Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine Review: The Ultimate Power Sewing Machine


Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine Review: The Ultimate Power Sewing Machine

The Pfaff 1245 sewing machine continues the long-standing tradition of the company to produce the best kinds of sewing machines in the market.

It tries to combine the classic principles that make Pfaff sewing equipment endearing to users, as well as innovation, which makes the model 1245 appealing for several years to come.

Just like any other product from Pfaff, you’re guaranteed of a reliable, secure, and familiar product right at the comfort of your own home.

Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine overview

pfaff-1245-sewing-machine-reviewThe 1245 sewing machine from Pfaff is a powerful one. It can produce several stitches in a given minute. It also possesses instant hook lubrication and can definitely work on any type of fabric for different uses.

It has also a bigger clearance, around 14 mm, which allows you to conveniently sew thicker or more voluminous materials, such as leather, denims, and several piles of silk and other thinner fabrics.

Advantages Of Pfaff 1245

1. It can handle even the most difficult sewing projects.

The Pfaff 1245 sewing machine is robust, and is one that you can depend on if you’re talking about hard-to-manage sewing operations. You can make use of it to create footwear, umbrella, awnings, luggage, tops for boats and sails, tents, cushions, heavy clothing like sweater and fur coats, and even upholstery for your home or for your car.

2. It saves you a lot of time

While other sewing machines can only be as fast as 1,000 stitches per minute, Pfaff 1245 tries to double it with almost 2,000 for every minute.

Hence, the 1245 model is not only ideal for home use but also for massive garment creation. Besides being able to come up with several pieces of garments every day, you can also save a lot of your time and maximize its use.

3. It can lubricate its hook automatically

The hook of Pfaff 1245 sewing machine doesn’t have to be lubricated anymore as it can do it on its own. Aside from you’re free of doing something time-consuming, you are also assured that the hook doesn’t deteriorate prematurely. Lubricating it can prevent corrosion and rusting.

4. It creates lesser noise and vibration.

The 1245 sewing machine from Pfaff is one of the most silent in the market these days. Moreover, it produces lesser vibration when you place the sewing machine on top of the table.

5. You can lift the top feed for ease of sewing.

The good thing about 1245 sewing equipment from Pfaff is that you can lift the feed dog higher than other standard sewing machines. You can then feed thicker fabrics and even maneuver them without any problem at all.

Disadvantages Of Pfaff 1245

1. You still need to choose the kind of needle that you’re going to use.

The 1245 sewing machine doesn’t come with a default needle. You still have to look for it, and you may have to change it depending on the fabric that you’re going to utilize.

2. It’s a very heavy machine.

If you’re going to buy this machine with its cabinet or table, it can already weigh 100 pounds. Hence, you may have to look for a place where you can keep this one.

Consumer Reviews

As a mother, it’s important that I get to work on my sewing business without having to worry about waking up my three-year-old kid. With this machine, I can create 30 to 50 small garments a day without any problem while allowing my son to slumber right in front of me. Talk about convenience and sense of security.-Margot

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