How to Upgrade an Electric Scooter


How to Upgrade an Electric Scooter

The world seems to adapt well with the technology as everything now seems to be possible. The rapid changes of technology benefits human beings, although some of these changes harm the natural resources. If we are careful with our usage of these technologies, then we might play a key part in our pursuit of earth conservation.

As of today, one of the greatest innovations is the electric scooter. Actually, a patent application of electric scooter in year the 1895 was made. It has been just these past few years when electric scooters got accepted by the consumer. The growth of sales of electric scooters has become rampant in just a few years. Maybe because these electric scooters are cost-efficient and great performing on the road.

As the technology is rapidly changing, you may also want to consider upgrading your electric scooter or you can always buy the latest model if you want to. When buying the latest model, you need extra money and you can do it by selling your old one or you can simply upgrade it. By upgrading, you may only need some parts to replace and do some finishing touch too.

Before you engage on upgrading, you should ask yourself the following questions so that your reasons will validate your interests on updating.

  • Question #1: Why would I need an upgrade?
  • Question #2: Does the performance of my electric scooter way behind other scooters?
  • Question #3: Do I have enough money for upgrading?
  • Question #4: Where can I purchase the parts I need?
  • Question #5: Can I do it myself or do I need a professional to do it?
  • Question #6: Should I wait a little longer?

These questions must be answered so that you will never regret your decision in upgrading rather than buying a new one. Some say that upgrading can be a headache and buying a new one is easier and cheaper sometimes. However, it’s all up to how you approach your personal case.

In this article, you will learn how to upgrade your electric scooterthe smart way.

Upgrading Tip #1: Ask an expert

It is always safer to ask an expert. If you have a friend who recently upgraded his electric scooter, then you should ask him as he has an interesting story to tell. You may also ask the sales guy in the store where you bought your scooter or you can search for online testimonies and threads.


Upgrading Tip #2: Do not make an upgrade mismatch and have a harmonious upgrade

In upgrading, you need to be familiar with three things:

  • Control Box

This part acts like a brain; it regulates the function of the electric scooter parts. It connects to the battery and motor. In case you’ve upgraded this part but becomes incompatible with the motor and the battery, then you might end up wasting your money. There are some popular brands in the market and you need to find the suitable control box for your electric scooter upgrade.

  • Motor

The motor should be compatible with the control box and battery, so it will function well. If it is not compatible, then you will end up with a short-circuit motor and again, a big waste of money.

  • Battery

You can’t just purchase any electric scooter battery; you need to take note of the voltage needed for your scooter. If you aim for higher performance, then you should contact your service provider for voltage specifications.

You can upgrade these things, but you need to make sure that they will work together. You also need to make sure that you will not have a mismatch or else you will just probably seeing your money wasted.


Upgrading Tip #3: Make a budget study

Make some budgeting analysis. Compute your material expenses, professional fees, and other expenses you may acquire. You can compare it with the price of buying a new one and selling your old one unless you want to keep the old one.

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