Karcher G 2700 Pressure Washer Review


Karcher G 2700 Pressure Washer Review

With many people these days preferring to fix minor home problems and clean their homes as opposed to hiring professionals, it is only sensible that the cost of home cleaning machines is going down. A new pressure washer today, for instance, costs much less than it did five years ago. By contrast, the technology used to make the machines improve every now and then.

That means therefore that you are more likely to get a better quality machine today than any time in the past. There are many pressure washers in the market that could offer you the value and services you need. However, read our Karcher G 2700 review below and learn how one of the best rated pressure washers in the market today functions and decide if it is the ideal machine for you.

Karcher G 2700 Pressure Washer Main Features



The Karcher G 2700 machine is a gas powered pressure washer with a powerful 4-cycle engine. The engine has a 196cc capacity and works best when fueled with unleaded gas. For a generator of its capability, the Karcher machine, in turn, delivers 2700 PSI on the maximum and facilitates an overall water delivery rate of 2.5 Gallons per minute. With any pressure washer, however, there must be a pump that ultimately pushes water out of the gun. The G 2700 model works with an axial pump fitted with an aluminum head. The pump is efficient and designed to last for long.

Ease of use

Straight from reading the easy to understand manual, you can assemble all pieces and parts in the Karcher G 2700 model and use it with no difficulties whatsoever. The designing of the machine’s major parts like the hose and handle further makes it very easy to work with the Karcher G model. The handle, for instance, fitted above the elongated body is easy to hold and pushes the machine around different surfaces easily with the help of a wheel kit. The hose, on the other hand, is hooked conveniently such that you can easily access it and clean around without straining. Again, you can fold the hose back into position once you complete cleaning.

Design and Construction

The Karcher G model is one of the lightest, top rated pressure washers in the market. At just 48.5 pounds in weight and 23.6*21.6*39.4” in measurements, the machine features a compact, steady design, a powerful engine and pump on the lower end and a metal frame that assures of extra durability in case of accidental knocks.

The machine’s design is also popular among customers-most of who acknowledge that it helps reduce back strains while working. On the other hand, almost every part in the pressure represents the quality of construction. The powerful engine, for instance, comes with a compact cover meant to keep it protected from any knocks whatsoever. The top body cover is also metallic to further enhance the durability of the pressure washer.


Convenience Features

The Karcher brand model is not only designed to help you complete multiple applications fast, but it also aims to add convenience to your cleaning. It comes with 5 quick connect nozzles to enhance cleaning on different surfaces. The 00 spray angle, for example, delivers water at extremely high pressures to help deal with stubborn grime and dirt.

The 45nozzle helps with normal cleaning, while the 650 will help you handle dirt in hard in light duty applications efficiently without using much water. Another special feature with the Karcher is the on board soap tank. It is big enough to hold as much detergent as you will probably need at a go and comes with a special nozzle for dispensing detergents. Other important features in the Karcher machine include a 25ft long hose and a safety lock on the trigger gun.


With its ability to deliver 2700 PSI, the Karcher G 2700 is certainly a medium duty pressure washer. You can clean a lot of places with a medium duty pressure washer. You can easily clean your boat, for instance, clean trucks, sidings, patios, clear gutters and handle greased areas with the help of the right detergent. And since it features multiple nozzles, you can handle all light duty jobs with no hassles.


Karcher G 2700 Pressure Washer Pros and Cons


  • Versatile. With its powerful engine and multiple spray patterns, the Karcher model provides great versatility to help clean multiple chores around your home.
  • Compact and light. The Karcher machine sits comfortably on large pneumatic wheels that make it feel very light. Overall, the 48.5 pounds it weighs is still convenient, and some people could lift it around without the help of the wheel kit. The compact design, on the other hand, reduces its footprint to ease with storage.
  • Upright and Foldable Design. The Karcher G pressure washer is designed in such a way that you work without straining your back. As such, it features a prolonged handle and large 8” pneumatic wheels that keep it at a convenient height. However, the machine is also easy to store thanks to its folding design.
  • Efficient. According to multiple Karcher G 2700 reviews, the machine offers a consistent performance.
  • Easy to use and maintain. The machine is generally easy to use and asks for little maintenance in the long run.
  • Features a 3-year warranty for the engine and a 2-year warranty for the axial pump.


  • Does not work with hot water; which makes it inefficient for cleaning greasy areas.
  • You have to use a filter to ensure that you add quality water in its reservoir.

Bottom Line

The Karcher G 2700 pressure washer is an ideal home use machine for many reasons. Its powerful engine, for instance, the quality construction and the fact that it offers a consistent performance are the main reasons you should highly consider buying the model. Many Karcher G 2700 reviews also have very positive feedback about the product. The only time when this machine may not be your ideal pressure washer is if you are a professional cleaner. Professional level jobs like cleaning construction areas demand much more powerful engines and pumps.

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