Safety Tips When Riding Electric Scooters


Safety Tips When Riding Electric Scooters

Riding an electric scooter is definitely a lot of fun. If you haven’t tried riding an electric scooter, but you are interested in buying one, you should definitely learn how to ride it with utmost care and responsibility. Electric scooters may not be as fast as the regular gas-powered kind, but they still go as fast as 20-30 miles per hour.

This is still a significant amount of speed which can be dangerous if not ridden well. As far as safety is concerned, you can never be too complacent. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is why before purchasing one, you must read and prepare yourself for the risks and precautions of riding an electric scooter.

In case you feel like you need to know more safety tips and reminders, don’t worry. To help you ride more safely and have an enjoyable ride, read on, as we have prepared a comprehensive list for you!

Read the Manual

As soon as you get your hands on your electric scooter, make sure that you also get its accompanying manual to get a full briefing of the specific model you bought.

Always Ride Alone

Electric scooters are fundamentally designed for one rider. You could cause a hazard if you try to fit more than one person on your scooter.


Be Alert

As with driving any type of vehicle, you must always be alert and proactive when riding your scooter. It is always best to be a defensive driver, which means you should always be vigilant in avoiding accidents and doing harm to others. Avoid talking on the phone, and always keep your eyes on the road to avoid pedestrians, fast cars, nearby manholes, etc. You will never know if something will just pop up on the road and take you by surprise, so it’s better to be prepared by looking ahead.

Ride Cautiously

It is pretty obvious that you should not be doing any risky behavior when riding. Yes, it may be cool and fun to ride your scooter, but there is a time and place for everything. If you really can’t help trying out a trick, make sure you are doing it in a safe and non-crowded area. However, you must never attempt any rowdy behavior when riding at a highway or main road.

Follow Traffic Rules

It is always important to follow general traffic rules and regulations. Just because you are driving a small electric scooter, it does not mean you cannot cause any accident or hurt anybody. One way of following the rules is by staying on the scooter-designated side of the road. Traffic rules apply to all drivers, motorists, and even pedestrians.

You may not be aware of this, but there are also scooter laws that must be obeyed. To know the laws and regulations for your area, it is best to contact the Department of Transportation or do the necessary research.


Wear the Proper Riding Gear

You must always wear the proper riding gear no matter where you are riding. May it be a small street in the suburbs or a busy street in the city, you can never be too safe. The basic riding gear includes a helmet and knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, rubber shoes, and gloves.

You can also wear bright and eye-catching clothing to be easily identified by other drivers on the road. You can also make use of lights and reflectors for safety during the night.

Check Your Scooter

Electric scooters require lower maintenance as compared to the regular kind. However, you must always make sure that your scooter is in good condition. You might never know when an internal damage has been done until it’s too late. Always have regular check-ups by bringing your scooter to an expert.

Learn How to Troubleshoot

In case you have not taken your scooter to be checked by an expert, it is always best to be familiar with the wirings and internal system of your electric scooter. This is also useful in case of an emergency. Even if you just know the basics, it can already make a huge difference in keeping you safe on the road.

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