Major GUN : War on Terror codes (Update)

Major GUN : War on Terror codes (Update)

Are you ready for the ultimate gaming experience? Have you secured your copy of the new Major GUN: War on Terror game? If not, now is the time to act! Hurry up and grab your codes to dive into the heart-pounding action of Major GUN: War on Terror today. But beware, the supply of gift codes for Major GUN: War on Terror is limited, and you won’t want to miss out on this thrilling adventure. So, gear up and get ready to embark on an epic gaming journey like never before!

Summary of codes games Major GUN : War on Terror

  • DXRX39afd06a5
  • CORJ18fe0eaa77
  • PCLM1de952f14c
  • VKLM293dcd539d
  • BXCM11291a323a
  • BXCM2c0af6cbfe
  • BXCM1e16cd16f
  • BXCM2e40a86fe0

Event codes Major GUN : War on Terror

  • DXRX19da42f3ea
  • CORJ19bc29ab01
  • PCLMab15ed392
  • VKLM2f86117bfc
  • BXCM17d836062d
  • BXCM107c94be2f
  • BXCM2430995a02
  • BXCM19c9c27680

A limited number of Major GUN : War on Terror codes

  • DXRX2a6447ce57
  • CORJ23cae8d907
  • PCLM1210a9d5a5
  • VKLM2daff518e
  • BXCMb60c13a97
  • BXCM3061cfd5d2
  • BXCM188730029a
  • BXCM2a4bce5230

How to Obtain Fresh Major GUN: War on Terror Game Codes

Follow these steps for an enhanced gaming experience:

  1. Navigate to the official website of Major GUN: War on Terror.
  2. Locate the code input section within Major GUN: War on Terror.
  3. Enter the provided code for Major GUN: War on Terror and immerse yourself in the action!

Discover Major GUN: War on Terror MOD APK, an engaging first-person shooter game where you lead a commando team on a mission to eliminate a formidable terrorist organization. Dive into the excitement now!

About Major GUN: War on Terror

Major GUN: War on Terror is an action-packed mobile game that takes players on a thrilling journey to combat terrorism. In this game, you assume the role of a commando hero tasked with preventing various forms of terrorism that threaten world peace. Equipped with an array of advanced weapons, you’ll engage in a series of missions to thwart the plans of terrorists and save the world from chaos. With stunning 3D graphics, a diverse range of missions, and both solo and multiplayer gameplay options, Major GUN: War on Terror offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience.


Major GUN: War on Terror delves into the world of counter-terrorism, where secret organizations and nefarious individuals pose a significant threat to global stability. The game presents players with diverse scenarios, from rescuing hostages to preventing catastrophic events like nuclear explosions. As the commando hero, you’ll be tasked with taking down terrorists and thwarting their sinister plans.

Weapons Arsenal

In Major GUN: War on Terror, you’ll have access to an impressive arsenal of weaponry, including machine guns, rifles, shotguns, grenades, and sniper rifles. Each weapon is meticulously designed to provide a realistic and immersive combat experience. Whether you prefer long-range sniping or close-quarters combat, the game caters to various playstyles, ensuring that every mission feels unique and engaging.

Real-Time Multiplayer

For those who prefer to team up with friends or other players, Major GUN: War on Terror offers real-time PvP combat with the option to play with up to four players simultaneously. Teamwork and coordination become essential as you work together to outsmart your opponents and achieve victory in intense multiplayer battles.

Diverse Missions and Environments

Major GUN: War on Terror keeps players engaged with over a hundred missions, each offering a different challenge. These missions take you through various environments, such as harbors, subways, oil fields, and dark factories. Each location is richly detailed, providing opportunities for strategic gameplay. Whether you’re navigating tight spaces or taking long-range shots, the game’s realistic 3D graphics make every moment visually captivating.

Unlockable Enemies

In addition to unlocking new weapons and equipment, Major GUN: War on Terror also introduces unlockable enemies. These special adversaries require you to employ your best strategies, identify their weaknesses, and defeat them. The game adds a cinematic touch by incorporating slow-motion visual effects when you successfully take down these formidable foes, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Speed and Accuracy

Major GUN: War on Terror places a premium on speed and accuracy. Hesitation can be costly, as enemies are quick to respond to your presence. The game simplifies aiming and shooting mechanics, making it accessible for both seasoned gamers and newcomers. The intuitive control scheme ensures that you can quickly lock onto targets and eliminate them without cumbersome actions, ensuring fast-paced action throughout.

Rewards and Progression

Completing missions in Major GUN: War on Terror rewards players with various items, stars, loot, and equipment, in addition to unlocking new weapons. With a selection of over thirty weapons, players have the freedom to choose the best tools for each mission. The game’s progression system encourages replayability as you strive to improve your performance and collect valuable rewards.


Major GUN: War on Terror is a gripping and visually stunning mobile game that immerses players in the world of counter-terrorism. With its diverse missions, rich environments, unlockable enemies, and a wide range of weapons, it offers an exhilarating gaming experience that tests your speed, accuracy, and tactical skills. Whether you prefer solo missions or multiplayer battles, this game has something for every action enthusiast. Download Major GUN: War on Terror now and join the fight against terrorism in this thrilling mobile adventure

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