Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor Review


Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor Review

This Motorola Baby Monitor uses a unique DECT interface technology, which offers a very solid and strong wireless connection, which gives a much better range. Built-in high quality microphone will improve the sensitivity reassuring that you will hear every sound very clear. You can easily adjust the sound’s volume to your preferences.

The range of this little machine reaches up to 300 meters, which means you can place it anywhere in your house without any audio distortion. It also has an eco-mode integrated in the system so it will use very little energy.

The power unit can be running for up to 14 hours in the standby mode, which gives much more flexible pattern of usage.


Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor overview

Let’s see some most popular Motorola MBP160 reviews, and what our customers think about this model of baby monitor:

This unit has arrived promptly and was extremely easy for me to install it. In the package there is one baby unit and one parent unit. The baby has a built-in microphone and the parent unit is a receiver for the signal.

After unpacking it from the box I looked at the manual which to be honest was not that necessary to use as it was so simple. I put the batteries inside, and charged the unit. It took around 16 hours and in my opinion that should be done prior to the first use. During the first charge I kept the both of the units beside each other as once it is done the units will “shake hands”. If you had not place them close to each other they will not do this and this handshake is why your baby monitor works.


Technology of the Motorola MBP160 Baby monitor

This model of Motorola MBP160 Baby monitor uses DECT technology – it is the same technology used by cordless phones so the sound quality is very high – almost crystal clear. You will not receive any broken signal on this – the worse can happen is to lose signal when you are too far away – it will cut you off.

Make sure you put the baby unit flat not too far from your baby but out of reach and try to plug the unit into the mains. This unit is powered by electric cord. The parent unit is built from a solid material – it’s not heavy but doesn’t feel to be fragile. It is designed to be carried around with you and has a clip at the back so you can hook it up to your belt or your pocket.

The factory stated the range as 300 metres. We tested this in a few different places and in some I got slightly more than 300 metres – in others a bit less. Indoors with concrete walls the range is cut quite drastically – about 150 metres or so, but that is most likely to be more than enough for you to be in any room in the house. The farthest distance it was tested was in a room with an external wall and I went into the garden in a straight line from the room and that’s when it was around 320 metres before the signal was cut off.

As stated by the manufacturer the microphone is sensitive – even when I was at about 300 metres away I was able to hear the door sounds, when I left the window open in the babies’ room as it was a very nice day outside, I could hear the door being moved by the wind.

About the LED alert when it comes to the low battery power it gives the parent heads up before it runs out of charge without you knowing and so and thinking that everything could be fine and quiet. The LED’s sates the volume of the noise in the babies room, at the beginning I was thinking this could be unnecessary as you can hear how loud or quiet noise is but when you spend your time during the loud event this could be very useful.

To sum up this Motorola is a decent baby monitor. However, it offers most of its features to be basic, but they are doing their job perfectly. This unit is perfect for travel, it can be taken with us when we go away as it’s the perfect size to fit into a carry on and it really does work. I fully recommend this to anyone searching for an excellent reliable baby monitor

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