Panasonic DMC-FS35 Compact Digital Camera Review


Panasonic DMC-FS35 Compact Digital Camera Review

Panasonic simultaneously launched two digital cameras, viz; DMC-FS35 & DMC- FS 37. Comparing the two digital cameras, the most obvious difference is that DMC-FS35 is marketed for amateurs and travelers, because of the incredible 28mm wide-angle.

Secondly, FS37 poses a touch screen monitor. However in either of the cases, the 28mm wide angle can be considered as a selling point, because with the limits of the compact structure one can capture group photo, sceneries, landscape at ease. The 25mm wide angle can capture more of the subject within its frame. Besides this, it is also beneficial while using for video recording purpose.


panasonic-dmc-fs35-compact-digital-camera-2Besides the wide angle zoom factor, viz 28 mm, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS35 digital camera also features 8x optical zoom at a resolution of 16.1 mega pixel. The optical zoom factor can be extended to even 18x but the resolution comes down to 3 mega pixels.

The camera’s rapid response factor is attributed to the newly included Panasonic High resolution CCD and high performance Venus engine processor (VI). Similar to that of Kodak Easy share concept, which provides instant transfer from the camera to the website, Panasonic has tested new waters by including the Lumix image uploader feature.

The pictures can be transferred to any social networking site with the user’s comment, thus giving an interactive dimension for the pictures taken. Besides this, the 2.7 inch LCD monitor supports the high angle mode, thus rendering an easy approach to capture the subject from a low angle. Not to mention, the camera is integrated with Panasonic’s intelligent auto which ensures that the digital camera is used beneficially irrespective of the expertise level.


  • Pocket sized light weighted compact digital camera
  • 28mm wide angle lens
  • Enable the easy usage of point and shoot concept
  • Stylish and sleekish design
  • Good combination of features available at a reasonable budget


  • Inadequate finger grip area makes the design less welcoming among large hand users
  • Slightly complicated movie operation procedure
  • Tolerable compromise in the image quality


First and foremost, the Panasonic DMC-FS35 compact digital camera is available in four colours, viz black, silver, red and violet. Each of these colours is blended with metallic silver. Especially the violet colour looks catchy and should be appreciated for testing such unique colours on the camera body. The buttons and controls are kept as simple as possible. On comparing the model with the previous FS launch, the layout is simple and sensible.

The camera body is sufficiently compact and can be carried in pocket and handbags, and the sturdy appeal makes it a robust one to be used by everyone in the family. The camera’s upper region is not cluttered with buttons, besides the on/ off switch, the shutter button and the E-zoom button. The operation is slightly different from the available compact point and shoot camera.

Pictures are taken by first clicking the mode button located adjacent to the LCD monitor, followed by focusing the subject. The zoom wheel is rotated half-way and once the subject is set, the shutter button is given a full press. Unlike other cameras, the shutter button is enclosed with zoom wheel action. In either side of the zoom circle, the tele and wide angles are aptly located. Depending on the situation, the tele or wide angle is selected by rotating it halfway in the desired direction.

The e-Zoom button is located adjacent to the shutter button; however the magnification factor varies with the subject type. The movie mode is ought to be selected by two process, firstly by selecting through the mode button, followed by selecting the movie using the cursor seen on the LCD screen. This is somewhat complicated as opposed to simpler steps adopted by many point and shoot cameras. The batter door is somewhat flimsy and had it been a bit sturdier it would be able to handle harsh push.

The camera’s rear body consists of the 2.7 inch lcd screen. Adjacent to the screen, a few buttons are located and even the rear side is kept simple. The display button readily assists in changing the settings through LCD screen. The delete button lies close to the display button. Interestingly, the same button performs the Quick menu function.

Even though, blending such functions gives less chaotic operation, at certain occasions this can give rise to confusion. The settings are done using the menu wheel, by just giving a mild push on the preferred setting. The lens retracts in and out in a very effective manner.

All in all, pictures can be clicked at a very rapid speed. One of the notable downside is the lack of zoom function in the video mode. Even though it is categorised as a compact camera, many users would expect the zoom to be used while recording. Lack of the zoom in video recording would come as a surprise note for many users, while compared to the competitor models.


Camera’s Processor

Panasonic has integrated the image processing Venus Engine VI in the FS35 compact camera. The function of Venus engine VI is to gather data from the camera’s sensor, process the image, conducting the JPEG compression and finally saving the data.

The rate at which all these functions differ based on the engine speed. The Venus Engine has undergone several modifications and on comparing the efficiency of Venus engine II against that of VI, or Venus Engine HD II, many factors are drastically improved.

To be very specific, the Venus Engine VI incorporated in the FS 35 model use the Intelligent Resolution technique. It increases the face recognition aspect and controls the image noise to a greater extent. Not to mention the noise reduction is applied separately to chromatic and luminance noise separately. The other features that are enhanced are good image quality and image correction.

This is achieved by performing the signal processing pixel by pixel. Besides this, the shutter release time is made approximately to 0.005 of a second. The ultra fast response time enables the user to capture pictures that ought to be caught within fraction of seconds. Moreover, the engine can afford good ISO sensitivity levels such as the ISO 6400, which means night photography would be a complete thrill with this camera even without using the flash.


