indicator light that switches on automatically during the functioning of the device.

Power and heat settings:

Lakeland 12921 Oval Shaped Slow Cooker consumes the energy of 200 Watts that is relatively very less and is highly energy efficient product. It gives the heat settings of high, auto and low. In case of the auto it keeps the food warm and at the serving temperature until it is been served.

Inclusive and Guarantee:

Lakeland provides with four recipes in order to start immediately and the guarantee given is for the lifetime.

Lakeland 3.5 L Stainless Steel  Slow Cooker with Ceramic Pot – Specifications

Manufacturer Lakeland
Model Name 3.5 Litre Slow cooker
Model number 12921
Dimension 350 x 240 x 170 mm
Weight 4 kg
Power 200 Watts
Colours/Finish Black with brushed chrome housing
Shape Oval
Capacity 3.5 litres
Heat settings 3
Delay start No
Controls Rotary control with indicator
Product Features Close fitting glass lid
Cool to touch handles
Dishwasher safe for pot only
Temperature control dial
Removable ceramic pot
Power on indicator
Lid type Transparent glass with center handle
Length of the cord 104 cm
Inclusive 4 recipes
Guarantee Lifetime
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