Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Review


Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Review

A complete entertainment center rolled into a boombox, the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 has the value of a standalone DVD player with the additional possibility of portability thanks to its large 7 inch LCD TFT widescreen display. You can use it out camping in the woods, beside the pool or on the road. A unique portable solution, this karaoke system uses batteries and draws power from an AC point letting you go anywhere you want. It comes with an IR remote that lets you play from afar, controlling all the features of the unit including DVDs and CDs.

You can also connect SD/SDHC card or USB drive directly to the karaoke machine and stream live data. It is also compatible with JPEG photos, WMA files, MP3 and MPEG4 videos. Moreover, if you like listening to music stored on your iPod, the auxiliary input will allow you to stream audio directly onto the boombox. It also features a complete radio tuner capable of playing AM/FM. In case, you have to entertain a large gathering the RCA out will let you display video on a large screen while retaining its DVD playback capability. In short, this is a compact DVD player and karaoke machine with its own widescreen LCD panel.

Our Review:

magnasonic-mag-mdvd500I was kind of worried having already purchased the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 before reading through all the reviews on Amazon. Unfortunately, after I had placed the order, I read that this particular model tends to have plenty of unexpected shutdown issues. By the time it reached, I had made a mental note of the shipping address to have it returned and had read up on all possible complications.

Thankfully, my particular boombox karaoke machine worked just fine. I played about 5 to 6 DVD movies on it without any issues. In fact, when I tried out a CDG track to sing along with, I found it worked great. Nothing in terms of tone modeling, equalizer for the mic and all that sort of things but overall it looks and works like a decent do-it-all entertainment box.

The sound is not all that elevated and for some DVDs, you really have to crank it up. However, on an average when you are listening to music or singing along to tracks, it produces ample sound. Bass and Highs tend to muddle up but that is mostly because of its boombox styling.

About two weeks into my experience with the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500, the screen suddenly went dark and I started worrying if it was one of those dreaded problems that can’t be repaired. Thankfully, a little searching around revealed a hidden switch which controls the screen. It had accidentally gone off. By the time I got it back up and running, the boombox was already past half of the movie I was watching.

The Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 uses 8 alkaline batteries, which is a lot and hardly maintains a playback time of 6 hours when playing DVD movies. This is abysmal and probably the only complaint I have against the entertainment system. I won’t comment on its average karaoke performance since its mostly a versatile boombox rather than a dedicated karaoke machine.

List of Features:

  • 7 Inch LCD TFT crystal clear display with CD/DVD player.
  • SD/MMC/SDHC compatible, USB 2.0 and AM/FM radio.
  • Plays formats such as DVD, CD and on screen languages include French, English and Spanish.
  • Microphone jack, headphone jack and auxiliary audio-in jack.
  • Aspect Rations include Pan and Scan, Letterbox and Widescreen.


If Karaoke is not your only choice and you want something that can play DVDs, CDs, radio, has a screen and on the side plays karaoke, the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 is perfect for you. When you use this machine for the first time, you will immediately realize its immense potential. Its a compact entertainment hub great for camping trips, the road or even when visiting an out of station place. Just the basic entertainment features, a 7 inch TFT LCD screen and ability to playback on batteries gives the Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 plenty of additional attraction points.

So, where can you buy Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500?

After searching around online, we found that has a great deal right now on this machine.

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