InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer Review


InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer Review

The InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer is a perfect choice for cyclists seeking a secure and easily attachable trailer. With its top-notch safety features, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are riding in a high-quality trailer. This trailer is designed to create memorable bicycling moments, allowing parents to share the joy of cycling with their little ones.

InStep Bicycle Trailers

The motto of the company manufacturing InStep Bicycle Trailers is “A step ahead of the rest.” This motto reflects their commitment to producing joggers and trailers that surpass others in terms of performance, comfort, and convenience. The trailers are available in a range of vibrant and sporty colors, adding a fun touch. The company’s dedicated customer service department is readily available to address any inquiries about their products and welcome suggestions for enhancements to further improve the customer experience. All of these exceptional features are offered at an attractive price point for their bicycle trailers.


Features and Benefits of the InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer

The InStep bicycle trailers offer a range of important features that make them highly desirable for customers:

  • 16-inch mag wheels with a quick-release design for easy attachment.
  • Easy conversion from a bicycle trailer to a stroller without the need for tools.
  • Convenient folding steel frame for effortless storage.
  • Weather shield for protection during unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Universal coupler for simple attachment to the bicycle.
  • Capacity to hold a child weighing up to 100 pounds.
  • Spacious enough to comfortably seat two children.

These remarkable features translate into a hassle-free experience for customers, as they can quickly attach the bicycle trailer without spending excessive time. The dual-purpose functionality eliminates the need for a separate stroller, leading to cost savings. Additionally, the foldable design enables compact storage, making it ideal for customers with limited storage space.

The InStep Quick N EZ bike trailer boasts outstanding customer reviews, with an impressive percentage of users rating it highly. Ninety-five percent of customers give it three stars or more, and 88 percent rate it four stars or higher. These ratings, especially for a product intended for a child’s use, testify to its quality, durability, stability, and safety.

Customers find the assembly and setup process to be effortless and appreciate the trailer’s good value for the price, noting that it is not cheaply designed or constructed. The five-point harness system ensures a secure fit for the child, eliminating concerns about them sliding around in the trailer. The trailer also offers convenient storage space behind the seats and interior side pockets for snacks and toys.

Customers also highlight the convenience of exercising on a bicycle without needing a babysitter. Children enjoy the rides and may even fall asleep if tired. One customer even mentioned that the trailer can be used for grocery shopping, providing an economical solution in the face of rising gas prices.


Pros of the Bicycle Trailer

  • Folds completely flat for easy storage
  • Frame is made from steel for sturdy construction
  • A cinch to attach to the bicycle
  • Great colors that are bright enough to be seen, plus has neon-colored flag
  • Easier to have family outings with small children

Cons of the Bicycle Trailer

  • Needs larger reflector lights in the rear
  • Belt straps on harness need more padding for comfort
  • Internal temperature of the trailer can get hot as the air flow needs improvement

One customer commented that a disadvantage of the bicycle trailer is that he can no longer go riding solo, as his child wants to go out with him in the trailer every time he goes.


Customers for the InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer in Blue

The InStep bicycle trailer is available in a variety of colors, including a great option of blue that appeals to those who prefer more subtle tones over neon colors. This makes it suitable for individuals who appreciate a more understated look. The bicycle trailer serves as a perfect means for families to engage in outdoor activities and enjoy cycling together, even with young children. Exploring the neighborhood or embarking on bicycle trail adventures becomes a delightful family affair. It is also an excellent choice for stay-at-home moms who desire to stay active and take their small children outdoors, whether for exercise or simply to visit the park.

InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer Conclusion

For cycling enthusiasts, the InStep Quick N EZ bicycle trailer is a fantastic product available at an affordable price. It is constructed using high-quality materials and incorporates essential safety features to guarantee the child’s security and well-being while riding in the trailer. The trailer’s drawbacks can be easily addressed, and its advantages certainly make it a worthwhile purchase. However, if you have specific requirements that the InStep Quick N EZ bike trailer doesn’t fulfill, I recommend exploring other bike trailer reviews before making your final decision.

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