Lodge Elements SC90SET 8-Piece Cookware Set Review


Lodge Elements SC90SET 8-Piece Cookware Set Review

Even when I’m not shopping for cookware, I keep looking for them at the stores. I usually have an idea about the latest cookware items that are available in the market. Moreover, I like to research about the latest technologies and innovations in this field. Recently, I was out shopping for an electronic item at a store and like always, made a customary visit to the cookware section.

I saw Lodge Elements SC90SET 8-Piece Cookware Set, Silver and could not resist looking into its feature set. In fact, I also had a nice chat with the store executive who told me about all the rave reviews that they have been getting for this product. With that basic information, I did a little bit of online research and decided to write a review for the product.


You can change the way you cook with the Lodge Elements SC90SET 8-Piece Cookware Set, Silver. Cooking the classic risotto or sautéing salmon shall not be the same with this cookware set. It is sure to add an element of excellence to your food. If you read any survey on which is the best cooking material, then you are surely going to find the name of cast iron, up on every list.

The reason why cast iron is such a good material for cookware construction is because it heats evenly and retains heat the best. Moreover, if the construction has a clad bottom, the saucepan becomes all the more useful. This cookware set has all the right things and tools to ensure that you get the best.


This cookware set includes –

  • 1.9-Quart sauce pan (lid included)
  • 8-Quart stock pot (lid included)
  • 3.4-Quart sauce pan (lid included)
  • 10-1/4-Inch lodge seasoned cast iron skillet.
  • 3.3-Quart deep skillet/saute

In addition to the above mentioned, the set also includes a hot handle holder that is made from silicone. The lids are made out of tempered glass and the lid for the deep skillet can be used for the stock pot as well.

Best Things About This Product

The fundamental feature of the cookware set is that its items are made from marine grade stainless steel, which is the best stainless steel available. In addition the bottom is multi-layer and clad. As a result, heat is evenly distributed and cooking is more effective. Another advantage of using this material is that stainless steel is non-reactive and does not spoil food.

Easy to Use

There are several small and minute details in this product that makes it unbeatable. For instance, the second handle that is a part of the deep skillet provides you the kind of steadiness that you require to cook in the cookware item. In addition, you will also realize that the sauce bottoms are a touch heavier.

Therefore, the sauce pans stabilize and you will not need to hold them firmly every time you stir their contents. The pots also have markings for measurements, which makes it extremely easy to use.

Cast Iron

The uniqueness of this cookware set is that it is made of cast iron, which is known to be one of the best materials when it comes to cookware. In fact, the set also includes a pre-seasoned skillet.

Flexible Usage

The cookware set can be used with any cooktop from gas cooktop to induction cooktop. Regardless of the cooktop you own or decide to buy in the future, you can buy this cookware set.

What Other People Think About This Product

As I mentioned previously, I had a little conversation with the store executive about the product and its popularity. He gave me some good insight in what the users of this product are saying about the product.

The online research that I did in the process of writing this review also gave me an opportunity to know what people who are using this product think about it. I decided to include some of these user experiences to help you make a better decision.

  • “The design and construction of the pans are of high quality and the construct allows the cookware to conduct heat rather effectively.”
  • “When you start using the cookware set, you will realize that the cast iron skillet is provided with a preseasoning.”
  • “The look is superbly stylish and the design is very cooking-friendly. Love the product!”

How to Buy

I shall personally recommend you to try the online stores that offer this product. Lately, I have realized that online stores give you much better deals than the retail stores. In fact, you can save a decent amount of money by buying the product from one of the reputed online stores.

My Suggestions

From the very first look of this product, I have truly fallen in love with it. One of the most striking features of this product is the weight of its items. This is the first proof of the fact that the product has been manufactured using high quality material.

Besides, the glass lids that are included in this package are also proof of the quality construction that is promised by the manufacturers of this product. Moreover, these lids fit in perfectly and no heat or moisture can escape the cookware.

One of the things that I read in one of the reviews about this product is that the pan or saucepan does not turn and twist when you stir the content that it contains. This shows how much attention has been given to detail. Besides the cooking is even and the heat is distributed evenly.

Therefore, you can expect your recipe to taste better than usual as these cookware items give your food the right cooking environment. A byproduct of the even cooking and distributed heating is that you will not be able to locate any hotspots once you are done cooking. I was truly impressed by the first look of the product and hope to add it to my collection in the near future.

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