Hoover Optima OPH616-80 Washing Machine Review


Hoover Optima OPH616-80 Washing Machine Review

The Hoover Optima OPH616-80 washing machine made our list as it has a good number reviews on one retailer’s website. Of those 20 reviews more than half of them were five star reviews with the remainder being mainly four star reviews. With a review rating like that we definitely had to put this on the best washing machine list. This machine features a unique design and a number of innovative and technologically advanced features that make it a great buy and a great washing machine as well. Features include delay wash, less than half hour wash, rapid wash and much more.

Hoover Optima OPH616-80 Washing Machine Description

Hover optima frontThe Hoover Optima OPH616-80 has that teardrop design in the door which is common of the Hoover Optima line. Though very stylish it doesn’t lose any functionality to its style. It features functionality that ensures the maximum performance and is very user friendly while having the latest features. It has a number of programs and a display which lets you see the end time for each wash cycle when the machine is running. With the Hoover Optima washing machine wash day will be easier and a lot more pleasing.

If you are strapped for time you can use the rapid wash option and if you want a very deep clean you can use the one hour ‘A’ rated wash program which gives you the best clean while offering you a wash that is also energy efficient. So though it is a long wash you don’t have to worry about your energy bill going up too much. It also has a delay wash function so you can set it so that the clothes will be washed and ready for you the minute you need them to be. If you want to get rid of all the detergent there is a sensitive care program that ensures that your clothes are washed properly so there are no irritations or allergens left behind due to detergent residue. This Hoover model comes with the standard 5 year guarantee on parts and all you need to do to get it is to register the appliance.

Hoover Optima OPH616-80 Washing Machine Features

  • Front Loading
  • 6 Kg drum capacity
  • 1600 rpm spin capacity
  • Two rapid wash options
  • Variable spin option
  • Wash stage indicator
  • Up to 9 hours delay start
  • Sensitive care option
  • Intelligent wash method
  • Half load programme

Consumer Reviews for Hoover Optima OPH616-80 Washing Machine

We go as far as providing you with the customer reviews right here so you don’t have to go anywhere else to find out what people are saying. What are users of the Hoover Optima OPH616-80 saying about this washing machine?

  • “It is very easy to use, has a lot of programs and they are very “intuitive”.”
  • “It is quiet during all washing cycles”
  • “This machine does exactly what you need it to do.”
  • “Loving this washing machine”

One reviewer stated they bought it on a whim and didn’t know that they would fall in love with the appliance as much as they did. She loves the looks and the fact that it has a large capacity drum and a large drum which allows her to wash her large duvet. She loves the 1600rpm and says that this is her washer and drier in one as her laundry is always almost dry when she takes them out. She loves the many programs as they give her a lot of washing variety at all sorts of temperatures so she can find the right wash for any fabric. She went on to speak about some of the different programs in her review and what they were good for washing. She loves the half load feature which helps you to save on energy and water when you don’t have enough clothes to make a full load. She also mentioned the extra rinse for getting rid of excess detergent and the fact that the price is lower than even smaller washing machines.

Hoover OptimaAnother review proudly stated that the washing machine lived up to all her expectations. She said that there were so many settings she will never get bored or tired of doing laundry and since it is so quite it own disturb anyone or any other activity in the house. She stated that it’s been a couple months and she has never had a problem with it and so would recommend it to anyone. She couldn’t write her review and not mention that it also very affordably priced.

Another admits that they purchased this item because of the price. It was a lot cheaper than others and she wanted to try another brand than the one she initially had. She emphasised how quiet the machine was by tying in all caps and stated that she would recommend it to anyone seeking to purchase a washing machine.

Another reviewer said that he machine’s operation really pleased them overall. They love that it is easy to use and has a number of washing programs for convenience. They stated that they loved the fact that you can set the washing machine to spin only if that is all you require. Also mentioned was the 1600rpm spin capacity which allows the clothes to be dried easily and quickly afterwards saving energy and time. They also mentioned that the door is quite large so that large pieces of bedding can easily be put inside. The final comment made by this reviewer was that they had nothing to complain about.


Quite a number of good points for this machine – quiet, full of features and has a very high spin capacity.


The washing machine has only pre-set programs so you can’t mix and match, spin cycles and temperature etc. unless you do it manually.


All the washing machine reviews for this product agree that it is a quiet machine with a huge spin capacity. It has a number other great things going for it as well and with all the happy customers you should have all confidence when making your purchase.

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