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JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Review

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When I first saw the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller in pictures, I said, “Wow! That’s some really nice looking stroller.” Then I found out it costs $300+ and I went “What?! Isn’t that too much for a standard stroller?” It’s still not the most expensive in its category but it’s priced considerably higher than usual standard strollers. Although you’ll be surprised to know that despite its price, it’s one of the top ten bestselling standard strollers in Amazon (at least at the time I was writing this review). I got intrigued and so I decided to write a review to find out what’s the deal with this stroller.

jj-cole-broadway-strollerA purchase of the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller includes the bassinet, car seat adapter and stroller. Since it comes with bassinet, the stroller can be used by infants and young toddlers weighing up to 50 lbs. It has the ability to be converted from a forward-facing seat to a parent-facing seat with just a quick spin. Another one of its main selling point is its adjustable handle bar. Certified by the JPMA, the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller has been rigorously tested to meet high safety standards.


  • Can be used as a bassinet or a toddler seat
  • Can switch from a forward-facing to a parent-facing position quickly
  • One hand fold mechanism
  • Removable bumper car
  • Ergonomically designed seat with soft cushion
  • Maximum capacity of 50 lbs/ 40” or less
  • Passed Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association’s (JPMA) and American testing and materials (ASTM) safety standards
  • Compatible with the JJ Cole Newport, Lamaze Via and First Years Via 1470
  • Basket storage for diaper bags and baby supplies
  • 1 year limited warranty

The Good

JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is Newborn Friendly

One of the most compelling selling points of the JJ Cole Broadway stroller is that it can be used by newborn infants. This stroller comes with a bassinet that is perfect for making newborns comfortable. It isn’t like most strollers which can only be used once your baby reached 6 months old. Thus, you’ll get maximum use for this stroller with it being able to carry babies weighing up to 50 lbs.

Adjustable Handle Height

Tall dads are often experience sore backs from having to push around strollers that are too small for their height. The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller comes with an adjustable handle height that addresses this problem. The handle bars can also be pushed all the way down for easy access when the baby is in a parent-facing position.

JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Safety Features

Safety is one other non-negotiable factor when buying anything that will be used by our babies. The stroller features a 5 point harness strap that will provide maximum protection for your baby. It also has a foot activated dual rear parking brake to secure its place and your baby when you need it to.

360 Degrees Swivel

Another awesome thing about this stroller is its 360 degrees swivel feature which converts the stroller from being a forward-facing seat to a parent-facing seat in a matter of seconds. That’s like a two stroller rolled out in one. The stroller is also easy to maneuver. It handles bumpy sidewalks rather well.

Multiple Canopy Colors

Stylish moms can’t say enough praises for the style and chic look of the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller. They love that they constantly get looks and compliments for it when they go around in parks and even just in the neighborhood. You can opt to buy additional canopy colors (six In total) to change the stroller’s look whenever you feel like it. The canopies are durable (moms say so just by looking at them) and they are reportedly easy to clean.

Durable and Easy to Clean

The JJ Cole Broadway stroller doesn’t just look pretty. It is also durable. In fact, it is made up of 100% nylon which makes it easy to clean up too. Several parents expect it to last until their second or third child. It also has a fairly large basket where you can store supplies and baby paraphernalia. Before I forget, setup was a walk in the park and collapsing the stroller can be accomplished with one hand.

The Bad

Considering that it comes bundled with a bassinet, car seat adapter and stroller, you’ll perfectly understand that it can be pretty heavy for a standard stroller. A petite mom will certainly have a difficult time carrying it over for travel purposes. For this purpose, you’ll have to check out the travel strollers I reviewed.

The only other complaint for the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is its price. Priced over $300, some parents immediately cross it out in their list.


The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is a high-end equipment that provides comfort and convenience to your baby and to yourself. With the bassinet, you can take your newborn baby out for a stroll even without a carrier. The adjustable handle height will benefit those tall parents, grandmas and grandpas who often have to slouch down to reach the stroller’s handle. The 360 degrees swivel feature would allow you to face your baby and check up on him or her every few seconds. I know it’s expensive but if you’re looking for a full-featured stroller worthy to take care of your precious baby,

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