Nikon Coolpix L23 Digital Camera Reviews


Nikon Coolpix L23 Digital Camera Reviews

Nikon Coolpix falls in to the category of compact point and shoot camera. The L in the Coolpix L23 indicates lifestyle range. Practically speaking, the camera is made viable by ripping some of the features of compact cameras, thus making it very user friendly. Hence, it would be total injustice to expect the simple camera to capture every minute detail pristinely.

On the other hand, it serve as an excellent gift for technophobia people, senior citizens and children alike. Nevertheless, it still can be used to click away shoots for reference purpose or a simple dine-out with friends. The attractive point is the overall cheap price bundled with some essential features place the camera in the best selling bracket.


Nikon carefully camouflage their camera’s identity with the usage and it is not a surprise to see the lifestyle L series brightens up in red, blue, pink, silver and black colours. Comparing to its rival, Sony alpha 100, it provides the essential pixel count which is around 10.1 mega pixel.

The image sensor used is of CCD class and the camera is fitted with the Nikkor lens capable of zoom level 5x. Lens is capable of wide angle coverage up to 28 mm which is equivalent to that of 35mm format. The image processing speed is taken care by the Expeed C2 image processing engine.  Integrated with movie recording capability, the point and shoot camera also offers the easy auto mode.

Not to mention, the surprise elements such as the advance smart portrait system blink proof, skin softening and many more.  The internal memory is quite small and is approximately 22 MB, whereas it has an option for inserting memory cards. LCD screen measures to 2.7 inches.


Nikon Coolpix L23 Digital Camera is light weighted and can be kept in the pocket and carried in the handbag. This camera is styled adhering to the Coolpix line-ups design, but with some modifications. The noticeable one is that the camera is slightly bulged in the right side.

The bulkiness offers the area to hold the camera while capturing. Not to mention, even if it is not used while taking pictures the structure provides a good grip. It encloses the battery compartment for storing the AA batteries. The top panel consists of least buttons, except for the power and the shutter release button. The shutter release button consists of a zoom rocker enveloped around.

The Nikon Coolpix L23 is the least complicated compact camera. Rear side houses the 2.7 inch LCD screen. The rest of the space is amply distributed with a few buttons and four way navigational controls. Direct button to start the shooting is appreciable and easy to use. At the same time, the button identified with green camera picture on it can be used to swap while taking pictures and reviewing it by pressing the review button located close to it. In continuation with the same, it provides the direct access to video shooting, but requires twice the press.

The four sided control pad which acts as navigational control is located in between the buttons and comprises of the self timer, flash, exposure compensation and the macro mode. The pad encloses the OK button in the centre. The flash can be operated at any time. The exposure compensation can either be brightened or darkened by a value of two stop. It operates by forcing the aperture to either open or close concurring to the meter reading. However it can also push slow shutter speed. Nevertheless it is advisable to use, only when the effect is readily known. Macro mode can be used for close-up shots.

It is activated by hitting the macro mode, but not in the true sense as implied for a DSLR camera. It gives the flexibility to enlarge the subject quite bigger in the frame. Surprisingly, it allows a focus distance of 3 cm. The four-way button also acts as the navigational tool to access the functions stored in the menu, such as the scene selection mode and many.

Beneath the 4-way access wheel, access menu and the image delete button is positioned. The spatial arrangement of the buttons provides good space to be easily operated by the thumb and is logically located. Such a positioning prevents accidental hit of any of the buttons and also prevents the need to look at the camera before running any function.



The Nikon Coolpix L23 Camera lens provides zoom factor of 5x, which is out rightly incremented from the earlier model, viz L22. The latter has a zoom of 3.6x. The 5x zoom efficiency of the lens provides 28-140mm focal range. In other words, the capacity of 35mm equivalent fulfills the user’s need. The lens is of ED element and effectively controls the chromatic aberration, especially occurring in settings with high contrast numbers.

Scene Modes

The Nikon Coolpix L23 10.1MP digital compact camera is self sufficient and provides the easy auto mode and 17 scene modes. The easy auto mode is highly applicable for users, who would just want to click the pictures right away. In this mode, it eliminates the functions in the main menu but retains the resolution. It readily applies the settings appropriate to the subject within the frame.

