Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour Digital Slow Cooker Review


Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour Digital Slow Cooker Review

Morphy Richards is one of the best companies in the UK who manufactures domestic products for nearly 70 years. About 90% of UK homes have the product of Morphy Richards as it meets the budget of the people. Now to the needs and taste of the people it have come up with a slow cooker which is this model who loves to eat tender food like beef, chicken and stew and in a healthy way. This cooker has 3 in cooking functions and choice to slow cook in variable timing. The following is the review of Morphy Richards 48784 Slow Cooker model that brings a better understanding about the product.

Design and Structure:

Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour Digital Slow Cooker is designed with stainless steel for better maintenance and durability and also easy to clean. It has narrow bottom so that the food has less chance of burning and a wide bowl top to give room for the food to cook well and make it tender. It is easy to stir the food for better consistency.

The base of the cooker has a digital panel which gives you easy access to the controls. It has a toughened glass lid which is transparent can withstand the maximum heat. The stainless steel made handle with a plastic grip allows you to carry the cooker without burning your fingers.


This Morphy Richards 48784 4.5 Litre slow cooker has a pan which allows to heat up to 200° where you can cook the food to give a good taste and moreover it is sealed with in the thickened glass so that the aroma does not go out of the cooker. We can also brown the meat before cooking using the hot base which is included in the cooker.

Apart from this it has a 3 in 1 functionality which is fast stew for faster cooking which can be cooked in one and a half hours, seal to give more taste and aroma to the food and slow cooking to give tenderness for meat such as beef, pork or mutton which has option to cook from four hours to ten hours.

This cooker has different cooking settings such as low, medium, high for slow cooking and also a 2 x 15 minute program for browning the food according to the taste. Its base is made up with a Non slip feet so that the cooker is fixed in a proper place for better handling.

Power and capacity:

Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is good and enough for a family of 4 to 6 members which holds 4.5 litre of food. The cooker weighs about 3000 grams and 360 mm in width 265 mm in height and 295 mm in length. It is electrical product which consumes 800 watts of power which is quite satisfactory rather than using an induction stove or an oven for a period of 4 to 10 hours.

Other features:

  • Plug Storage – It has plug storage at the bottom of the cooker so it is convenient to store the cooker in a cupboard when not in use which occupies less space.
  • Dishwasher Safe – There are removable parts are dishwasher safe keeping you easy for maintenance.
  • Toughened Glass – The lid is made of a toughened glass which withstands the maximum heat and it is transparent too so that you can check you food condition at intervals.
  • Stainless Steel body – The body of the cooker is made up of stainless steel which gives longer durability and is maintenance free where it does not get rusted nor does there are no sediments settling in any curves or corners. It also matches with the other vessels in your kitchen.
  • Digital Control – There is a digital control system at the base of the cooker for better view and operating.


Guarantee and Package contents:

The manufacturer not only offers Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour 800 Watts Slow Cooker in a package with Toughened glass lid, Instruction booklet, it also gives am guarantee for 2 long years.

Morphy Richards 48784 Slow Cooker – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Morphy Richards
Model Name 48784 Flavour Savour Digital 4.5 L Slow Cooker
Finish Stainless Steel
Type 3 in 1 function – seal, fast stew and slow cook
Dimension (w x h x l) mm 360 x 265 x 295 mm
Weight 3000 grams
Capacity 4.5 litres
Settings 2 x 15 Minute Browning cycles
Low, Medium, High slow cooking settings
Fast Stew/Browning
Controls Digital
Product Features Digital countdown timer
Plug storage at base
Dishwasher Safe parts
Cool Touch Plastic coated handles
Toughened transparent glass lid
Cool tough handle on the lid
Non slip feet
Power 800 Watts
Guarantee 2 years
Package Contents Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour Slow Cooker,
Toughened glass lid, Instruction booklet
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