Hama 00023707 Napoli 18.4 inch Laptop Bag Black Review

Hama 00023707 Napoli 18.4 inch Laptop Bag Black

Hama 00023707 Napoli 18.4 inch Laptop Bag Black Review

Hama Company specially deals with electronic accessories and has its home office in UK. It is an 80 years old company and having its operation over 48 countries. Hama manufacturers cables, Tripods, Sat Nav and industry standard laptop accessories that includes laptop bag. Hama 00023707 Napoli 18.4 Inch Laptop Bag is a large sized notebook bag, which can accommodate up to 18.4 inch screen size notebook.

This model is a brief case style laptop bag with soft padding around the inner compartment. It has some distinctive features that enable us to compare this laptop bag with higher end brief case style models. With the different usage pattern this brief case model has a dedicated flat notebook compartment with zipper for protection. Additionally there is no particle safety attributes like separate flap or soft padding around internal compartment except a laptop strap that can be used to hold the laptop firmly inside the notebook compartment.

Hama 00023707 Napoli 18.4 inch Laptop Bag Black

Outer Storage System:

Hama Napoli 00023707 Briefcase laptop bag is strongly built with flat lining that spread across the outside and made up of Polytex material. Both the inner compartment and outer pouch are made with well managed storage system and provides comfortable storage space to keep notebook related accessories. The outer flat pocket pouch provided with zipper give space to keep key bands and organizer. You cannot keep notebook adaptor or other bulky accessories inside the front pocket pouch, since it looks small bulge in the wall as a protruding part and it would damage the accessory inside. The only place in which you can keep bulky notebook related accessories is in the inner compartment.

Inner Compartments:

Apart from outer pocket pouch you can also use the zipped compartment at the back for keeping notepads, visiting cards, thin calculators and other frequently used documents for easy access. For extra protection this compartment is built with zipper facility. When you unzip and open this laptop bag the inner compartment space is well organized and managed to provide maximum space usage. The main compartment wall is totally finished and has normal flat padding. The cushioning system is missing inside when compared to some sophisticated model, which could add extra protection to the laptop. There is no dedicated compartment for laptop and it has to be placed flat inside and fixed with the strap. The inner compartment has removable inner divider and distributed with equal space to accommodate 18.4 inch screen size and related accessories.

Inside Storage Facility in Hama Napoli:

The removable inner flap has wide document compartment and has complete organizing facility. Important documents can be safely kept inside the document compartment and could be easily accessed when you are in a hurry. On the document compartment you can find the attachments such as three pen holders and two pockets. You can keep plastic card in the separate card holder and the spacious two pockets could be comfortably used to keep your iPod, Blackberry and organizer. Hama00023707  Napoli Black Colur laptop bag comes with trolley strap and built with soft padded handle, which gives comfortable handling while carrying the bag with full load. There is no shoulder strap and obviously brief case style laptop does not need one.

Hama 00023707 Napoli 18.4″ Laptop Bag Black – Specification Details

Manufacturer Hama
Model Name Hama 00023707 Napoli 18.4 Inch Laptop Bag
Product Code 00023707
Type of Bag Briefcase
Internal size 31 D x 5 H x 45 W cm
Material Polytex
Colour Black
Anti shock protection No
Padding Yes
Strap type Trolley strap
Handle Padded handle
Card holder Yes
Weight 1400 g
Features 3 pen holder, two pockets, zipped back compartment,
front pouch zipped, padded handle,
document compartment
Inner storage pockets 2
Outer storage pockets Yes
Inner compartments Yes with removable inner divider
Outer compartments Yes
Partition Yes
Inner lining Napini Lining
Gents or ladies Laptop bag Gents
Wheels No
Business organiser Yes
Warranty 10 year Guarantee
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