Honkai Impact 3 codes (Update)

Honkai Impact 3 codes (Update)

Do you already own the new code of Honkai Impact 3 game? Hurry up to get codes and play Honkai Impact 3 game today. The amount of giftcode Honkai Impact 3 is limited.

Summary of codes games Honkai Impact 3


Event codes Honkai Impact 3


A limited number of Honkai Impact 3 codes


How to get new Honkai Impact 3 game codes

Step 1: You can go to the website of Honkai Impact 3

Step 2: Next, go to the codes input section of Honkai Impact 3

Step 3: Enter code Honkai Impact 3 and enjoy!

About games Honkai Impact 3

[S-rank Battlesuit | Herrscher of Human: Ego]“I’m Herrscher and human, but… I’m also a girl as beautiful as dancing petals”
PSY-style Ice DMG agent that uses magic arrows to reload before shooting arrows through enemies. He can unleash Ultimate to create an exclusive domain and attack with a stick rather than a bow.

[Featured Event | Summer Survival Rhapsody Side 13]Volcanoes, cruise ships, debris and “cuties” out of nowhere – The tenants of the Golden Courtyard continue their journey of survival, but as the mysterious person approaches, the story continues. How did it end in such an unexpected way? The second half of the midsummer adventure is about to begin!
New Featured Events Released! Play to get Shadow Knight Seagull’s Soar, Energy Devices, Honkai Shards, Crystals, and more!

[New Event | Feast Invitation]The sunset melts in the beautiful grand hall, and the perfect girl reaches out her hand to invite you to dance to epic music.
Complete the requested quest on the Feast Invitation event page to get a certain amount of Jingling Magic and you will get the new Timeless Grand Hall bridge theme!

[Featured Event | La-La Shop]“”This is the mysterious shop of La-La Land, and I am the cute elf who owns the shop~””
Captains can purchase related packs or spend Crystals during Supply events to receive Sparkling Spells and exchange them for Starry Summer Effect skins such as paintings, Collect Cards, Advanced Passes, centralized economy and more!

[New Story Chapter | Project Stigma]“” Crows, what do you think makes birds fly? “”
New EX Chapter Coming Soon! Experience a new story in an open access event!

[Event Rerun | Estival Seaside Amusement Park]When the sea breeze blows through every street in summer, the whole city becomes a huge amusement park by the sea! The annual Beast Tamer Championship is drawing near!
Play events to earn Seaside Options, AE Imaginons, Crystals and more!

[Equipment Updates]Unleash unprecedented power! Ego’s Weapon Supply Key and Ego’s PRI-ARM Domain: Flawless Return have joined the arsenal!
The moon and stars sent the daughter of a god into the world. From now on, the stars will shine and flowers will bloom. Elysian Origin Flower Bunch: Pristine has joined the arsenal!

[More Outfits]I Am the Storm Helical Contraption Outfit, Summer Starry Impression Outfit as Painting and Soaring Debut Outfit from Seagull’s Dark Knight!

So let the first Herrscher, Herrscher of Origin… be the perfect fairy tale.

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