Targus TSM065EU Laptop Messenger Bag Review

Targus TSM065EU Mode Messenger Chocolate Multiple Views

Targus TSM065EU Laptop Messenger Bag Review

Targus Corporation is an original equipment manufacturer and offer wide ranges of notebook carrying case and other notebook accessories. It provides versatile portable solution and has its operation across 145 countries. Targus TSM065EU Mode Messenger Chocolate Laptop Bag gives special care to your notebook with dedicated internal padded compartment. TSM065EU is a messenger type laptop bag that is specially designed to give significance to the notebook. This laptop bag is precisely designed to fit laptops with the screen size up to 15.4 inch and built with separate front compartment to keep all the related accessories like power supply, mouse etc.

Targus TSM065EU Mode Messenger Chocolate Multiple Views

Main Laptop Compartment:

Internal compartment with special padding is a prominent feature and eye catching design in this Targus TSM065EU 15.4″ laptop bag. Apart from the large cover flap that covers the bag there is a distinguished small cover flap specially made on internal compartment to give extra security to the inside notebook. The flap cover firmly holds the laptop from the sudden jolt and prevents it by moving around; additionally the specifically made compartment size to fit up to 15.4 inch screen size would be an added advantage to safeguard the notebook. This extra security design looks compact and made with spun twill material that last for longer life. Inside the main notebook compartment the walls are made with neoprene sling material and feature mesh built quad cushioning system that safely support the laptop from knocks and bumps. Additionally the main note book compartment has been built with side flap, which protects the notebook from dust and rain.

External Compartment and Storage Space in TSM065EU:

Targus TSM065EU Chocolate Laptop Messenger Bag has internal mesh pocket on the front flap for easy access. On the back side of the bag there is a slip pocket to keep your documents and other important papers for quick access. If you keep 13 inch laptop then you might get additional space to keep some notebook related accessories. The front flat pouch that is used to keep power cables and other accessories is built with strong zip and equally designed with wide space as main notebook compartment. It is not padded with neoprene sling like laptop compartment except it is made with durable spun twill material.

Three Separate Pocket Pouch:

Above the flat pouch you could find three separate pocket pouch, which gives space to keep small mouse, iPod, cell phone, pens etc. This pocket pouch is completely opened and it is not been covered with any small flap, so keeping expensive or important items like cell phone, iPod or organiser is not safe. Though the large flap covers the pocket pouch there might be a chance that the items could accidentally drop from the pocket during travel. May be the pocket pouch could be used to keep business cards and pens.
Padded Shoulder Strap

Targus TSM065EU Messenger Chocolate Colour is a stylish laptop bag that gives good functionality and complete portability for your business presentation. It comes with three interchangeable colour straps that give some style. When you carry the bag with notebook and other accessories you would not feel the tension of weight, since the shoulder strap has long soft padded shoulder support that gives pleasure of carrying.


This Targus TSM065EU Laptop Bag comes with Lifetime Warranty.

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