InStep Take 2 Double Bike Trailer Review


InStep Take 2 Double Bike Trailer Review

Let’s start off with a customer review that said that the InStep Take 2 Bike Trailer was purchased with some hesitancy since it was the least expensive of the many two-seater bicycle trailers she considered, but it was worth every penny, was wonderful, and she was really glad she purchased it.

The InStep Double Bike Trailer has a powder-coated steel frame and 16-inch mag wheels. It features a quick-release design that means it folds easily and effortlessly when transporting or storing. The trailer weighs only 27 pounds, but can safely carry up to 100 pounds, which can mean two decent-sized children. And, of course it is not cost prohibitive.

InStep Take 2 Double Bike Trailer Product Overview

When considering any bicycle trailer that will be towing children, safety and sturdy durability are key issues. InStep, as a company, manufactures quality bicycle trailers along with other products for outdoor enthusiasts, with safety always the first consideration. The company’s motto is A step ahead of the rest, and that is reflected in their dedication to comfort, convenience and performance for all products. The products of InStep have more features and more functions, all at an outstanding price value.


The Double Bike Trailer comes with a universal coupler and weather shield that protects the children from rain and direct sunlight. Customers like the fact that there are no special tools required for assembly, and that it takes no time at all to put the trailer together out of the box. Since it weighs only 27 pounds, it is not too cumbersome or heavy for Mom to carry around or attach to her bicycle.

InStep Double Bike Trailer Features and Benefits

The Double Bike Trailer is a product that allows a bicyclist convenience and safety when biking with children.

  • It is a great basic trailer that folds for easy storage.
  • The trailer will attach to most bicycles because of the universal coupler that comes with the trailer.
  • It protects children from rain and heat, as well as flying debris.
  • The Double Bike Trailer is lightweight but will hold up to 100 pounds just like the more expensive models.
  • Side pockets and storage space behind the seat is great for either toys for the kids or picnic lunches and snacks.

That durability means that parents do not have to worry about the trailer tipping over or falling apart even on rough terrain. The children ride safely and securely in the harnessed trailer, and it is a fun ride for the kids.


The best review comes from the customer who admits hesitancy about purchasing one of the lower cost bicycle trailers, but was more than pleased when she received it. Installation was easy (she did it herself) and her two children who each weigh around 30 pounds fit comfortably in the trailer. She packs towels for the pool and snacks in the storage area, and would recommend the Double Bike Trailer for anyone to purchase rather than spending a lot of money for features they may not need.

Another customer filled the trailer with camping gear and pulled it on a 32 mile trip in a remote area of the Great Allegheny Passage. The terrain was not paved and the tires on the trailer worked great. Maybe this was not what the trailer was designed for, but the customer’s inventiveness paid off for him! Other customers of bicycle trailers have also used them for creative tasks, such as bringing home groceries from shopping trips to the supermarket. Other customers have used the trailer for non-traditional purposes, such as trailing luggage and beach supplies while at the Vineyards.


Take 2 Double Bike Trailer Good Points

  • A great product at a great price. A very sturdy bicycle trailer.
  • A good leisure bicycle trailer for riding the kids around the neighborhood or to the store.
  • Folds up easily for storage.
  • Easy to pull without a lot of drag.

Take 2 Double Bike Trailer Negative Points

  • Material of the trailer not rated very highly.
  • Two larger children are cramped in the trailer.
  • Does not have actual seats (Probably to keep the weight low).

Overall, though there are some negative points to the Take 2 Double Bike Trailer, for riding the children around the neighborhood the trailer works fine.


Customers for the Trailer

A Mom or Dad who just want to take the kids out for a fun time around the neighborhood will find the InStep Double Bike Trailer works great. May not be perfect for the cyclist who wants to go on long trips on rugged terrain.


A good buy for the leisurely cyclist who wants to spend time bicycling with the kids. And, if the kids love sitting in the double bike trailer and are having fun, the money spent will be well worth it.

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