Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet Review


Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet Review

This electric skillet is an ideal product for any users who want to serve meal for their family. Besides, this is also a great cooking tool for camping dorms and offices. Most owners like this small design product that is easy to use and clean. This unit is one of the best electric skillets which suitable for small number of people serving. This product features all the most basis and necessary in an electric skillet.

This product is perfect for use when camping or in a dorm room where you might not have a conventional stove, and this compact electric skillet can serve many food and purpose such as heating soup, to cook a couple of chicken breast smothered. You could see that the surface of the skillet is small enough so the whole cooking surface will be heated up well to make any food without uneven grilling. Below we will go through further detail in each feature and design of this model.

Good design with small size


This unit is one of the smallest frying pans in the market, and it has a square shape which measures 8 inches for each side. The compact design is perfect choice for users who live alone or couple or for those with small family of 3 or 4 people.  It is also quite convenient for carrying around or keeping in the kitchen counter when it does not take a large space. Sometimes, you could put it into the table for your buffet meal, but please remember set this skillet at low setting.

The product is made with the dimensions of 6 x 12 x10 inches and weighs less than 3.6 pounds, so this one is absolutely suitable for being taken along while travelling. The cooking pan is deep and features nonstick interiors, so it is convenient to prepare your favorite dishes that might include baked casseroles, or small roasts. Moreover, the pan was made from aluminum which helps to reduce the price of the electric skillet.


Good lid design

This electric skillet features a tempered glass lid provide the safety for the users. When cooking and the pressure are built up, the food tends to spit out. Therefore, Nesco brand was designed the lid with a cool touch knob and a vent, so you will never have to worry about food will split while cooking. Besides, the glass lid help you to see the inside food while cooking without opening it up which might cause heating escape.



With this device, you can cook steak or eggs for breakfast quickly because it offers uniform heat. Smaller surface might be a reason for its quickly heating up process. The great heating up feature allows you to have a meal while don’t have to spend more time for waiting.

The skillet offers adjustable temperature control which brings to quick and even results each time using. The cooking pot was designed for good heating from the center to the edges, which results evenly cooked dishes. The heat resistant touch handles and vented glass lid ensure safety for users. This model heat up quickly and the thermostat also responds quickly to temperature changes. For example, when you put additional water into the soup that was cooking, the heating element would be immediately turned on.

This model work perfectly for grilling sandwiches, or cook anything that you can cook on a stove. Especially for some food like bacon, you might want to try to cook by this skillet instead of using microwave. You could see how different and tasty of bacon which has been made from electric skillet.


The advantage of using electric skillet will show clearly when you face with lost power condition, and you had to use generator to supply for your applicants. The electric consumption of this device is less than electric stove, so you could save your power for another device. Therefore, a compact electric skillet like this one should be the must have item in your house.


Ease of use

Over all, this model is quite easy to use with clearly temperature control. The control is easy to read and the manual instruction has a list of proper temperature for variety of food.

Clean up with this model is absolute not a big deal when the surface of this unit features non-stick coating. The cover and skillet is dishwasher safe (with probe removed) but it is quite easy and fast to clean this whole electric skillet. Therefore, you do not need to put in the dishwasher even if you use it in every meal. A little note that even when manufacturers said that the skillet is dishwasher, to extend the life span of this unit, you should use hand washing method with no metal utensils.

For first time user, install is cannot easier than this. You just have to screw on the knob handle to the lid and clean the skillet with soapy water, and your skillet is almost ready. You could plug it in and it was ready to cook in just a moment.



This compact product goes directly with the durability. When this model is small but still provides enough food for serving to about 4 people, and it also is strongly built with die-cast aluminum pan and sturdy glass lid for long time usage. This product is ideal for grilling sandwiches, or steaming vegetables, or cooks anything that you ever cook on a stove. You also can use this little model for serve your family directly on your table at low settings.



Overall, you should consider purchasing this model when you intend to server small number of people or you just want to switch to use electric skillet instead of conventional stove.  Besides, this unit also comes with very reasonable price and great durability.  An effective product which is one of the best electric skillets like this one should be stored in your kitchen and be the alternative for your electric stove. You will never regret once buying this great product!

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