The advance smart portrait system has numerous options such as the face priority, self timer, and skin softening, blink warning and blink proof, and automatic red eye correction. These alterations make the picture look complete, even if captured by children.

Shooting modes

The continuous shooting mode is used in Coolpix L23 also, but two modes are selected. One is the normal burst mode and the other is multi-shot. In the normal burst mode it can fire nearly around three to four pictures. Within time frame of 10 seconds, it can once again shoot 8 pictures. On the other hand, in the multi-shot mode, nearly 16 shots can be captured in one second. Nevertheless, the 16 shots is automatically collaged in to one image, but this reduces the resolution.

Video Mode

Amazingly the Coolpix L23 contains video shooting mode, but with the VGA quality resolution. Videos can run at 30fps and offers smooth transition and is clear. On the downside, the video can be viewed in the computer screen and not on the bigger screen. Hence it is suffice to meet the Youtube application uploading and not serious holiday content.


Battery is of AA type and receives mixed welcome among the masses. From the feedback we could say, the area of application determines the extent of friendliness of the battery. Since it is AA type, during holidays it can be found anywhere but on the other hand while taking important occasions battery run-out is a serious trouble. Hence to avoid the same, back up of numerous batteries would be ideal.


Memory card occupies the place next to the battery compartment separated by a chamber. The internal memory is only 22MB; however it is compatible with the external storage media such as the SD, SDHC and the latest SDXC. Though the card compatibility is limited, the storage capacity of SDXC itself is 64 GB and it would occur rarely in occupying the entire camera capacity and hence the compatibility range of external storage media is justified in the Cool Pix L23.


Accessories included in the box are USB cable to connect the camera to the computer, wrist strap, View NX2, user manual and a pair of AA batteries.


At lower ISO speed, the Nikon Coolpix L23 yields good quality. ISO rating of 80 and 100 or so is good. Simultaneously when the ISO is increased, the photo quality reduces. However, amusingly it is not in the user’s hand to control the ISO speed and the camera applies the settings appropratiate to the scene and the subject. The picture performance is boosted only at the place where it is required. Especially the D-lighting assist in levelling out high contrast pictures and reveals the details naturally.

The quick retouch feature integrated in the play back menu irons out the picture to give the better look. Primary colours such as the red and the yellow look lively and saturated. The portrait scene looks balanced with even skin tones thus giving realistic effect. Coolpix handles the purple quite well, owing to the incorporation of good quality sensor and image processor in the camera.

The image noise is the trickiest part because, picturing at ISO 200 yields images with purple blotches. ISO 80 gives satisfactory result. The images are sharp and can be further boosted using the editing software. Chromatic aberration is a characteristic feature of inferior quality lens containing greater dispersion. It does not permit the colour to be focused on the same plane thereby causing colour fringing.

Nevertheless, Nikon’s extra low dispersion type of lens greatly controls the dispersion thereby eliminating the fringing effect. The macro feature is largely over used these days in numerous compact cameras. But when we face the reality, it actually struggles to deliver the quality. Nikon Coolpix L23 claims to have macro capability to handle close-up shot as near as 3cm, but it literally takes great efforts even for a 5cm shot.


Nikon Cool Pix L23 can be easily placed as one of the best available compact cameras. The good features are the added scene modes for still photographs. It has also enough room for improving the skills in the advanced picture setting. The camera is designed with mini USB connector cannot be accessed at ease for people having short nails. Price range is also an attractive feature.

Lots of features loaded in the camera can be known through the manual, which makes the point and shoot aspect a reality. The inability to control the ISO in the compact camera is a disadvantage. Battery performance is totally a personal preference. The menus are easy to comprehend and apply, but had it contain explanation the usage would have been better.

Nikon Coolpix L23 Digital Camera – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Nikon
Model Name Nikon Coolpix L23
Effective pixels 10.1 million
Screen Size 2.7 inch
Image Sensor CCD image sensor
Camera Lens 5x zoom NIKKOR
Focus range 1ft to infinity
Vibration Reduction Available
ISO sensitivity Auto
Easy Auto Mode Available
Storage Media 22MB internal memory, Compatible SD/SDHC/SDXC
Battery Life 250 shots
Warranty One year
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