Haden 10608 10-Cup Coffee Maker Review


Haden 10608 10-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Haden products are impressive and they are designed with classic touch and have a trendy finish, so is this model too. This is one of the compact types which make a Cuppa for everyone. Haden 10608 10-Cup Compact Coffee Maker is a domestic appliance and more on it can be obtained from the following review.

Design Overview:

This model is designed with the black colour housing and has a compact structure with the dimension of 330mm in height, 210mm in length and 180mm in width. The product weight is 1.62kg which makes it into the compact small appliance category. It is simple to handle and more so does a great job of coffee making instantly.


The control is user friendly with simple operation. Haden 10608 10-Cup 750 Watts Coffee Maker comes with the power on indicator light which illuminates during the functioning of the coffee maker. The switch on/off button is also available handy. Without much of programming requirement it works in a single setting to make a Cuppa instantly.

Power and Capacity:

This model works with the power of 750 Watts which is quite powerful and speeds up the process of coffee making. The capacity of this coffee maker is 10 cups which is great for serving the gathering and for the family use too.


  • Hot plate present at the bottom gives high functionality as it helps to  keep warm the coffee until it is been removed. This maintains the freshness and helps to plan the time for serving.
  • Swing out cone filter basket makes it possible to bring out high performance in the filtration and perfection.
  • Glass carafe comes along which is a complete see through and hence makes it easy to plan the serving. It also has a removable lid which makes cleaning simplified.
  • Water level indicator in this device takes care that the appliance does not function dry out. The indicator intimates the level and the required adding of water is possible any time.
  • Auto pause and pour is available in this model which makes it easy for the user to pause and pour as required.
  • Anti drip valve keeps it clean and tidy without messing up. The valve does not drip even when on pressure hence been able to give a clean operation.
  • Power On indicator light illuminates and intimates the functioning of the appliance. It puts off when not in operation.
  • Cord storage not only gives a compact storage but also avoids the tangling of lengthy wires around.

Overall, Haden 10608 10-Cup Black Colour Coffee Maker is compact yet gives a competitive performance making it possible for a cup of coffee to every one.

Haden 10608 Coffee Machine – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Haden
Model Name 10608 10-Cup Coffee Maker
Finish Black colour
Capacity 10 cups
Dimension (H x W x L) 330 x 180 x 210mm
Weight 1.62 kg
Water tank Easy fill and detachable
Functions Hot plate to keep warm
Swing out cone filter basket
Glass carafe with removable lid
Water level indicator
Auto pause and pour
Anti drip valve
Power On indicator light
Cord storage
Power 750 Watts
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