Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 Semi-Recumbent Cycle Review


Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 Semi-Recumbent Cycle Review

Quite impressive is Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 Semi-Recumbent Cycle, the one that stays ahead and featured as semi-recumbent exercise cycle. It works with interesting programmes, provides maximum comfort and is also proves positive for use. The brand is also lavish in providing warranty for this product. The read further brings out more details about the product giving you a feel of the positives and negatives of the product.


Be it any product that is put to use one would be interested in the highlighted features which lets you estimate the value of the product. Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 Domestic Exercise Cycle has few highlighted features like the seating which is designed in an ergonomic manner. It has a fully adjustable style with the lumbar support. It is been equipped with the free SPIN technology with which one can instantly stop pedaling by eliminating the sudden jerk. The design and structure is another impressive feature as it gives easy step through design for the easy access of all the users.

Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 Semi-Recumbent Cycle

The Basics:

This model is engineered in the semi-recumbent style which has silver grey frame finish. The frames are made of durable steel metal and the product weighs 46kg. The dimension of this product is 168cm in length, 65cm in width and 75cm height. It works with the electric fuel and the mains are connected to the adapter. It can handle the maximum user weight of 135kg.

Programmes and Console:

The availability of instant programmes for immediate selection is possible with this treadmill. It serves programmes for different types of workout which different physic demands. It is based on the intensity, time and speed. The following are the list of programmes available for selection. Manual, intervals, rolling, weight loss, tempo, random, custom1 and custom2, where in the custom programmes allows you to manually set the programme and save it for the future use.

The console of this model consists of large LCD screen which displays the workout details. It gives the clear follow up of Time, distance, calories, speed, resistance, RPM, watts and HR. This is set in a manner to motivate the trainer to achieve the goals. With the constant follow up one can easily be encouraged for suitable workout.

Features and Functions:

Step through recumbent design is an ergonomic feature which makes the user easily gets in to sit and come out without stress. The low frame level is sure an advantage for the heavy people as they can easily step through.

The Heart Rate programmes give out the reading of the pulse which is possible with the Hand pulse grips & Polar Chip Receiver. This is an instant and easy reading of the heart rate. It is quite obvious that the resistant levels are most important to make the workout easy or tedious. Horizon Fitness Comfort 408 In-door Semi-Recumbent Cycle has been equipped with 8 electronically adjustable resistance levels which start from plains to up hill running, jogging or walking.

ECB Magnetic brake is highly responsive and it stops the function of the flywheel instantly without any stress. This model does have a Poly V-Belt which performs in a durable manner.

The other ergonomic features are the Lumbar support ERGOfit base and seat which is also adjustable to suit different users. This product has self righting pedals with proper foot grip and strap for the perfect grip.


This product has been tagged for a lavish warranty which is life time for the frame and brake and 3 years for the parts and labour which is been offered by the manufacturer.


Manufacturer Horizon
Model Name Comfort 408 Semi-Recumbent Cycle
Dimensions (L x W x H) 168 x 65 x 75 cm
Weight User weight (Maximum): 135 kg
Product weight: 46 kg
Technical Details Large LCD display
Step through recumbent design
Hand pulse grips & Polar Chip Receiver
8 electronically adjustable resistance levels
ECB Magnetic brake
Poly V-Belt
Lumbar support ERGOfit base and seat
Self righting pedals
Programmes Manual, intervals, rolling, weight loss, tempo, random,
custom1 and custom2
Display unit Large LCD
On Display Time, distance, calories, speed, resistance, RPM, watts and HR
Application Domestic, In-door
Warranty Lifetime on frame and brake
3 years for parts and labour
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