Intelligent Mode

The intelligent mode makes everyone a good photographer. It is definitely worth mentioning so, because many aspects of the iA mode, take for an example hand shake, motion detection is automatically rectified when the iA mode is turned on. The shake detection function enables the user to prevent any adverse effect on the image due to camera shake. The gyro sensors in conjunction with the Mega Optical Image Stabiliser compensate the hand shake effect.

However, the system doesn’t create any effect on the image processing function as it optical by nature. In addition to this, there are two modes available that can be chosen to prevent camera shake. The motion detection can automatically sense when the subject of focus is fixed to a position or moving. For moving subjects, the intelligent ISO control can alter the sensitivity level and shutter speed respectively.

The new Auto focus tracking enables the user to lock the focus of the subject that is moving continuously and can strike the shot at the appropriate timing rather than to hold the shutter button halfway. The intelligent exposure is another great feature present in the iA mode. Basically in the light detection mode, the camera analyzes the environmental light effect and adjusts brightness or darkness wherever required. At the same time, it prevents blocked shadows and captures the image perfectly.

The automatic backlight compensation can detect the presence of light around the subject, and can apply the scene mode appropriately. From a range of scene modes such as scenery, night portrait etc., the one that would match to the situation is selected. The face detection is also of great use, and can detect the face within the focus range and automatically assigns the exposure and focus.

Instant Sharing

Synonymous to that of Kodak Easy share, Panasonic DMC-FS35 16MP digital camera offers an easy solution for socially active people by enabling the content sharing in sites such as the Facebook, and Youtube. The process is also very simple. Using the uploader function, one can select the videos and photos directly to the respective site via computer. Almost up to 50 images can be transferred during one single operation.

However, the only shortcoming noted here is, the camera is not flexible enough to transfer the image directly from the in-built memory. It ought to be transferred to the card first, and then perform the upload function.

Basic Photo Capturing

The zoom boosted in the range of 28mm wide angle is good, however at very close quarters the pictures are not so very clear. The full zoom falls down in expectation, especially with the outdoor shots. Especially when taken under different exposure levels, the overexposure is recurring even in the intelligent auto. However by adjusting the exposure values, some corrections were seen, but the -1 exposure gives terrible underexposure results.

It is not quite clear as why some of the few users feel that the zoom function does not adequately meet the requirements. The sharp focus is missing in many of the shots. Furthermore though adding the extra optical zoom in compact cameras is a good thought, it is of not excellent use as picture deterioration occurs at higher magnification values.

Movie Recording

The Lumix DMC-FS35 Compact digital camera offers HD, VGA and QVGA recording format. Except the QVGA, the HD and the VGA ought to be recorded in the memory card. It can be even recorded at 24fps and 30fps. The intelligent LCD monitor can rectify the screen brightness in increment of 11 steps. The videos can be viewed in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Some of the functions which are applicable in the picture mode can also be applied for the recording. With the in-built speaker the sound quality is good and audible and should be appreciated for its quality in compact cameras.


The camera’s performance for a compact robust camera is good and meets expectations. It can deliver good level of sharpness but sometimes gets diluted towards the edge of the picture. Under bright conditions, especially sunlight LCD monitor is not so very clear and the image also suffers from loss in details.

The wide angle shot musters different types of reviews from different customer. For some it is sufficient and better than the available compact point and shoot cameras, but for some it could have been better. It could also be attributed to the pixels are so minute to be accommodated in the sensor and the camera struggles to extract the fine details.


To summarize, Panasonic DMC-FS35 camera scores good marks for its slender and classic exterior finish. The features that are laid out are also satisfactory. Especially, the intelligent auto pushes even an amateur or a teenager to take good pictures. Not to mention, the easy connectivity with the famous sites has earned bonus points. However, it is only the picture quality which the camera staggers a bit, and to be more specific in wide angle shoots. But all in all, it is a nice camera to use and to learn photography. On the other hand, considering the price tag it is serves the money invested.

Panasonic DMC-FS35 Digital Camera – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Panasonic
Model Name DMC-FS 35
Dimensions (W x H x D) 99.2 x 56.5 x 27.8 mm
Weight 152g
Colours available Black, Silver, Violet, Red
Display 2.7inch LCD
Recording media Built in and Expansion Slot
Focal Length 5 to 40mm
Expansion Slot(s) SD/SDHS/SDXC
Sensor 1/2.33 Type
Effective Pixel 16.1 million pixel
Extra optical Zoom up to 18x
Intelligent Zoom 10x
Shutter Speed 8-1/1600
Lens Leica DC Vario Elmar
Optical Image Stabiliser Yes
Flash Auto & Manual
Self timer 2 to 10 S
File format JPEG
Other Features
28 mm wide angle zoom Yes
iA mode with Mega OIS Yes
Image uploader Yes
Interface USB 2.0 and AV
Accessories supplied Battery Charger and pack, USB cable, AC cable,
Hand strap and CD
Warranty One year
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